This Destiny 2 Guardian Games article has been updated to reflect the 2022 changes.

Which class in Destiny 2 is the best?

This question has been highly debated since the launch of vanilla Destiny, and it may finally be answered with the upcoming Guardian Games. The third year of this event again pits Guardians against each other in the only format that can actually identify a clear winner — earning medals through magnificent feats of athleticism.

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(Okay, it’s actually by completing quests.)

Will you side with the aggressive and tank-like Titans? Maybe join up with last year’s winners, the elusive and assassin-like Hunters? Or look to find balance as a space wizard with the Warlocks? As you mull over your decision, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Guardian Games in 2022.

What Are the Guardian Games?

What are the Guardian Games
Image: Bungie Inc. 

The Guardian Games is a competitive, community-driven event that pits each class against one another. It requires you to lock in a class to participate with as you earn medallions and complete mini-quests to help your class reign supreme. It’s a free event for all Destiny 2 players that adds additional pursuits for PvP, PvE, high-tier activities like Raids, as well as limited-time Guardian Games playlists.

When Are the Guardian Games in 2022?

The Guardian Games officially started with the weekly reset on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, and will run until May 24, 2022. This also coincides with the end of Season of the Risen. However, unlike last year there doesn’t appear to be an extended closing ceremony to cap off the event.

How to Access the Guardian Games

How to access the guardian games
Image: Bungie Inc. via HGG

You won’t be able to immediately jump into the Guardian Games activities. Instead, you’ll need to complete the Best in Class quest from Eva Levante. This will give you the new class item for this year and walk you through the basics of participating in the event. Here’s how to complete it:

1. Purchase a Contender Card

Head to the Tower and speak to Eva to kick off the quest and collect your class item. As part of this, you’ll also be given 100 free Laurels to immediately purchase a Contender Card from her. Similar to Transmog bounties, these are focused on specific activities, allowing you to choose which game mode you want to play most. This year, you have options for:

  • Vanguard
  • Crucible
  • Gambit
  • PsiOps (requires The Witch Queen

2. Earn Medals and Finish Your Card

Now you just need to collect Medals by finishing the requirements on your card. Depending on your card difficulty, you’ll either gain Gold or Platinum Medals for your efforts. Once you’re finished, speak to Eva and deposit your medals at the Guardian Games podium. 

Chat with Eva once again and follow up with Zavala to activate the next activity-driven part of this quest. 

3. Finish a Recreational Strike

Speaking with Zavala will give you access to limited-time Strike playlists for the Guardian Games. Like most activities, this includes two versions that vary in difficulty known as Recreational and Training. We’ll explain the differences and when to play one or the other in a bit, but at this stage, you’ll only have access to the Recreational playlist.

This playlist includes a scoring system with distinct modifiers and accomplishments that can supercharge your score. For now, don’t worry about this and just complete the Strike.

4. A Few More Conversations

You’ll need to wrap up a few more conversations with Zavalla and Eva to finish out this quest. After that, you’ll gain access to a few more Contender Cards and the Training Playlist. Now, just go out and make your Class proud.

How Do the Guardian Games Work?

GG Destiny 2 screenshot
Image: Bungie Inc. via HGG

Like most events in Destiny 2, the Guardian Games are surprisingly complicated. Let’s walk through how to get the most out of this event, how you’ll earn “points” for your Class, and how to tackle a few unique quests this time around.

How to Help Your Class Win

This part is fairly straightforward. Collect as many Medals as possible for your Class. The catch is that at the end of each week, there will be buffs awarded based on the current Class positions. This affects the potency of the “Ability Empowerment” buff you gain from time to time, with first-place granting Gold, second Silver, and third Bronze. 

The higher ranked your Class is, the longer and more powerful this buff will be.

Guardian Games Currencies

You’ll be collecting two different currencies throughout the Guardian Games—Laurels and Medals. 

Laurels Explained

Laurels will only spawn after you claim and equip your Guardian Games class item. Then any ability kills that you land will spawn class-specific Motes that give you Laurels. You can actually pick up the other class Motes as well, but the ones that match your class will grant you more points. To help you keep track, here are the class colors:

  • Titan: Red Motes
  • Warlocks: Yellow Motes
  • Hunter: Blue Motes

The Laurels you earn can then be used to unlock more Contender Cards as well as Guardian Games bounties.

Medals Explained

As mentioned before, Medals are basically the points you earn to help your Class compete. You’ll also earn specific rewards whenever you deposit them, including The Title SMG once it’s unbugged. 

Now, there are several types of Medals that you can collect based on the activities you decide to play. The easier the Medal is to earn, the less valuable it is. Here’s how to unlock each Medal type and how much they’re worth:

  • Bronze (1 Point):  Complete Activities and Triumphs
  • Silver (2 Points): Complete Activities and Triumphs
  • Gold (5 Points): Complete Contender Cards
  • Platinum (15 Points): Complete Platinum Contender Cards

Focus on the higher-level options and be sure to stack them whenever possible. You want to maximize your time and start collecting smaller amounts of Medals along the way to larger boons.

Contender Cards Explained

Contender Cards are fairly similar to the Armor Transmog Quests you can take on. They’re activity-specific, meaning that you can lean into playing parts of Destiny 2 that you like most. There are two levels of Contender Cards that grant specific reward totals. Gold, which costs 100 Laurels to purchase, and Platinum, which costs 200. 

On top of that, there are actually 11 unique Contender Cards in 2022 including:

  • Vanguard Playlists (Gold)
  • Crucible (Gold)
  • Gambit (Gold)
  • Throne World (Gold)
  • Seasonal Activities (Gold)
  • Nightfalls (Platinum)
  • Trials of Osiris (Platinum)
  • Higher-level Throne World (Platinum)
  • Raids (Platinum)

Be sure to stick with Contender Cards that you can complete quickly and hit areas of the game that you want to play. Other than that, just swing by often to pick up more Cards whenever you have enough Laurels. This is simply going to be your best way to collect Medals.

What’s New in Guardian Games 2022

Now that you have the basics, let’s take a look at what’s been added to the Guardian Games in 2022.

Playlist Options

Unlike in previous years, which featured a singular Strike playlist, the 2022 Guardian Games adds two. This includes the:

  • Training Playlist: Vanguard Ops playlist featuring a practice score system for your entire team.
  • Competitive Playlist: Vanguard Ops playlist that pushes you to play your best and shoot for high-level scores. This is where you can unlock some of the best Guardian Games rewards.

All of these are available throughout the course of the event. However, the team at Bungie recommends you invest your time in the Training playlist Tuesday-Thursday and then get sweaty in competitive when it’s live from Friday-Monday to maximize your rewards. Additionally, you can jump into the Recreational Playlist for non-scoring driven PvE play to earn medals outside of scoring.

Strike Scoring

A new feature added to the 2022 Guardian Games is strike scoring. This system is only featured in the event exclusive playlists and doesn’t function like traditional Nightfall scores. Instead, it leans into specific feats such as getting multi-kills with specific weapons or class abilities. 

The higher your score, the more Medals you earn, and the more likely you’ll see an increased drop rate for Exotics and other high-tier gear. Your best bet is to shoot for specific point tiers when running these Strikes. Whatever score you reach provides additional buffs and allows you to activate unique glows based on your rank.  

Just keep in mind that these benefits won’t be available to earn outside of the Competitive Playlist. 

Guardian Games Rewards

Now, helping your Class achieve glory is all well and good, but let’s be honest—it’s really all about that sweet sweet loot. For the 2022 Guardian Games, you have a couple of things to pursue.

The Title

The Title- Submachine Gun
Image: Bungie Inc.

First, there’s the new “The Title” Submachine Gun. This Void weapon includes a unique Perk known as Classy Contender, which grants Class energy from successful kills. You can earn it in a variety of ways, including just completing the intro quest. However, the more Medals you turn in and the better you perform, the more likely it will be that you’ll earn a new, and potentially better roll.

Heir Apparent 

Guardian Gun
Image: Bungie Inc.

The Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun and Catalyst make a return with this year’s games. Thankfully, there’s a specific quest you can take on to unlock the weapon. The Catalyst is unfortunately still a random drop granted from depositing Gold or Platinum medals. These are limited to this event, so be sure to do what you can to unlock them before they hit the vault again.

Unauthorized Departure 

Unauthorized Departure
Image: Bungie Inc. via HGG

The last reward this year is the Unauthorized Departure Exotic ship. This can be earned by completing the Medallion Stallion Triumph (yo Adrian!). You’ll need to focus on turning in plenty of medals to finish this one up. So, when you can try to earn and dump high-level medals whenever possible.

How Do the Guardian Games Tie Into Season of the Risen?

Last year’s Guardian Games landed during Season of the Chosen, which fit fairly naturally with the theme of proving your worth. This year though, we’re in the midst of a tumultuous turn in our relationship with the Cabal Empress Caiatl thanks to some iffy choices from Crow. And that storyline seemingly resolved itself weeks ago.  

So, this year appears to be more about celebrating our return from The Throne World and maintaining a tradition. There’s no obvious sign that this will really add anything new in any way, but with it ending at the same time as the season it could lead directly into the next one. So, keep an eye out and be ready for any late-season surprises that could come from the event.

Join the High Ground

The Guardian Games are one of the most complex events in Destiny 2. Thankfully, it’s also incredibly community-driven and supports one of the truest forms of competition between each Class. With a bit more to do and a restructured playlist system, it makes the 2022 games worth participating in if only to defend your Class choice.

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Happy gaming!

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