Which class in Destiny 2 is the best?

This question has been highly debated since the launch of vanilla Destiny, and it may finally be answered with the upcoming Guardian Games. The second year of this event again pits Guardians against each other in the only format that can actually identify a clear winner — earning medals through magnificent feats of athleticism.

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(Okay, it’s actually by completing quests.)

Will you side with the aggressive and tank-like Titans? Maybe join up with the elusive and assassin-like Hunters? Or look to find balance as a space wizard with the Warlocks? As you mull over your decision, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Guardian Games in 2021.

What Are the Guardian Games?

Guardian Games
Image: Bungie

The Guardian Games were introduced in April 2020 during Season of the Worthy as a community-driven event pitting each class against each other. Every day, Guardians would compete for medals to help “vote” for their favorite Destiny class. These gold, silver, and bronze medals could be earned by completing Crucible and Strike activities, as well as specific bounties. 

The associated quests, provided by Eva in the Tower, typically required killing a certain amount of enemies or picking up a bunch of laurels. On top of that, you could take on a weekly Exotic Ghost quest that was laurel collection-focused. These would drop from ability kills and be highlighted in your specific class color. If you picked up laurels that matched your class, you’d gain more points versus other class pickups.

Once you earn a medal, rather than turning it back into a vendor, you got to deposit it in a giant “Guardian Games Cup” in the middle of The Tower. The more you turned in, the more your class standing would rise, with it continually fluctuating throughout the week.

Lastly, the other important pursuit of the 2020 Guardian Games was earning Triumphs. Completing seven of these would unlock the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun. Luckily, there were 12 to earn at the time, meaning you could opt for whichever Triumphs fit your play style the best.

How Do the Guardian Games Tie Into Season of the Chosen?

GG Spectating
Image: Bungie

Most of Destiny 2’s events have little to do with the actual storyline. Seasonal celebrations like the Dawning and Festival of the Lost are treated like Holidays, and last year’s Guardian Games felt like a random departure similar to Iron Banner, where Guardians are arbitrarily pitted against each other. That’s all changed this year thanks to how Season of the Chosen has progressed.

Spoilers ahead for those that haven’t progressed this far in the Seasonal questline. At this point, our feud with Empress Caiatl has paused thanks to our success in ritual combat through the Proving Grounds Strike. While parlaying to make peace, a rogue band of Psions attempted to assassinate Zavalla by crippling his Ghost. Crow put a stop to it, Caiatl vowed to hunt them down, and we’re all buddies now.

In celebration of that momentous event, she has been invited to proceed over the Guardian Games. In many ways, this serves as our version of the Battlegrounds that Caiatl’s generals used to prove their worth (we all know how well that went for them). Rather than being a random event, the Guardian Games are now a way for all Guardians to prove their worth.

When Are the Guardian Games in 2021?

The initial roadmap for Season of the Chosen placed the Guardian Games near the end of the season. They will officially start upon the weekly reset on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, and will run until Sunday, May 9, 2021. 

Now, unlike last year, this isn’t the official end of the Guardian Games. Instead, there will be a Closing Ceremony that will take place from May 7 through May 9. This will likely provide some additional story beats and help introduce the next season in Destiny 2.

What to Expect in the Guardian Games for 2021

GG Competition Begins
Image: Bungie

Everything we know about this year’s Guardian Games comes from data mining and a handful of leaks (update: the official GG page is now live!)

Overall, not much has changed structurally from the 2020 Guardian Games. You’re still earning medals, pursuing Triumphs, and attempting to boost your class into the top slot. However, the actual methods for earning medals have been simplified into a single augmented Strike playlist that requires you to commit to a single class. So, thankfully it won’t be an endless stream of so-so bounties this time around, but you will be stuck with the class you pledge to.

These strikes will be class-specific and will likely have unique modifiers and objectives that make them similar to Nightfalls or Raid areas. Many think that the mods between medal types are built around helping the classes that are currently behind catch up. So, those in the lead will have less beneficial modifiers compared to those in second and third place.

Lastly, there will supposedly be weekly celebrations of whoever is in the lead. However, your class finishes will dictate your status effect for the next week. You’re also expected to get some sort of reward for being in the lead at the end of a given week, but we aren’t sure what that will be at this time.

What Are the Rewards in the Guardian Games?

Guardian Gun
Image: Bungie

Now, we do know a few things that you will be able to earn during this year’s Guardian Games. First, there will be new class armor and a new armor ornament set that you can snag. It’s yet to be announced if the ornament is also a reward or will need to be purchased, but we’re picking up some major Gundam vibes here.

Second, there are new sports-themed Exotic Ghost shells and a fancy new Exotic sparrow and ship this year. At least one or two of these items will likely be tied to a mission chain similar to last year, but it’s yet to be seen which items you can actually earn in-game.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun is back and now comes with its own Catalyst and a new Ornament. Again, you can probably expect separate mission chains to earn both the weapon and the Catalyst, and they will more than likely be tied into the core thrust of the way you yearn points through Strikes. It’s exciting to see this weapon get an update, and we’ll be sure to lay out exactly how to unlock it as soon as that information becomes available.

I Want to Be the Very Best

We still don’t know everything about this year’s Guardian Games, but based on the leaks and official announcements, it seems like a welcome improvement over the first iteration. Be sure to let your Fireteam know about what’s coming by sharing this article on your favorite social platforms. And for up-to-date coverage on the Guardian Games in Destiny 2 this year, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


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