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Destiny 2: All Duality Dungeon Weapons

As always, Bungie has introduced a lot of new weapons with the new Destiny 2 dungeon, the Duality Dungeon. These weapons range widely in terms of quality and intrigue — in this article, we’ll go through each new weapon and its details. We’ll look at how to farm the weapon, its best perks, and more!

One thing to be aware of as you go through this dungeon is that the weapons are not craftable (with two exceptions), so you’ll have to farm god rolls the old-fashioned way. Also, be sure to read our Duality Dungeon Guide if you have any questions about the dungeon itself.

Let’s get started!

Duality Dungeon Loot Table

First Encounter (Gahlran)Second Encounter (The Vault)Third Encounter (Nightmare of Caiatl)
Lingering DreadUnforgivenEverything from first two encounters
The EpicureanStormchaserHeartshadow
HelmetChestFixed Odds
ArmsArmsNew Purpose
LegsClass Item

The 7 New Duality Dungeon Weapons

Here’s our summaries of the new Duality Dungeon weapons for Destiny 2.

1. Heartshadow

Image: Activision & Bungie via HGG

Perks (pre-determined):

  • Exhumation (Intrinsic)
  • Shot in the Dark
  • Burst Guard
  • Jagged Edge

Heart Shadow is the Exotic for this dungeon. It’s one of the first Exotic swords in a while, and it’s in a weird place. It’s based around invisibility, as heavy attacks made while the weapon is at full ammo turn the user invisible. This feature is unique, but right now, it doesn’t seem that great. Maybe with the right build (Void Hunter, probably) it could be optimized. As is, it’s just a cool weapon.

However, one nice thing is the method Bungie included to increase your drop rate for the weapon. Completing certain triumphs unlocks increased odds for this Exotic, which is a welcome inclusion to the game. Hopefully we get to see more of this with upcoming dungeons and raids.

2. Lingering Dread

Lingering Dread
Image: Activision & Bungie via HGG


  • Chill Clip (PVE), Vorpal Weapon (PVE or PVP)
  • Auto-Loading Holster (PVE or PVP)
  • Blinding Grenades, Spike Grenades
  • Volatile Launch, Countermass
  • Bitterspite (Origin)

This grenade launcher is easily one of the best in the game for PVE. Its combination of Chill Clip or Vorpal and Auto-Loading Holster would have already made it a mainstay, but Blinding Grenades gives it high utility.

This could be used for anything from ad-clear to high-end content via Blinding Grenades. Grandmaster strikes and Master raids are full of enemies weak to Blinding Grenades, so any Grenade Launcher with them is at least pretty good.

I definitely recommend farming the first part of the dungeon for one of these — you have higher odds since it’s one of only five possible drops.

3. Unforgiven

Image: Activision & Bungie via HGG


  • Frenzy (PVE), Rampage (PVE or PVP), Adrenaline Junky (PVE)
  • Demolitionist (PVE or PVP), Feeding Frenzy (PVE)
  • Ricochet Rounds, High-Caliber Rounds
  • Corkscrew Rifling, Chambered Compensator

Unforgiven is one of few Duality Dungeon weapons that can have the Adrenaline Junky + Demolitionist combo, and it’s other perks are really good as well. Frenzy is great for pretty much any situation, and it even has Ricochet and High-Caliber Rounds. If you’re looking for a solid void PVE SMG, Unforgiven is easily one of the best available. Especially if you’re making use of Void 3.0.

This weapon combos excellently with many of the fragments and Exotics that class uses. Grab one of these even if you don’t intend to use it immediately, as you never know when it might come in handy.

4. Stormchaser

Image: Activision & Bungie via HGG


  • Firing Line (PVE), Vorpal Weapon (PVE or PVP)
  • Clown Cartridge (PVE), Auto-Loading Holster (PVE)
  • Liquid Coils
  • Arrowhead Break, Corkscrew Rifling
  • Bitterspite (Origin)

Once again, Bungie has granted us another Linear Fusion Rifle with perfect perks. Firing Line is technically the best for multi-person content like raids and dungeons, but Vorpal is a slightly easier and more consistent option for about 10% less damage. Clown Cartridge is arguably the best perk in the game for Linear Fusion Rifles, unless you plan to switch between it and another weapon. In that case, Auto-Loading Holster is great. Plus Liquid Coils, which just puts this weapon over the top.

Regardless of what kind of player you are, you need one of these. And with a good amount of options for perks, it shouldn’t take too long to get a serviceable roll.

5. New Purpose

New Purpose
Image: Activision & Bungie via HGG


  • Desperado (PVE or PVP), Headstone (PVE or PVP), Vorpal Weapon (PVE)
  • Perpetual Motion (PVE or PVP), Feeding Frenzy (PVE)
  • Appended Mag, Armor-Piercing Rounds, High-Caliber Rounds
  • Arrowhead Break, Chambered Compensator
  • Bitterspite (Origin)

New Purpose is a decent Pulse Rifle for either PVE or PVP, but it isn’t the best choice for either at the moment. Desperado is a great perk, and Headstone is really good if you’re running a Stasis build. The rest of its perks are the standard options, and it has really strong magazine choices as well.

I would say that getting one of these is nice, but not essential unless you just really like its look or feel. This is definitely a personal preference type weapon.

6. The Epicurean

The Epicurean
Image: Activision & Bungie via HGG


  • Rangefinder (PVP), Cornered (PVE)
  • Snapshot Sights (PVP), Feeding Frenzy (PVE), Surplus (PVE or PVP)
  • Accelerated Coils, Enhanced Battery
  • Arrowhead Break, Chambered Compensator
  • To Excess (Origin)

This is one of the two “other” weapons in this dungeon. It, along with Fixed Odds, doesn’t have the same origin trait as the others, as they’re reissued versions of Menagerie weapons. The Epicurean in particular is not great in PVE, but excels in PVP. Rangefinder and Snapshot Sights is a great PVP combo, and if you get the enhanced versions, they’re even better.

That’s right — for whatever reason, this weapon and Fixed Odds are craftable even though the other Duality Dungeon weapons are not. I guess it’s nice that these are, but it sure would be cool if the new weapons were.

7. Fixed Odds

Fixed Odds
Image: Activision & Bungie via HGG


  • Killing Tally (PVE), Incandescent (PVE), Rampage (PVE)
  • Feeding Frenzy (PVE), Field Prep (PVE)
  • Tactical Mag, Appended Mag
  • Arrowhead Break, Corkscrew Rifling
  • To Excess (Origin)

Fixed Odds is the other reissued Menagerie weapon included in this dungeon. It is also craftable, which makes farming it much less painful (especially since it only drops from the final boss).

The best perk combination here is Killing Tally and Feeding Frenzy, which makes for highly reliable ad-clear. This is another of the more average weapons available in this dungeon, but it’s worth grabbing if you like using Machine Guns for ad-clear or just in general.

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Thanks for reading this guide on all the new Duality Dungeon Weapons! Hopefully this helps you as you spend hours and hours farming all these new weapons. Feel free to check out our other Destiny 2 content while you’re here as well!

Happy gaming!

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