Junglers have gotten the short end of the stick lately in LoL. Who knows why, but Riot seems to want nothing more than to make the role as irrelevant as possible. Fortunately, thanks to recent buffs to jungle XP, things are finally getting back to (somewhat) normal. 

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So who is the best Jungler Champion in LoL? This week, we’re taking a look at the top Junglers and giving you a few tips on how to play them.

Let’s get started!

LoL Jungler Champion Tier List

Credit: Brett Moss / HGG

First, let’s break things down with a tier list outlining all the best Junglers in League.


  • 1. Hecarim (52.45% win rate)
  • 2. Kha’Zix (51.2% win rate)
  • 3. Skarner (52.18% win rate)
  • 4. Elise (51.77% win rate)

Jungling is difficult because there’s no one proper way to play the role. Each player, and each Champion, can have an entirely unique strategy. Hecarim, for example, has incredible mobility (perhaps the best in the game), which allows him to move from one side of the map to the next with ease. All four of these champions have one or two specific areas they excel in and none they’re truly terrible at. 


  • 5. Nocturne (51.57% win rate)
  • 6. Udyr (51.94% win rate)
  • 7. Volibear (51.66% win rate)
  • 8. Nunu & Willump (52.35% win rate)

The A-tier champions also excel in specific areas but have the downside of not being as versatile. Take Nunu, for example. His clear is incredible and he makes securing objectives a breeze, but he can’t fight very well outside of using his snowball/ultimate combo. By no means are these champions bad, but they aren’t as well-rounded as the S-tiers.


  • 9. Fiddlesticks (52.55% win rate)
  • 10. Evelyn (50.75% win rate)
  • 11. Rek’Sai (51.3% win rate)
  • 12. Ivern (52.2% win rate)

The B-tier champions shine with specific team comps or as counter-picks. While they aren’t as versatile as the ones above them, they can still make a significant impact on a game. They’re also great backup picks for when your favorite gets banned. The enemy team banned Elise? Well, Evelyn is a solid pick. And so on. These are great champions, even though I don’t prefer them over the S- or A-tier ones.  


  • 13. Master Yi (49.6% win rate)
  • 14. Lee Sin (48.2% win rate)
  • 15. Vi (50.9% win rate)

Here we get into the most mediocre of Junglers. These are either underpowered, irrelevant in the meta, or not versatile enough to cut it. If you really like one of these champions, there’s no real reason not to play them. That said, if you want to make a substantial impact on the game, they aren’t your best bets.


  • 16. Jax (49.1% win rate)
  • 17. Kindred (48.5% win rate)
  • 18. Amumu (47.7% win rate)

These are just bad. When I see these on my team, I assume the Jungler got autofilled and hasn’t played the role in years. Play them if you really want to, but even then, maybe reconsider. 

10 Best Jungle Champions in League of Legends (Worst to Best)

Below is a more in-depth look into the top Junglers from the League of Legends Jungler tier list above. I’ll be discussing the top ten from that list and giving some advice about playing those top choices.

10. Evelynn

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 50.75% | Ban Rate: 12.3% | Counters: Lillia (40% win rate), Shyvana (44.7% win rate), Nidalee (44.7% win rate) | Countered By: Fiddlesticks (55.4% win rate), Ivern (54.7% win rate), Nunu & Willump (53.1% win rate)

Evelynn is one of the best AP assassins for the jungle. Her camouflage, combined with how easily she can escape after executing someone, makes her a strong pick. She’s fantastic with the right team comp, but don’t get complacent. If your team is already heavy on AP champions or assassins, she might be a bad pick. 

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max them in Q-E-W order)

9. Fiddlesticks

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 52.55% | Ban Rate: 4.8% | Counters: Lillia (40.9% win rate), Graves (43.9% win rate), Viego (43.9% win rate) | Countered By: Vi (53.1% win rate), Nocturne (51.7% win rate), Dr. Mundo (51.6% win rate)

Fiddlesticks is another AP Jungler, but he focuses more on consistent damage than Evelyn. Where he shines the most is through his gank potential. Fiddle can show up behind the enemy and serve them a death sentence with no issue. He’s also great for securing objectives, and he’s no slouch in a teamfight either. Fiddle is an all-rounder, so I’d recommend him as one of the LoL best Junglers as long as your team isn’t too AP-heavy.  

Ability Order: W-E-W-Q-W-R (max them in W-Q-E order) 

8. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump
Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 52.35% | Ban Rate: 2.1% | Counters: Trundle (38.6% win rate), Lillia (41.5% win rate), Vi (43.1% win rate) | Countered By: Sejuani (52.6% win rate), Taliyah (52% win rate), Fiddlesticks (51.9% win rate)

Ever since his rework a few years ago, Nunu has been great for most games. He secures objectives better than almost anyone else, and he’s great in teamfights. He can also get from lane to lane quickly thanks to his snowball. Nunu is reliable and rarely bad, so he’s someone you could feel good about putting time into learning. Just don’t try to fight one-on-one, or you’ll realize why he’s not at the top of our list of LoL best Junglers… and in the worst way possible.

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max them in Q-E-W order)

7. Volibear

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.66% | Ban Rate: 4.9% | Counters: Lillia (43.9% win rate), Graves (44.7% win rate), Master Yi (45.9% win rate) | Countered By: Ivern (59.9% win rate), Nunu & Willump (51.7% win rate), Kindred (51.1% win rate)

Volibear is my favorite heavy tank among the LoL best Junglers, and with his recent buffs, he’s even better. Volibear is pretty simple: he’s a bear that wants to beat people to death. He has a deadly combination of high mobility and damage, making his ganks terrifying. His main strength is his ability to start a fight, be it in lanes early game or against the whole team later. Just run around the map and do lots of damage — in other words, play aggressively.

Ability Order: E-Q-W-W-W-R (max them in W-Q-E order)

6. Udyr

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.94% | Ban Rate: 41.2% | Counters: Shyvana (42% win rate), Master Yi (44.4% win rate), Poppy (45.3% win rate) | Countered By: Ivern (54.3% win rate), Zac (52.8% win rate), Shaco (52.3% win rate)

Udyr is an absolute master of beating people down early game. When Udyr walks into someone’s lane, they run. He does fall off later, but even then, he’s still decent as long as he doesn’t get behind. He’s similar to someone like Master Yi that can shred through a team if they get fed, but unlike Yi, Udyr doesn’t become useless if he doesn’t have twenty kills. While Udyr is one of the LoL best Junglers, you have to play aggressively and gank during early game. Later, it depends on how you’re doing. If you got a lot of kills early, you can continue being aggressive. If you don’t, make use of his stun and try to help your team get kills.  

Ability Order: Udyr doesn’t have a typical ultimate, but has four normal abilities instead. Because of that, his ability order looks odd. Take Q first, then take/max them in R-E-W-Q order.

5. Nocturne

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.57% | Ban Rate: 3% | Counters: Kindred (39.7% win rate), Shyvana (43.7% win rate), Lillia (44.1% win rate) | Countered By: Kha’Zix (51.5% win rate), Jarvan IV (51.1% win rate), Evelyn (51% win rate)

Nocturne is one of the LoL best Junglers for consistently pulling off ganks. His ultimate allows him to gank without missing too much jungle XP while also keeping him unpredictable. Enemies have to play safe to keep him off their backs. His ridiculous brawling nature also makes him a serious threat in every game. I recommend farming a lot to get to Level 6 as soon as possible, then immediately going in for a gank with his ultimate. In late game, do your best to pick off whichever enemy is the squishiest (probably the ADC or an AP mage).   

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max them in Q-E-W order)

4. Elise

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.77% | Ban Rate: 14.3% | Counters: Lillia (42.5% win rate), Shyvana (43.4% win rate), Nidalee (44.6% win rate) | Countered By: Shaco (53.1% win rate), Ivern (52% win rate), Hecarim (51.9% win rate)

Elise is currently the best of the AP Junglers. She’s very complicated, though, so definitely adjust your settings and practice with her before jumping into ranked. What makes her so good (and fun) is her versatility. Since she can transform into a spider and change her abilities, she has an answer for every situation. If you want to play her for heavy damage, you can; if you want to be tanky, go for it. You can play her in many ways, and none of them are wrong. She’s quite squishy in the early game, so you’ll want to play safe. In mid to late game, you’ll want to get ganks and burst people down in teamfights. Watch out for counter-jungling, though, because she is very susceptible to it. 

Ability Order: W-Q-E-Q-Q-R (max them in Q-W-E order)

3. Skarner

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 52.18% | Ban Rate: 1.6% | Counters: Master Yi (41.8% win rate), Xin Zhao (42.2% win rate), Graves (42.5% win rate) | Countered By: Ivern (53.3% win rate), Volibear (52.7% win rate), Gragas (51.7% win rate)

Next on our list of LoL best Junglers is Skarner.

Skarner excels at two things: engaging fights and ganking lanes. His ultimate allows him to gank a lane and drag an enemy back so they can’t flash away, and he can do the same thing during a teamfight. During early game, Skarner doesn’t do much. Just clear jungle camps until you get to Level 6, then gank a lane. Top and Mid are the best gank targets since you can only pull one person, but Bottom can work out too if your positioning is good. In late game, flash on the biggest threat (unless they’re someone like Darius who wants to be on top of your team) and drag them towards the team. Skarner isn’t hard to learn, so he’s also suitable for someone that hasn’t played much jungle. Just know that he can’t fight one-on-one unless he gets ahead, so don’t try it. 

Ability Order: Q-E-W-Q-Q-R (max them in Q-W-E order)

2. Kha’Zix

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.2% | Ban Rate: 12.3% | Counters: Kindred (42.2% win rate), Lillia (43.1% win rate), Amumu (44.4% win rate) | Countered By: Ivern (54% win rate), Fiddlesticks (53.4% win rate), Sejuani (52.1% win rate)

Kha’Zix is the strongest assassin in the jungle right now. His entire kit is based around sneaking up on enemies and killing them in an instant. There’s nothing more frightening than a Kha’Zix showing up in lane behind you, and it’s something that happens to me every time I’m in lane by myself. Kha is strong throughout the game, and while he does fall off a bit in the very late game, he never becomes “weak.” With Kha’Zix, there’s no way to play other than aggressively.  

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max them in Q-W-E order)

Evolution Order: Kha’Zix can evolve his abilities into more deadly versions of themselves. The order for this is Q-W-E.

1. Hecarim

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 52.45% | Ban Rate: 60.7% | Counters: Lillia (42.3% win rate), Nidalee (44.1% win rate), Gragas (44.4% win rate) | Countered By: Nunu & Willump (52.7% win rate), Ivern (52.3% win rate), Shaco (50.2% win rate)

Hecarim is the best Jungler in League of Legends right now. He’s well-rounded, has the absolute best mobility in the game, and can initiate a fight like no other. There’s nothing he can’t do, and even after a nerf, he’s still incredible. He can play either aggressively or safely in early game and is good for forcing teamfights in late game. His ability to get around so fast also makes him great for securing objectives without being separated from the team for too long. If you’re only going to learn one Jungler right now, this is who I recommend.  

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max them in Q-W-E order)

High Ground View

Jungle is a daunting role to play. You have a lot of responsibilities, and there’s a lot of pressure on you to get it all right. Take your time to learn the role and its ins-and-outs, then get out there and gank some lanes!

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the LoL best Junglers, and happy gaming!


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