League of Legends: Best Supports for Miss Fortune (2024)

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League of Legends: Best Supports for Miss Fortune (2024)

Ride the high seas to victory.

Miss Fortune is one of the most fun ADCs to play thanks to the mixture of high-damage abilities, easy CS, and an awesome ultimate. She’s a really easy ADC to pick up as well since her abilities are all pretty simple, which also makes her easy to support for. Miss Fortune just wants her enemies stunned and lined up for her, so that’s the easiest way to play support for her, but there are other ways too! Here are my picks for the 5 best supports for Miss Fortune in 2024!

I’ve ranked the supports below from good to great in terms of their synergy with Miss Fortune.

#5 Pyke

If you’ve played Miss Fortune, you’ll know how frustrating it is when someone just barely escapes your Q-ability or ultimate with a sliver of health left. Luckily, supports like Pyke exist. Pyke is able to execute enemies with his ultimate and still give his ADC the gold, so he’s the best support for finishing off low-health enemies.

Plus, he’s also one of the best supports in general for making aggressive plays. Between his hook, invisibility, and ridiculously high damage, Pyke is a nightmare when paired with equally explosive ADCs. The only thing you really have to worry about when playing Pyke is transitioning into late game, as he does fall off pretty hard by the end of long games.

Honestly, I’ve had the most success with Pyke by just treating him as if he’s not even a support. That’s not to say you shouldn’t still be watching out for your ADC (and of course don’t steal minions), but Pyke shouldn’t be sitting around behind his ADC. Caution is still important, but you picked Pyke for a reason, and it wasn’t to get assists.

#4 Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is arguably the most popular support for people who don’t really want to play support. But that’s not to say that he isn’t actually good as well. Blitzcrank is the best support for playing a super aggressive playstyle.

His grab is the most powerful of all since it’s so fast and sudden, and his E-ability follows it up with a knock-up which makes Miss Fortune’s job a breeze. She can drop her own E-ability to slow anyone in it, then use her ultimate for an easy double kill. Blitzcrank’s entire kit seems designed to make Miss Fortune’s better, so it really is a near perfect pairing.

However, I say “near perfect” for one specific reason. I’ve played a lot of Miss Fortune (probably more than any other Champion honestly), and the amount of times I’ve seen Blitzcrank players rip enemies out of my ultimate just for them to run away keeps Blitz out of the top 3. It’s always funny when it happens (in hindsight), but it is hard to overlook.

#3 Maokai

Maokai’s presence in bot lane is honestly a welcome one. He’s seen a lot of play in multiple lanes over the years, but in my opinion he makes more sense as a support than any other. He could never really cut it as a top tier tank in top lane since he can’t brawl very well, and his jungling is too inconsistent to be top of the meta for long. But as a support, Maokai is able to showcase his power as a crowd control machine that simply won’t die. He isn’t perfect for every single matchup, but as long as your opponents don’t have a dedicated tank-destroyer like Vayne on the other team, he’s amazing.

When paired with Miss Fortune, specifically, Maokai’s “live forever and be annoying” strategy is great for keeping opponents occupied. Miss Fortune’s abilities aren’t very complicated, but they can be difficult to set up properly. Maokai ensures that your opponents won’t be moving around much, and if they try to he can just use his ultimate to make sure nobody gets too far.

#2 Thresh

While Blitzcrank is already on this list, Thresh is just a little bit better for Miss Fortune. Thresh has all the positives that Blitzcrank has, but he’s more consistent. His grab isn’t quite as good as Blitzcrank’s, but he makes up for it with a better ultimate (especially for MF, since it keeps people in one spot) and being more useful in teamfights. Thresh is harder to play, though. Where Blitz is great for people who just want to run around and have fun, Thresh requires more strategy to succeed with. It’s not just enough to run straight at your opponents and grab them with Thresh. In addition to also doing that, you’ll need to make sure and position yourself correctly to pull off your ultimate and keep enemies in it.

When it comes to how well Thresh works with MF, it all comes down to his ultimate and hook (Q-ability). The hook doesn’t have the risk of moving them away from the ultimate like it does with Blitzcrank, so it functions a lot better here. His ultimate, though, cannot be understated. It forces enemies to either Flash or die if MF is there, and there are few ultimates that can do that so well. I’ve probably picked up more MF kills thanks to Thresh’s ultimate than any other, and it has the bonus of also causing a ton of chaos and forcing flashes since it doesn’t actually stun them.

Picking between these kinds of supports can be hard, but it just comes down to synergies. Thresh is great for any ADC that has a burst-damage ultimate like Miss Fortune, because locking people down in a small space is Thresh’s specialty. He’s also really great for ADCs with no escape abilities, as long as they know how to interact with the lantern. Just don’t throw it too close to the minions and it’ll probably work out.

#1 Leona

Leona is both my favorite and the best support for Miss Fortune, and it’s really easy to explain why. She has a million ways to stun/root enemies, and Miss Fortune’s whole kit is designed around abilities that depend a lot on positioning. Leona allows MF to set up perfect attacks consistently, so they’ll almost always get a ton of kills together. The best combo you can go for with Leona and MF is just to have Leona use either her E- or Q-ability to immobilize enemies, or she can use her ultimate if there are multiple people to hit. Then MF can just throw her ultimate in their direction for free multi-kills!

Thanks to her amazing suite of abilities, Leona is almost always a good pick. Her and MF are an easy pick for S-tier bot lane combos, as it’s hard to find two Champions that work better together. They can take out everything from the most aggressive Blitzcrank + Draven pairs to Kog + Janna combos that want to farm for 30 minutes before leaving lane. All in all, Leona is absolutely the best support for Miss Fortune!

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