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Destiny 2: Best and Worst Lost Sectors to Farm (2024)

If you like Exotic armor, you’ve probably found yourself in a Lost Sector or two. Completing Lost Sectors on Legend or Master difficulty has a chance to grant exclusive Exotic armor, but it can take a while to collect them all. And it can take even longer to farm a good roll for a specific piece. So, while Bungie seems resistant to increase the drop rates, you can increase your chances yourself by optimizing how you farm Lost Sectors. In this article we’ll take a look at three of the best and worst Lost Sectors to farm in Destiny 2. Let’s get started with the best!

Best Lost Sectors to Farm in Destiny 2

Farming Lost Sectors is a process that takes a lot of time. Since they’re the only place to get some of the best Exotic armor pieces in the game, you will probably end up wondering which Lost Sectors are the best to farm. We identify an easily farmable Lost Sector as one that can be completed quickly, with no significantly difficult sections to trip you up. Here are our top picks!

#3 Perdition

Destiny 2 | Perdition Lost Sector
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Location: Cadmus Ridge, Europa

Perdition is one of Europa’s quicker Lost Sectors, and it’s also one of the easiest. There are two main reasons Perdition is so good for farming: its design and its simplicity. In terms of design, the whole Lost Sector is basically just a hallway with a room at the end. This allows you more room to fight enemies from a distance and spot dangerous swarms before they’re on top of you. If something is coming at you in this Lost Sector, you’ll see it coming from a mile away. It’s also an incredibly simple Lost Sector, so it’s a breeze to farm over and over again. There aren’t any complicated puzzles or anything like that. You just have to get to the end and kill the boss, that’s it.

The enemies in Perdition are all Vex. Overload and Barrier Champions are the biggest threats, but Hydras and Wyverns are also present here. If you let the Wyverns get on top of you, you’ll almost certainly end up wasting a revive. But, luckily, it’s fairly easy to take them out as they spawn. It’s hard to get overwhelmed by enemies in this Lost Sector until you get to the boss fight.

The boss for Perdition is a Sanctified Mind enemy. You can burst this boss down pretty easily with a combination of supers and heavy ammo, and it doesn’t do much to attack you other than shoot concussive shots and stomp if you get close. The bigger threat is the wave of adds that spawn with the boss, but a heavy machine gun or similar add-clear weapon can make quick work of them.

#2 Bunker E15

Bunker E15
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Location: Eventide Ruins, Europa

Bunker E15 is not the fastest Lost Sector, but it’s one of the easier ones. While the enemies aren’t necessarily super hard, the friendly NPCs that fight alongside you make things even easier. These helpful BrayTech Security Frames distract enemies and also lay down heavy fire on everything in the area. They won’t do all the damage for you (most of the time), but having any help at all is better than none.

Progressing through this Lost Sector is pretty linear. You just go from room to room, shooting the glowing white cubes to “activate” more friendly BrayTech NPCs. It’s a Vex Lost Sector, so expect the usual combo of Wyverns and Hydras. The boss is also a Hydra (no surprise there), so use something that can get through its shield easily. Witherhoard works even if you shoot the barrier, so that’s a great option to consider.

Overall, you can get through this Lost Sector pretty quickly with little real threat of dying outside of Overload Champions and random enemy spawns. The BrayTech NPCs allow for a more unique approach, since it doesn’t feel like you’re really playing solo. It’s a great change of pace, and it’s a great Lost Sector to farm Exotics in!

#1 Chamber of Starlight

Destiny 2 | Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Location: Rheasilvia, Dreaming City

Chamber is the best Lost Sector to farm. It’s quick, easy, and the boss is a breeze. The first part is a fairly linear area where you just progress forward and deal with a few Champions — both Overloads and Unstoppables. The Unstoppable Champions are the biggest threat in this entire Lost Sector, as they tend to charge from random places where you might not catch them.

The next room opens up into a large area full of Champions and various other enemies. Take your time clearing out the Champions as they spawn, and make sure not to get caught off guard by Unstoppables. You can backtrack into the first area a bit if you need to get away to safety. Also, don’t forget about the Overload Champion up on a ledge above the room. It can easily snipe you from across the room, so make sure to take it out as soon as possible.

The boss of Chamber of Starlight is just a Taken Wizard, and it doesn’t even put up much of a fight. Just blast it with a super and some heavy ammo and you’ll have that cache code! Just don’t forget about the rest of the adds in the room. When fully optimized, you can easily finish a run of Chamber of Starlight in just a few minutes.

Worst Lost Sectors to Farm in Destiny 2

Since Lost Sector farming is already a long and grindy process no matter what, there’s nothing worse than a Lost Sector that’s worse than usual. These Lost Sectors are not worth farming, because they take too long to complete due to either overscaled difficulty or simply having too many subtasks before the boss. Here are our picks for the worst Lost Sectors to farm.

#3 Gilded Precept

Gilded Precept Lost Sector
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Location: Ahimsa Park, Neptune

Avoid the Neptune Lost Sectors at all costs. They take forever to complete, so finishing them before darkness envelops you (aka, time runs out) feels like a massive task itself. Gilded Precept in particular is split into two major sections. If you do choose to farm it, you’ll have to start by battling through a huge wave of powerful enemies. This includes several Unstoppable/Barrier Champions and other various Cabal. It’s a fairly standard Lost Sector beginning, but don’t get too careless. Cabal Frag Grenades can take you out at any point.

The second part is where it gets really rough. You’ll have to continue taking out swarms of adds and Champions, but you’ll also need to pick up two orbs and deposit them in the statues by the room’s exit. Void Hunters would probably do well in this room, but everyone else is going to struggle to get around without dying to all the adds. Once you do make it through this room, however, it just gets worse.

After progressing through another few rooms of adds, you’ll enter the boss room. The boss (which spawns in a Cabal Drop Pod) is a pretty standard Cabal enemy with an annoying AOE gun. Throughout the fight, tons of adds will spawn. These adds are the easiest way to die in this fight, so watch out for them. The War Beasts, specifically, love to show up when you’re already low from something else. Overall, this is a pretty standard fight, but it comes at the end of a long and frustrating Lost Sector. If you’re trying to farm, this is one of the worst options.

#2 K1 Revelation

K1 Revelation
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Location: Sorrow’s Harbor, Moon

Before Neptune’s arrival, the Moon was the place for hard Lost Sectors. K1 Revelation is the hardest of the bunch, mostly due to its length. To get to the boss fight of this Lost Sector, you’re required to break three crystals first. To do that, you have to kill a yellow-bar enemy to make the crystal no longer immune. It’s a lengthy process that involves a lot of Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, so it’s really easy to run through your revives.

The length of this Lost Sector, thanks to the crystal breaking process, just makes it hard to stay alive until the boss fight. There are constantly adds spawning everywhere, including powerful Champions and annoying enemies like Shriekers and Knights. It’s more of a marathon and less of a specific challenge, so you really just have to get used to where enemies spawn and when you should be trying to play defensively.

Luckily, the actual boss fight for K1 Revelation isn’t too bad. It’s just a Nightmare Ogre, which you can quickly burst down with pretty much any heavy DPS weapon. There are also several other powerful enemies and Champions, which will take more time to kill than the actual boss. If you do this Lost Sector, make sure and take your time with those enemies as well before running for the loot. No point to get killed after you’ve already defeated the boss.

#1 Thrilladrome

Destiny 2 | Thrilladrome Lost Sector
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Location: Liming Harbor, Neptune

Thrilladrome is the worst lost sector to farm. As with all the Neptune Lost Sectors, it’s horribly overtuned to the point that it’s a nightmare to finish. The combination of Barrier and Overload Champions is annoying enough in the first place, but the claustrophobic nature of the first half of the Lost Sector makes them even harder to deal with. These arcade rooms provide a fun aesthetic, but they’re a slog to progress through at high difficulties.

The boss room for Thrilladrome is where the difficulty gets to critical levels. There’s barely any cover available in the room, and between the shielded Cyclops, multiple Barrier Champions, and swarms of Harpies, staying alive is all luck. Then once the Hydra boss finally spawns, you have to deal with the usual problems of fighting that boss type — the shield, particularly. Using Witherhoard, Arbalest, Wish Ender, or another weapon which ignores the shield is the best strategy for this fight. Luckily, the adds in the room do calm down a bit once the boss spawns. However, you do still need to watch out for the Harpy swarms which can easily take you by surprise.

Unless you really, really need a specific Exotic and don’t want to wait a few days, there’s never a reason to do Thrilladrome. Especially if you’re looking for a flawless clear for Guardian Ranks. Stay away from the Neptune Lost Sectors in general for farming and flawless clears, as they still suffer from the overtuned damage from earlier in Season 20. Hopefully Bungie changes this in the future since they have such good aesthetics and overall design, but for now, they’re just too difficult to farm effectively.

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