Destiny 2: Everything You Should Do Before The Final Shape

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Destiny 2: Everything You Should Do Before The Final Shape

The one constant is change.

As we get closer and closer to The Final Shape in June, we still have quite a few things left to do until then. The “Into the Light” update brought quite a few new events/activities, and there’s also the standard “catch up” or pre-season/expansion farming. In this article I’ll go over a few things you should do before the new expansion comes out in June, that way you’ll be ready to jump into the legendary campaign and/or day-one raids in no time!

Onslaught & ITL Weapons

Onslaught is the new “seasonal” activity for the Into the Light part of this season. It’s a three-player wave-based activity that goes for either ten rounds or fifty, depending on what version of the activity you’re in and what difficulty. While I’m not going to do a full breakdown of how to succeed in Onslaught, the most important thing to know is that defense is super important (Well of Radiance is fantastic) and in legend difficulty you absolutely have to prioritize staying alive. Since legend difficulty ends whenever your fireteam wipes, going all-in on offensive subclasses is very risky. I’ve had the most luck with fully defensive teams, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of offense too. Strand Titan provides a good amount of both, and Invisible Hunters are notably powerful in any activity where wiping ends your run.

The rewards from Onslaught are a mixed bag, but most of the reprised weapons here are worth picking up. Some of them are actually great, and others are just here more for nostalgia. There are quite a few reprised weapons to check out, and this bit of downtime before the new expansion is the best time to chase them all down.

Pantheon – Raid Boss Gauntlet

If there’s anything you should absolutely be excited for in the lead-up to The Final Shape, it’s the raid boss gauntlet. According to the TWID from 4/11, in the Pantheon activity, Guardians will have to take on 4-8 consecutive raid bosses for increasingly powerful rewards. Bungie has not announced the featured bosses yet, but there are tons of leaks going around if you’re interested in spoilers.

The Pantheon activity will only be available from April 13 – June 4, going away with the release of TFS. I’m honestly more excited for this event than just about anything else in the last year, so hopefully it’ll be as good as it sounds. The rewards sound like they’ll make the whole thing worth it, even though it does seem incredibly challenging at higher difficulties. We’ll be able to get everything from adept weapons to raid Exotics from Pantheon, so the loot seems great to say the least.

Exotic Weapon & Catalyst Farming

As always, Exotics and their catalysts are must-have items for new expansions. You never know what random Exotic might suddenly become meta with a new year. The worst Exotic around could suddenly get buffed and become the highest-DPS weapon in the game. You just never know. So that’s why I think it’s still worth going and grabbing the less valuable Exotics while there’s not much else going on. It’s always fun trying out the Exotics you’ve forgotten even existed, so why not try them out now?

If you’re trying to farm kills for catalysts quickly, the Shuro Chi checkpoint from Last Wish is still the quickest way for special and heavy ammo weapons. Primary ammo weapons can honestly get away with a lot of farming spots, but one of my favorites is the opening of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. There are infinite adds spawning from the Crystal in the cave, but you will want something to keep you alive. The wizards can be a real pain if you get caught by them while farming adds, so I usually use Well of Radiance or something like that.

Season of the Wish Campaign

While it might be just as repetitive and tedious as every other season’s main quest-line, this season’s has a lot of important information. If you plan on playing the Final Shape campaign, you’ll be very confused if you don’t at least rush through this season’s. The bright side is that the playlist activities for this season aren’t too bad, and there are a couple weapons worth grabbing from them as well. The end of the story is pretty interesting, so it’ll be fun to see where we go from here.

Lost Sector Exotics

Lost Sectors are the place to find some of the rarest and most powerful Exotics in Destiny 2. Each day there is a new featured Lost Sector, which you can run on higher difficulties for higher chances at Exotic drops. Each day, there is one featured armor slot (helm, chest, arms, legs) that you can get an Exotic for. So, if you’re looking for a specific Lost Sector chest piece, you’ll be able to farm for it once every four days. It can be a bit annoying to wait sometimes and the drop rates are hilariously low, but it’s worth doing until you get at least one of each. Luckily, the game will prioritize Exotics you don’t already own, so unlocking one of each isn’t too hard. It’s farming a good roll of a specific one that’s the real problem.

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