Destiny 2: Oathkeeper Hunter Stasis Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Oathkeeper Hunter Stasis Build Guide

Freeze all those that stand in your way with this Verglas Curve/Oathkeeper build.

Oathkeeper is an interesting Exotic to me. It’s an Exotic that focuses on Bows and I generally don’t care much for using bows on my Hunter outside of PvP or a very specific Exotic Bow. For most people, the only Bow they will use regularly is Leviathan’s Breath, which is an Exotic bow that uses heavy ammo. Unfortunately, Oathkeeper isn’t really built with that Bow in mind. Luckily, I managed to find an Exotic Bow that I feel utilizes Oathkeeper’s strengths really well.

Oathkeeper Build Overview

The Oathkeeper build doesn’t really have much of a gameplay loop. The build centers around our Exotic Bow Verglas Curve and Stasis Crystals. This build spawns a bunch of Stasis Crystals using Verglas Curve and our Hunter’s Stasis abilities which freeze targets and shatter them for large amounts of damage. Our Oathkeeper is mostly here to improve the performance of our Bow.

As mentioned above, this build utilizes the Verglas Curve Exotic Bow. This bow fires primary ammo and builds up a collection of (max. 5) Stasis arrows that will freeze targets on contact, or spawn Stasis Crystals when fired at a surface. 

The bow will typically kill red bar enemies in 1 to 3 shots depending on the activity, but the Oathkeeper damage buff that comes from holding the charge down can kill most red bar enemies in one shot as long as you hold the charge down for the maximum duration. The weapon does decent damage to mini-bosses and champions but you’re much better off using the Stasis arrows against those enemies instead of standard arrows.


  • Silence and Squal (Super): A super with great range. It can be useful in clearing out rooms of enemies and stunning bosses and champions.
  • Withering Blade (Melee): A long-ranged melee attack with great range but minimal damage. These are best used for applying slow to targets and stunning Overload Champions.
  •  Gambler’s Dodge  (Class Ability): Used to refresh our Shurikens. Unfortunately, it only restores 1 charge.
  • Glacial Grenade: Spawns a collection of Stasis Crystals at a targeted location that Freeze and Slow nearby targets. We will be Shattering these Crystals to deal damage to targets,  generate resources, and acquire buffs.


The first Aspect in this build is Grim Harvest. This Aspect generates Stasis Shards whenever we kill a target that is affected by the Slow of Freeze effect. These Shards grant us additional melee energy and can be picked up by our fireteam members as well.

Touch of Winter is our second Aspect it simply increases the size of the Stasis Crystal Formation produced by our Glacial grenade, making it deal more damage. With both of these Aspects, we have a total of 5 Fragment slots and we will be making great use of all of them.


  • Whisper of Hedrons: This Fragment improves a bunch of our stats whenever we Shatter a Stasis Crystal. The numbers for each stat improvement are actually quite high so its worth running even if the buff only lasts for 11 seconds. If playing the build right, you should have this buff up constantly.
  • Whisper of Bonds: Generates an Orb of Power whenever we kill a Frozen target.
  • Whisper of Shards: Grants us improved grenade ability regen whenever we break a Stasis Crystal. 
  • Whisper of Chains: Slightly reduces the damage we take while standing near a frozen enemy or a friendly Stasis Crystal. Worth taking for survivability in end-game content.
  • Whisper of Fissures: Ups the damage we deal from Shattering Stasis Crystals and Frozen enemies.

Armor Mods

Because of the build’s focus on our Exotic Weapon and Stasis Ablites, you can take a few liberties with your armor mods. Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Ashes to Assets: You gain so much super energy from this mod it’s crazy. Absolut must run in my opinion.
  • Thermodynamic Siphon: Only really necessary if you’re running Solar Special and Heavy weapons with this build, which I highly encourage do to the many Solar-centered buffs available in Season 23. Otherwise, run a Stasis Siphon mod instead.
  • Firepower: Our Glacial Grenade is one of the strongest tools in our kit so we might as well generate some Orbs from it.
  • Stasis/Solar Weapon Surge: As many as you’re comfortable running. The more damage we can deal with our exotic the better.

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