Destiny 2: Raiju’s Harness Arc Hunter Build Guide (2024)

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Destiny 2: Raiju’s Harness Arc Hunter Build Guide (2024)

Channel the power of your Arc Staff into your weapons with this Raiju’s Harness Build.

Arc Hunter has quickly become one of my favorite Subclasses to play, despite Season of the Wish’s seemingly neverending love of the Solar Subclass. Raiju’s Harness is not necessarily the best Arc Hunter Exotic, but it has a pretty interesting gameplay loop that makes it a fun Exotic to mess around with. 

This is a build that I really only recommend for some specific Nightfalls and Lost Sectors, particularly ones that have Bosses that are Grounded and easy to hit with your Super. While you can make this build work in other situations, you’ll have to adjust the playstyle a bit and it may prove to be more frustrating than it’s worth. Still, when the build works it’s really fun to use.

Raiju’s Harness Build – Gameplay Loop

1. The build main objective is to build our Super as quickly as possible by spawning and collecting Orbs of Power.

2. Then we will use our Super to either clear a room of mobs, Kill a Champion, or get us out of a sticky situation.

3. As soon as possible, we want to deactivate our Super so that we can get the 4x Arc Weapon buff provided to us by the Raiju’s Harness exotic.

4. Kill enemies with the 4x surged weapons and then repeat the process.

The only recommended weapon for this build is the Exotic Trace Rifle: Coldheart. We run this weapon because of its ability to pump out Ionic Traces really fast while damaging enemies. 

Those Ionic Traces are converted into armor charge by our armor mods and those stacks of armor charge are converted into ability energy so we can generate Orbs and kill enemies more consistently. I also recommend running an Arc Heavy weapon as well so that you’re making good use of those Reserve and Scavenger mods.


  • Arc Staff (Super): Good for dealing with grounded enemies. We’re generally only using this for the weapon buff that occurs when we deactivate it.
  • Combination Blows (Melee): Our main source of healing in this build aside from Orbs of Power. This can also provide us with a source of Jolt thanks to our Aspects.
  •  Gambler’s Dodge  (Class Ability): Used to refresh our melee ability so we can heal and Jolt more targets.
  • Pulse Grenade: A very solid grenade that lingers for some time and Jolts targets thanks to one of our Fragments.


Flow State is our first Aspect and it makes us Amplifed whenever we kill a Jolted target. It grants us improved class ability regeneration, faster weapon reload speed, and additional resistance while dodging.

Lethal Current grants our melee ability the Jolt effect after performing a dodge. Hitting a Jolted target with a melee attack will also blind them. This combo can be used to stun Unstoppable Champions, but this should only be used as a last resort or if you have a fairly competent fire team backing you up.


  • Spark of Instinct: This is one that can potentially be swapped for another fragment, it’s purpose is to provide us with another source of Jolt when we become critically wounded. 
  • Spark of Shock: Allows our grenades to Jolt targets which will make you Amplified.
  • Spark of Amplitude: Supplies us with another method for generating Orbs of Power while Amplified.
  • Spark of Beacons: Thins Fragment is all about mob clearing. It makes our Arc Special Weapons release a Blinding explosion for every kill you get while you are Amplified. This effect can also be used to stun Unstoppable Champions. 

Armor Mods

Our most important Armor mods for this build are the Orb-generating mods. This is because Orbs of Power also grant Super energy. We will also be running any other mods that grant Super energy.

  • Hands-On: Grants Super energy for every melee kill you get.
  • Harmonic Siphon: Generates a consistent amount of Orbs
  • Firepower/Hands-On: Generates Orbs from our Grenade/Melee kills..
  • Grenade Kickstart: Great for keeping our grenades charged. It will require some additional armor charge mod investment to be worth using.
  • Harmonic Reserves: Gives our Arc weapons additional ammo reserves.
  • Elemental Charge: Makes our Ionic Traces generate armor charge.
  • Harmonic Scavenger: Grants more ammo to our Arc weapons when we pick up an ammo brick.
  • Reaper: Another source of Orbs that is triggered by our class ability.
  • Bulwark Finisher: You can find yourself at low health quite often with this build so having a full Void Overshield heal on-demand can be absolutely life-saving.

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