With the Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader beta out, we’ve been getting some hands-on experience with the game. After numerous hours of playtime and several chapters worth of content to play in, we’ve learned that you can get pretty powerful in this game. With the right stats and talents, any of the four Doctrines can carve a path through anything the Koronus Expanse has to offer. The Doctrine we’ll be going over in this guide, however, is the Adept. No defense can stand up to the discerning eye of the Adept. With this Doctrine even the toughest enemies will feel the bite of your attacks and that will only get better as you get stronger. If that interests you then keep reading as we go over the best Adept build in the Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader beta.


Before we get started it’s important to preface this build with the fact that the game is still in beta. That means that all this information is subject to change. This also means that some aspects of the build may not function as intended.

Regardless, I have used this build in some of my playthroughs of the beta and have been able to get through the content without issue. With that said, let’s get on with the build

The Adept Build

This build is focused on weakening your enemy’s defenses and nailing them with high-damage criticals from afar. Built similarly to a Marksman, this Adept build will give us the ability to hit enemies hard and open them up for our allies. All while in the safety of the back ranks. Since we have fairly high Intelligence as well, we’ll also have several skills available to us to help us out when exploring.

Homeworld: Forge World – Analytics Implant

Owlcat Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

 For our first option in character creation, we’ll be choosing Forge World – Analytics. While this Homeworld lacks some depth at the moment, it provides us a boost to our Intelligence and Toughness which is very helpful. And the loss in Fellowship will mean nothing for this build.

The biggest draw of this Homeworld, however, is the Analytic System. This feature gives our character a bonus to our critical hit chance based on our Intelligence bonus. This is invaluable as we will be increasing our Intelligence as we level, as well as, grab talents that make our criticals stronger.

Origin: Astra Militarum Commander

Owlcat Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Next, we choose the Astra Militarum Commander as our Origin. This Origin is geared toward ranged play and gives us a strong head start to the dangerous sniper we want to become. It gives us a nice boost to our Ballistic Skill and Perception which helps us land our shots.

We also get access to the feature Combined Arms which allows us to buff our character and companion’s damage based on our Perception if our target is adjacent to one of our allies. This is excellent for taking out enemies locked in melee with some of our companions.

Doctrine: Adept

Next down the list, since Triumph and Darkest Hour aren’t implemented yet, is our Doctrine. Since this is an Adept build, choose Adept.


Owlcat Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Before we go over the stats we should go over how stat bonuses work. From my understanding when the game speaks about a stat bonus, it’s talking about the tens place in that stat. For example, if you have a Strength score of 30, then your Strength bonus will be 3. If you have a Willpower score of 45, then your Willpower bonus will be 4.

With that out of the way, we can talk about the stats we’re going to focus on in this build. While the stats can be tweaked based on how you decide to play, you want to make sure your Intelligence and Ballistic Skill are as high as they can be with Perception being your next priority if you have any points left over. This is because Intelligence plays into a lot of the Adept’s abilities and we want to be able to effectively wield a sniper or any other firearm, we decide to pick up.

You can look at my stat breakdown below:

Weapon Skill30
Ballistic Skill45

Adept Leveling

And now we hit the main event for this guide. As we go through the Doctrine we’ll continue to up our Intelligence stat to get that as high as possible before we switch to our advanced Doctrine. When we can’t upgrade Intelligence we’ll upgrade Perception. The reason we don’t touch our Ballistic Skill is because, once we switch to the Hunter Doctrine, we’ll be upgrading our Ballistic Skill almost exclusively.

Since we focus on Intelligence we also have a decent selection of skills we can excel at. In this guide, we will be upgrading Tech Use and Awareness primarily. Tech Use seems to come up a lot while exploring and having that on hand is always useful. Awareness acts as our character’s ability to find hidden items and traps which is always necessary to have in Owlcat games. 

With that said, here’s the level breakdown for Adept:

LevelWhat To Take
1Study Enemies
2Tech Use/Expose Weakness
3Tech Use/Instant Expose
6Tide of Excellence/Intelligence
7Sniping Shot/Tech Use
8Assisted Study/Awareness
9Dismantling Attack Upgrade II
11Passive Learning/Tech Use
12Joint Study/Awareness
13Pattern Recognition/Intelligence
15Dismantling Attack Upgrade IV

We mostly take abilities that power up our Study Enemies and provide our team more bonuses for attacked enemies marked with Clue. Study Enemies is a very powerful mechanic for the Adept and being able to spread Clues around the battlefield as fast as possible can only benefit your team.

Advanced Doctrine: Hunter

Once we max out Adept we are given access to an advanced Doctrine to continue leveling in. For this build, we are choosing Hunter to become even strong ranged combatants. The Hunter Doctrine gives us some good team buffs and enemy debuffs that continue the gameplay loop we’ve been using with Study Enemies as the Adept.

As I said before, we will also be focusing on upping our Ballistic Skill while leveling this Doctrine as well as some other skills since Tech Use and Awareness will be as high as you need them. 

We will also be choosing a weapon proficiency while leveling this Doctrine. By level thirteen you should have a good understanding of the different weapons Rogue Trader has to offer and how they play. Your weapon proficiency should reflect the type of weapon you have fun using so you can maximize effectiveness with it. Just be warned that his guide is geared toward a ranged playstyle. It would be beneficial to choose a proficiency in a ranged weapon type.  

Hunter Leveling

A quick note, the upgrades given to you at levels 12 and 20 are not implemented yet, so we have to do without them. Fortunately, our character still ends up being incredibly powerful so it’s not too great a loss.

Here is my breakdown for Hunter:

LevelWhat To Take
1Hunt Down the Prey
2Cull The Bold/Demolition
3Demolition/Tide of Focus
5Ballistic Skill/Medicae
6Ballistic Skill/Good Hunting
7Hot on the Trail/Medicae
8Trail and Shatter/Medicae
9Ballistic Skill/Medicae
10Pierce the Armour/Medicae
11Medicae/Ballistic Skill
13Seize the Advantage/Medicae
14Medicae/Ballistic Skill
15Lore Xenos/Piercing Shot
16Trembling Flock/Lore Xenos
17Ballistic Skill/Lore Xenos
18Ballistic Skill/Alpha Guide
19Ballistic Skill/ Lore Xenos

With Hunter, we are taking abilities to buff our allies against anyone we mark as Prey as well as get our Hunt Down the Prey charges back as much as possible.

Join the High Ground

And that’s our guide for the best Adept build in the  Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader beta. Have you tried out the beta yet? Have you tested the analytical prowess of the Adept against the enemies of the Emperor? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this in the future.


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