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Destiny 2: Biting Winds God Rolls and Best Perks

Bows are one of the most unique weapon types in Destiny 2, and luckily there are a lot of really cool ones to choose from. Biting Winds was introduced to the game in the Beyond Light expansion, and it’s actually really easy to get! In this article we’ll check out how to get Biting Winds, as well as its god rolls for PVE and PVP. To get started, let’s look at how to get Biting Winds.

How to Get Biting Winds

The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt

To get Biting Winds, start off by going to speak to Variks on Europa. Get the mission, “The Dark Priestess” from him, then start working through this short quest. To complete the quest, just follow the instructions and go the areas on Europa you’re instructed to go to. The last part of the quest will direct you to take on an Empire Hunt (a matchmaking activity launched on Europa). Complete that quest, which is basically just a strike, and you’ll be able to speak to Variks to receive your Biting Winds!

Once you have it unlocked, if you want to farm it, just do random activities to get loot on Europa.

Biting Winds | Best PVE God Rolls and Perks

Biting Winds Combat Bow PvE God Roll
Image: D2 Arsenal

Bows can be deceptively strong in PVE, since they get some really strong perks and can even take out waves of adds just as easily as powerful enemies. Let’s take a look at the different options you have when choosing your best PVE god roll for Biting Winds!


  • Elastic String (-10 Accuracy, +5 Handling, +20 Charge Time, -72 Draw Time)
  • Tactile String (+5 Accuracy, +10 Stability)

Figuring out what all these stats mean on bows can honestly be confusing. Charge time and draw time are not explicitly explained, but we can gather that draw time essentially just effects how long it takes to pull back the string, and charge time goes along with that to make for faster shots. Elastic String is the overall best option here since it only takes away some accuracy in exchange for better handling and faster shots. However, Tactile String is also a great choice if you don’t want to lose so much accuracy.


  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft (+15 Accuracy, -5 Stability)
  • Carbon Arrow Shaft (+10 Accuracy)
  • Straight Fletching (+10 Stability)

For arrows, all three of these are solid options, but none is the stand-out best. Fiberglass gives the highest bonus, but losing stability does really suck for bows. However, if you’re comfortable with a bit less stability, it’s the best pick. Both Carbon Arrow Shaft and Straight Fletching are a bit more straightforward–you either get +10 accuracy or stability. If you took Elastic String as your bowstring, either Fiberglass or Carbon Arrow Shaft is great for cancelling out the accuracy negation from it. But Straight Fletching might be better if you’re going with the Tactile String build.

Perk 1

  • Rapid Hit

Rapid Hit is always good on bows, especially precision frame ones with their slower draw time. This perk gives a significant reload speed (which makes bows draw faster) and stability bonus every time you land a precision shot, which you’ll be trying to do all the time with Biting Winds. Rapid Hit is consistent, makes your bow feel drastically faster, and promotes precision shots. It’s everything you could ever want for a bow like this.

Perk 2

  • Explosive Head

This perk is great on bows in PVE, as it increases your overall damage by at least 15% on body shots (precision shots also get a bonus, but it’s variable). The way the perk works is by splitting your damage into two bursts. The first goes through when the arrow hits the enemy like normal, then the rest detonates via the arrow’s explosive tip. This perk is the equivalent of Explosive Payload on guns, so it’s hard to pass up.

Biting Winds | Best PVP God Rolls and Perks

Biting Winds PvP God Roll
Image: D2 Arsenal

Biting Winds is a solid bow for PVP, with some of the strongest perks in the game! Here are our recommendations for the best Biting Winds PVP god roll possible.


  • Elastic String (-10 Accuracy, +5 Handling, +20 Charge Time, -72 Draw Time)
  • Tactile String (+5 Accuracy, +10 Stability)
  • Flexible String (-5 Accuracy, +10 Handling, +10 Charge Time, -36 Draw Time)

Just like with PVE, both Elastic and Tactile String return as great options in PVP as well. Elastic String is more well-rounded, giving increases to charge/draw Time (the stats make it hard to tell, but the negative to draw time is a good thing). We’re also recommending Flexible String this time, too, as a less punishing option. Since accuracy is a bit more important in PVP, you might not want a -10 to the stat. Flexible String gives bonuses to charge/draw time as well, but you’ll only lose 5 accuracy this time (just at the cost of not as much charge/draw time).

Tactile String is here as a less risky choice. It has no negations and gives bonuses to accuracy and stability, so you really can’t go wrong with it.


  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft (+15 Accuracy, -5 Stability)
  • Straight Fletching (+10 Accuracy)

For arrows in PVP, accuracy is the best stat on this bow. Being able to land consistent headshots is essential to getting kills in the Crucible, so you’ll want a bunch of it. If you took one of the bowstrings that reduces accuracy, it’s best to take one of the arrows to negate that loss. And since both Elastic and Flexible String already give draw/charge time bonuses, there’s no need to worry about that too much on the arrow. Even if you took, Tactile String and don’t need to negate any losses, these are still the best choices.

Perk 1

  • Moving Target
  • Rapid Hit
  • Killing Wind

You have several options for the first perk on Biting Winds. Moving Target is the most consistent, since it doesn’t require you to do anything before activating it. Moving Target improves your aim assist and makes landing headshots easier, especially if you want to move around while you shoot.

However, Rapid Hit and Killing Wind are both potentially more explosive options. Rapid Hit does require you to land a precision shot before activating, but it’ll make landing that second shot so much quicker. Killing Wind is similar, but requires you to get a full kill before granting any effects. Once you do, though, you’ll get 5 seconds of bonus mobility, handling, and range. That’s great for picking off any Guardians that might try to come help the person you just took out.

Perk 2

  • Rangefinder
  • Explosive Payload

There are two really solid options for the second perk here. Rangefinder is, of course, always a good choice for PVP. It increases your effective range whenever you ADS, and also boosts your projectile speed. If you’re looking for maximum consistency, Rangefinder is definitely the way to go.

Explosive Payload isn’t quite as good in PVP as in PVE since the total amount of damage per arrow remains the same, but it does cause significantly more flinch on enemies. Since the explosion causes two separate hits, it’ll help a lot against ranged Guardians that need to land difficult shots on you.

Join the High Ground

Thanks for checking out this guide on how to get the god rolls for Biting Winds in both PVE and PVP! It’s a really reliable weapon, so we highly recommend grabbing one. And as always, make sure to keep the high ground!

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