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Best Looking Warlock Armor Sets in Destiny 2 (2024)

Be sure to keep the style points locked down.

Making sure your Guardian looks cool is perhaps the most important thing in Destiny 2. Sure, having armor with good stats is important, but what’s the point of that if you don’t look cool as well? Luckily, Destiny 2 allows us to customize the appearance of our armor, so we don’t have to sacrifice stats for fashion. Today, we’ve collected the top 10 best looking Warlock armor sets in Destiny 2, including some shaders for our top picks.

Let’s get started!

I’ll be ranking the best Warlock armor sets in Destiny 2, from Stylish to Spellbinding.

For the top half, we’ll also showcase some shaders so you can get a better idea of how you might be able to custom them.

#10 Reverie Dawn Suit

Where to Get: Dreaming City Activities (Blind Well, Shattered Throne, Public Events, etc.)

This is one of the more “graceful” Warlock sets. It manages to look classy as well as flashy, and no one point of the set stands out above the rest. This is definitely one of the more low-key options, since there’s nothing particularly eye-grabbing about it. But that’s one of its strong points.

Not every armor set needs to grab everyone’s attention. This one is a great example of how to look cool while also not looking ridiculous or over-the-top.

#9 Pyrrhic Ascent Suit

Where to Get: Legacy Engram Focusing at Saint-14 (Requires Trials of Osiris Engrams)

The Pyrrhic Ascent Suit is absolutely beautiful. It doesn’t have any specific theme like some suits do, but that’s not a problem. The bronze, gold, and deep blue compliment one another so well that it’s hard not to be drawn to this set.

It also has nice attention to detail, which remains even when shaded. This can be seen best in the detailed patterns on the back and chest, as well as the knife and notebook on the side and back of the suit.

#8 Deathsinger Suit

Where to Get: Crota’s End Raid

The Deathsinger suit is one of the best for each class, including Warlocks. The key feature of this set for each class is the blue-green spikes that can be seen on almost every piece from the set. The Warlock chest piece (featured above) has the spikes on the shoulders which give it an instantly-recognizable nature, and they also mix well with other sets if you don’t want to go all in on spikes.

The only downside to this set is that it doesn’t take shaders very well. Since the blue-green spikes can’t be changed with shaders, you’re very limited in what you can do. Some of the darker shaders work well here, and some of the other green-based ones do as well.

#7 Lightkin Suit

Where to Get: Dares of Eternity (the Dares pool rotates each week, but this set should be in the pool once every few weeks)

Due to the “epic fantasty” elements of Destiny 2, Bungie gets to introduce a wide variety of strange themes without having to jump through hoops to explain them. Nobody blinks an eye at a Guardian running around in bug armor, so I won’t question it either. Having this kind of armor is great, especially since much of this aesthetic was lost when the Tangled Shore was vaulted. From the bug-eyed helm to the slick, hairy robes, the Lightkin set is everything we, as Warlock players, could ever hope for.

Don’t expect shaders to work well here unless you’re using very dark ones, though. Some of the camo shaders or the ones with leaves and such on them actually look really cool on the Lightkin set, but the brighter ones usually look horrible.

#6 Hezen Suit

Where to Get: Vault of Glass Raid

Halfway through our list of the best looking Warlock armor sets in Destiny 2, we have the Hezen Suit from Vault of Glass. This is one of the flashiest, most eye-grabbing sets in the game.

The bronze and green contrast well, and shaders usually retain that feature. Most shaders make this armor look even more contrasting than it already is. Here’s an example of that with the Bitterpearl, Jacarina, and Malibeaux Bronze shaders.

Best Warlock Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Hezen Suit Shaders
Bungie / Brett Moss

Personally, I think the wilder shaders look better on this suit, since they make it stand out so much. But, if you prefer something more subtle, there are certainly options for that as well. The standout nature of this suit is similar to that of the Moonfang-X7 Suit on Titan, which is definitely a compliment.

#5 Channeling Suit

Where to Get: Prophecy Dungeon

The Channeling Suit is simply the cleanest armor set for Warlocks. While the Moonfang-X7 Suit is typically the more popular of the Prophecy armor sets, the Channeling Suit is far better for Warlocks. It has a futuristic aesthetic that couples well with its simplicity. The helmet is wide and looks strange, but in a way that adds to the overall set. This is one of the definitive Warlock sets, and since Prophecy is pretty easy, it’s not too hard to get.

Best Warlock Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Channeling Suit Shaders
Bungie / Brett Moss

Here’s how it looks with the shaders Dawning Celebration, Circadian Chill, and Up For Grabs. Shaders tend to look really great on the Channeling Suit. Honestly, if you ever want to see the full range of a shader, it’s a great one to test them out on. And with some of the more colorful shaders, like Up For Grabs on the right, it kind of makes the Guardian look like a Power Ranger, which is always cool.

#4 Worm God Suit

Where to Get: King’s Fall Raid

The Worm God Suit is a truly “grand” armor set. It follows the hive aesthetic from the King’s Fall raid, and perfectly encapsulates what that raid looks like. The chest piece is beautiful and takes shaders really well, especially considering all its unique parts. Here it is in its default look, then with the Dawning Tranquility and Iron Vendetta shaders.

Worm God Suit Shaders
Bungie / Brett Moss

As you can see, this set takes both the more colorful and darker shaders well. There aren’t a ton of sets that you can say that about, so it’s definitely worth grinding the raid for.

#3 Breath of Detestation Suit

Where to Get: Root of Nightmares Raid

Now this is an armor set that catches the eye. Let’s start out with the obvious–the third and fourth arms sprouting out. Those things look ridiculous in the best way possible. It’s the exact kind of absurd armor design I personally love to see in Destiny. It is a space fantasy game after all–why not have some weird armor?

In addition to the fun design, the pattern on the skirt-like waist part is animated. It cycles through several pulsing colors, and they change depending on your shader. This opens up infinite room for unique looks, so it’s a perfect armor set for those of us who want to look ridiculous. To emphasize how crazy you can make this set look, here are some shader options to check out, alongside the also-ridiculous Cenotaph Mask Exotic helmet. (Shaders: Methane Explorer, Seraphim Cloak, Copperbrand)

Breath of Detestation Warlock Set with Shaders
Bungie / Brett Moss

#2 Taken King Suit

Where to Get: Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

This might not look like the most exciting armor set just from looking at it, but once you see it in-game you’ll almost certainly understand. All three classes have a beautiful armor set featuring the Taken aesthetic on an animated, moving surface. It’s hard to really explain how this set is animated, but it has a very smoky look that works well with almost any shader. For example, check it out on Angel’s Gleam, Bergusian Night, and Luminous Void. Some of these already have animations, but they blend in with the already-existing animations of this skin to perfection.

Taken King Suit Shaders
Bungie / Brett Moss

As you can see, this set favors brighter shaders that show up better on the smoky fabric. You just need to make sure the sections that are most animated have lighter colors on them and everything else will come together. The Warlock version of this set isn’t quite the best, but it’s very, very close.

#1 TM-Moss Custom Suit

Where to Get: Spire of the Watcher Dungeon

Topping off our list of the best looking Warlock armor in Destiny 2 is, unsurprisingly, the TM-Moss Custom Suit! This set is great on all three classes, but the Warlock version stands out the most.

Bungie did a fantastic job capturing an Old West aesthetic within the Destiny universe. The cowboy hat is, of course, the star of the show. But every piece of this suit is amazing. From the stylish duster cloak to the leather gloves, this is the best armor set for Warlock fashion in Destiny 2. Here’s a look at the full set in the default shader, then with the Grand Luster and Pole Position shaders.

TM-Moss Custom Suit Shaders
Bungie / Brett Moss

Also, there is some text on the back part of the coat which can be annoying. Sometimes it doesn’t show up on shaders at all because of non-contrasting dark colors. Most of the time, though, it shows up very clearly. It’s not too bad, but it has to be mentioned.

TM-Moss Custom Suit Shaders Backside
Bungie / Brett Moss

Thanks for reading this article on the best looking Warlock armor sets in Destiny 2! Hopefully this will help you perfect your Warlock style. Let us know your favorite fashion set in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more rankings like this!

Happy gaming!

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