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Destiny 2: Vox Obscura Guide

The Vox Obscura Exotic quest in Destiny 2 is similar to Exotic quests from years before. More specifically, it awards a specific Exotic from its normal difficulty and a catalyst for it at Master difficulty. In this guide, we’ll cover the basic details about the quest, its rewards, and give a full walkthrough to help you reap the rewards.

For the full walkthrough, we’ll be sticking with the standard difficulty of the quest, but we will talk about the Master version a bit at the end.

Let’s get started!

How to Launch the Vox Obscura Quest

How to Launch the Vox Obscura Quest
Click to Expand | Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

Vox Obscura is available to launch via Savathȗn’s Throne World. It has a recommended light level of 1550* for the normal difficulty and 1580* for Master (based on Season of the Haunted). To launch this quest, you must have finished the Witch Queen campaign at any difficulty.

Vox Obscura is a three-person activity, but can also be completed solo or as a duo. The quest does not have matchmaking, but you can always use an LFG to find people if you want to. There is a very active Discord called “Destiny 2 LFG” that works great, or you could opt for Bungie’s official one.

Vox Obscura Guide: Rewards

Vox Obscura Guide: Rewards
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

The main reward from Vox Obscura is the Dead Messenger weapon and its catalyst. Dead Messenger is a guaranteed reward the first time you complete the mission on normal difficulty, and you can get its catalyst the first time you complete the mission on Master difficulty. Other than that, you can expect a fair amount of standard world drop loot as well.

Vox Obscura is also a source of Pinnacle gear, which will always drop above your current gear’s light level. To get the Pinnacle drop, you must defeat powerful Cabal and Champions within the mission. On average, this should take around 3–4 clears on normal difficulty or 1–2 on Master difficulty.

Lately, we’ve been in a period where we aren’t “forced” to use any one particular weapon for DPS, so I recommend taking advantage of this until it inevitably changes. For Vox Obscura, some good heavy options are Rocket Launchers (especially with tracking) and Linear Fusion Rifles (if you have good enough aim to hit a fast-moving target). For special ammo, I recommend either a Fusion Rifle, Grenade Launcher, or a fringe pick like Eriana’s Vow.

Since Solar 3.0 just came out, I highly recommend Solar subclass for each class. Hunters could switch to Void for Master if they’re concerned about reviving, and Warlocks could switch to Void if the fireteam needs more DPS, but all Solar is a solid option.

Vox Obscura Guide: Quest Section Walkthroughs

Up next are the walkthroughs for each section of this exotic Destiny 2 quest.

Walkthrough 1 — The Hangar

Walkthrough 1 - The Hangar
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

The first section of the quest is simple. All you have to do is clear enemies out and follow the standard quest progression icon. On normal difficulty, you can breeze through this part, choosing to either kill or leave enemies behind. If you’re going for Pinnacles, you should kill all enemies to make sure you get as many “powerful enemy” kills as possible.

Once you get inside the hangar, you’ll keep fighting through waves of enemies until you come to a pair of Interceptors (Cabal armed vehicles). Each person on your fireteam should take one of these. Then just blast the doors open (or ram into them) and you’re on to the next stage.

Walkthrough 2 — The Airfield

VoX Obscura Walkthrough 2 - The Airfield
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

During this phase, you will have a timer counting down to Orbital Bombardment. If you don’t finish it in time, you will fail and have to restart the quest. 

The first objective in this phase is to destroy a large Goliath Tank. This can be done by standard methods (shooting) or you can just ram an Interceptor into its side to kill it quickly. This method is by far superior, even if it might result in a death if you get unlucky. Once the Goliath Tank is destroyed, Amanda Holliday will drop a Drake in for someone on your fireteam to use.

Next up is two more Goliath Tanks, which should be easy now that someone on your team has the Drake. Destroy these two Goliaths and clear out ads when possible. Once this is done, the person in the Drake must shoot out fuses (pictured below) to destroy the three signal towers. After this, just clear out any remaining ads and progress into the bunker.

Destroy the signal towers
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

Walkthrough 3 — The Bunker

Walkthrough 3 - The Bunker
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

During this phase, your fireteam will once again have a timer. This time it’s ten minutes.

Place a Rally Banner as soon as you go in the bunker, as you’ll be using a lot of ammo before getting to the boss. Unlocking the boss arena requires your team to first find three Psions in protective bubbles, kill them, and hack a computer near them. During this part, there will be an Unstoppable Champion to deal with on normal difficulty so be ready for that (and additional Champions on Master).

Once your team has hacked all three computers, you’ll enter the boss arena. The timer continues during the fight, so go quickly.

Walkthrough 4 — Boss Fight

Boss Fight - Vox Obscura Guide
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

Qabix, Insurgent isn’t a very difficult boss on normal difficulty, and he’s not too bad on Master. Make sure to grab the Rally Banner before beginning the encounter.

For this fight, your team will have to burst Qabix down through three phases. He becomes invincible in-between phases, so you can’t just burst him down immediately. Qabix is agile and doesn’t stand still much during DPS, so you’ll want to use a heavy weapon you feel comfortable aiming. Rocket Launchers with tracking capabilities are great here, as are Linear Fusions if you’re confident in your ability with them. 

Defeat the qabix
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss

When Qabix goes invulnerable, you’ll have to kill Psions in protective shields again, then return to DPS. Keep cycling through this, clearing the waves of ads that spawn, and make sure to watch the timer. Doing this will wrap up the fight pretty quickly, then you can claim the rewards chest and interact with the computer to listen to various broadcasts from Calus.

Vox Obscura Master Difficulty

The Master version of Vox Obscura is notably more difficult, especially during the first half. Since failing the airfield section restarts you from the beginning, getting past this part can be arduous. In my experience, this is the part where most groups fall apart. Once you get into the bunker, at least you’ll have more cover. It’s still difficult, but more manageable. The boss phase is chaotic, but compared to other Master activities it isn’t quite so bad.

Completing Vox Obscura on Master difficulty rewards the Dead Messenger catalyst.

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