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LoL: All Champions from the Void Ranked (2024)

The dark and sinister depths of the Void harbor some of the most monstrous and powerful champions that League of Legends has to offer. While some of these overpowered and terrifying champions have maintained their place in the meta, others have slowly fallen behind. In this article, I will be reviewing every Void champion in League of Legends. I will rank them in order from worst to best so that you know which one of your favorite Void champions to spam this season.

Void Champions Ranked Worst to Best

In League of Legends there are a total of nine Void champions. Some of them are terrifying monsters that feed off of human life and the Void for their power. Others are more human-like that have either been taken over, or transformed by the Void. Each one of them is extremely unique and formidable to play against in their own right, however only a select few are really dominating the rift in Season 13.

#9 Vel’koz, The Eye of the Void

all the champions from the void, ranked
(Image: Riot Games)

Although Vel’koz is one of the least popular champions in League of Legends, he can definitely put in some work. He has excellent damage output and solid crowd control, however his lack of mobility and defense make him an easy target. His power really doesn’t come online until late game. When it does though, he can easily wipe the enemy squad with his laser beam of an ultimate. He can be a viable mid-laner, but he is definitely more useful as a support in today’s meta.

The problem with Vel’koz is that he hasn’t received much attention from updates. His last buff during 12.10 gave him some pretty decent stat buffs, but so many other supports and mid-laners have been massively buffed since then. He has fallen way behind, and desperately needs a buff that improves his early and mid game.

#8 Kassadin, The Void Walker

all the champions from the void, ranked
(Image: Riot Games)

Kassadin is known in League of Legends lore as Kai’sa’s father. Unfortunately, he also falls into the category of least played champions. The reason for that is mainly because of his difficult playstyle, and extremely weak early and mid game. Once he successfully gets past the early and mid lane phase though, he can become a hard late game carry.

His high attack and great mobility are his best qualities. His Riftwalk ultimate also makes it easy for him to deal heavy damage, and then quickly escape from enemy attacks. Despite his strengths, and an undocumented buff to his Riftwalk ultimate in Patch 13.15, he still has a difficult time carrying the late game nowadays.

His abilities also got some significant nerfs during 13.3. Ever since then he just hasn’t been performing as well has he used to. But that doesn’t mean he can’t carry. If he is put up against the right team, Kassadin can quickly carry a team to victory if the player wielding him knows what they are doing.

#7 Kog Maw, The Mouth of the Abyss

(Image: Riot Games)

Kog’Maw is one of the least played ADC’s in League of Legends next to Kalista. He can deal disgusting amounts of damage, but that is pretty much it. He doesn’t have the best mobility, and he is easily one of the squishiest champions in the game. Although he has received a couple buffs during the middle of Season 13, including a solid buff to his Icathian Surprise passive, he still doesn’t spark a whole lot of interest in players right now.

It has also been a while since Kog’Maw has received any major buffs or changes. As a result, his popularity continues to be quite low. Although he can be a fantastic late game carry, he tends to fall to the wayside in most games. If you want to carry with Kog’Maw, definitely go with an attack speed build. It quickly melts the enemy champion, and its arguably one of the most fun builds in the game.

#6 Bel’veth, The Empress of the Void

(Image: Riot Games)

When Bel’veth was released in June of 2022, she was completely unstoppable. She had her time in the limelight, like all new champions do, and then got nerfed substantially soon after.

Despite the nerfs to her base health regeneration and growth, E base damage, life steal, and ultimate ability, she still has a deadly presence in the jungle. She boasts fantastic mobility, damage output, and decent crowd control. You also can’t help but feel like the queen of the jungle when you play her.

If you are a player that loves a challenging and rewarding champion, then Bel’veth is the perfect choice. She is easily countered by champions like Rammus, Warwick, and Maokai that are much tankier, and easier to play. Nevertheless, she is still a brute force to be reckoned with if you know how to play her correctly.

#5 Malzahar, The Prophet of the Void

(Image: Riot Games)

Malzahar isn’t super broken or weak right now. He has always had amazing damage output and insanely annoying crowd control, but he’s just not as strong as he could be. He fairs pretty well against his mid-lane competition, and he can easily carry the late game. However, he isn’t boasting anything extraordinary in today’s meta.

Like Vel’Koz, he hasn’t received any major buffs since patch 12.10. Although his Malefic Visions ability received a decent buff to its minion execute threshold in patch 13.6, he has mainly just received bug fixes during Season 13. He definitely struggles against mid-laners who have received much more attention from recent buffs like Lux and Vex. Despite the fact that he has fallen behind, he is still a solid mid-lane contender.

#4 Cho’gath, The Terror of the Void

all the champions from the void, ranked
(Image: Riot Games)

Season 13 has been a tank meta, which is why Cho’gath is so powerful right now. Ever since Heartsteel was introduced during the pre-season 2023 update, tanks have been stomping their lanes into oblivion. In addition to his high defense, Cho’gath also deals high damage and has great crowd control. His early game can be quite painful to get through. But once you get past that, he can quickly become unkillable.

Cho’gath’s main problem though is that he gets much too big in size when he is fed. Its already difficult for him to dodge abilities due to his poor mobility. When he gets massive during the mid game, it becomes harder for him to dodge enemy abilities. If you can manage to end the game before he gets too clunky, then he is a fantastic top lane carry.

#3 Rek’sai, The Void Burrower

all the champions from the void, ranked
(Image: Riot Games)

Although Rek’sai was once one of the least played champions in League of Legends along with Kog’maw, Kassadin, and Vel’koz, she has been steadily growing in popularity during Season 13. She was given some significant buffs during Season 13 with the hopes that she would be more of a contender in the jungle. In patch 13.11, her passive was changed so that she could pretty much bypass wards, and her Queen’s Wrath ability was massively buffed.

After these insane buffs, she became completely broken in the jungle, and strangely in the top lane. In fact, she had the highest top lane win rate until her abilities, including Queen’s Wrath, were hit with numerous nerfs in patch 13.14, and 13.16.

Although these nerfs made her a bit less overpowered in the top lane, she is still one of the most powerful Void champions right now. She isn’t a beginner friendly champion, but she has great all around stats and still has a very high win rate in the jungle.

#2 Kha’zix, The Voidreaver

all the champions from the void, ranked
(Image: Riot Games)

Kha’zix is one of the best jungle picks in Season 13. Even though he is a squishy assassin, his damage output is off the charts, and he has great mobility. His ult, which enables him to go invisible, is perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting, low HP prey.

His passive, which allows him to deal more damage to enemies that find themselves alone, often gives him the upper hand he needs to delete an enemy that may be stronger than him. Everything about his ability kit is extremely strong right now in today’s meta.

In addition to his powerful abilities which evolve throughout the game, his ganking ability is fantastic. He easily dissolves overextending enemies, especially if there is a tank to set up the engage. Although he received a slight nerf to his “Taste Their Fear” ability in the 13.7 patch, is hasn’t really made him any less deadly in the jungle. Definitely consider playing Kha’six this season if you want to climb in ranked.

#1 Kai’sa, Daughter of the Void

all the champions from the void, ranked
(Image: Riot Games)

Kai’sa is by far one of the best ADC’s in Season 13. She is one of the easiest ADC’s to farm minions with, and her Void Seeker laser beam ability devastates the enemy with his insane damage. Like Kha’six, her abilities evolve throughout the game and make her an unstoppable late game carry.

She has incredible movespeed, which is only enhanced by her Supercharge ability. She can also get on top of her enemies in the blink of an eye, and quickly shut them down with her Killer Instinct ability. Her ability kit can heavily poke down the enemy from afar, melt the enemy up close, and get her out alive more often than not.

She also has so many different powerful builds that you can choose from. Attack Damage Kai’sa is strong, but Ability Power Kai’sa is just plain broken. Ability Power Kai’sa may be weak early game, but it absolutely wrecks late game. She can snipe the enemy down to nothing with her Void Seeker ability, and then ult in to finish the job. If you are wanting to dominate the bottom lane this season, then Kai’sa is the perfect choice.

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Void champions have a very unique and powerful place in League of Legends. Although each one can pack a punch in their respective lanes, only a handful of them really smack down the competition in Season 13. Which Void champions are your favorite, and which ones are you playing in Season 13? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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