League of Legends: Best Counters for Teemo in Top Lane (2024)

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League of Legends: Best Counters for Teemo in Top Lane (2024)

We all know how annoying Teemo can be to play against. The time is nigh to hunt him down.

In top lane, few Champions are as notorious as Teemo. It seems like everyone you meet either hates him with all their heart or plays him. Teemo is designed from the ground up to be an annoyance, and everyone from beginners to Mastery 7 Teemo mains know it. He can blind you with a point-and-click ability, throws his poison mushrooms everywhere, and sits in bushes invisible for minutes at a time. But despite everything, he’s still one of the most well-known Champions in League. If you end up against him top lane, here are 5 great Champions for countering Teemo!

#5 Urgot

If there’s any Champion that can counter Teemo without even needing to think about it, it’s Urgot. The thing about Teemo is that he’s really oppressive in lane, but if you can do enough consistent damage you can almost always beat him after level 6. But you also have to worry about his mushrooms once he gets his own ultimate, and they largely shut your allies out of the lane since it’s so hard to get around without taking poison damage. So you’ll be on your own in a situation where you’re likely to get ganked a lot. Urgot doesn’t really care about that, though, because he can get away if needed and absolutely stomp Teemo in any 1v1 fight.

In a fight with Teemo, Urgot has endless options. His Q (Corrosive Charge) lets him do a ton of poke damage, but his E (Disdain) is actually his best ability for fighting Teemo. Disdain lets Urgot charge forward, throw enemies over him, and shield himself. Teemo will be able to blind you afterwards, but the shield will stop most of the poison damage. This is key to winning fights against Teemo, so if Urgot starts fights properly he’ll almost always win these fights.

#4 Nasus

Nasus might not seem like the best counter to Teemo since he’s heavily reliant on auto attacks, but Nasus is so good late game that it doesn’t matter. With Nasus, you’ll have more than enough health to survive Teemo’s attacks (especially once you have your ultimate, which just grants more HP and size). I love Nasus since all you really have to do with him is sit in top lane and spam your Q (Siphoning Strike) on minions to stack it up, and Teemo can’t really do anything to stop that. He can blind you for a few seconds, but as soon as that’s over you’ll be able to run him down and obliterate him with ease.

Teemo is good against tanks that can’t fight through his blinds, but Nasus is more than capable of doing so. Then he can use his W- or E-ability to slow Teemo and take him out with a series of Q attacks. Early game you’ll have to be careful, but that’s always the case with Teemo. Just survive until level 6 and you shouldn’t have any trouble with Teemo as Nasus.

#3 Cho’Gath

To be honest, I really just love to play Cho’Gath. But despite my personal bias, he’s actually an incredible counter pick for Teemo. Cho’Gath is able to avoid Teemo’s most annoying attacks (his Q-ability / blind) since his best abilities don’t involve auto attacks. Of those abilities, they’re all coincidentally great at taking out Teemo. His Q (Rupture) is a knock up which helps catch the faster Champions like Teemo, and his W (Feral Scream) can be huge if you’re able to silence Teemo before he uses any of his other abilities.

Nothing is more satisfying than devouring a Teemo in one click with Cho’Gath’s ultimate (Feast), so it’s lucky that he does it so easily. When I play Cho’Gath it always feels like people forget just how powerful his ultimate is. Whether it’s a squishy Champion like Teemo that should be extra aware of it or not, people just walk up to Cho’Gath as if he can’t one-shot them. To make sure you don’t lose to Teemo, just use Cho’Gath’s Q-ability first, then silence him with W and spam everything else. Also remember to save the ultimate for when it can execute, but that’s the obvious part.

#2 Ornn

Ornn is a great counter pick to Teemo for two reasons. The first is the more obvious–he’s really good at fighting Teemo. Ornn’s abilities are all centered around brawling, and several of them also excel in teamfights. He isn’t reliant on auto attacks either, so Teemo’s blind (Q-ability) isn’t as effective against him as other tanks either. When it comes to a straight up fight, Ornn is almost always going to beat Teemo.

The second reason I like Ornn against Teemo is that he helps his team so greatly just by being in the game. Since Ornn can give his allies masterworked (improved) items, he makes for an incredibly strong late game. Teemo, on the other hand, doesn’t do a lot late. With Ornn, you can effectively counter Teemo by beating him in lane and also giving your team advantages while severely hurting the enemy team by essentially neutralizing their top laner.

All in all, Ornn is a consistent counter to Teemo that your team will love to see. Everybody likes an Ornn on their team, especially when he’s beating down a Teemo.

#1 Sion

When it comes to top laners that simply want to fight, Sion is the best. Against Teemo, his best assets are his Q (Decimating Smash) which is always great and his W (Soul Furnace). Soul Furnace allows Sion to gain a shield and also passively gain health. This makes fighting Teemo a breeze, as you’ll be able to survive whatever he does while you’re blinded with near max health. Then, all you have to do is charge him and destroy him, as Sion is the far better fighter of the two.

Sion is one of my favorite top laners, since his passive allows for such fun plays. Since it revives him temporarily upon death, it allows you to take more aggressive fights. Even if you die, you’ll usually be able to secure the kill anyway unless Teemo kills you with his blind still up. That’s not very likely, though, so it’s not something to worry about too much. Sion is just a really fun Champion that also happens to counter Teemo, which is always great to see.

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