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League of Legends: Best Carry Champions

A good carry Champion is exactly what it sounds like: a Champion that can carry a game. They typically have very high damage capability, and if they’re protected by the rest of the team, they can be the key to winning a teamfight. Carries are most commonly found in bot lane (ADCs), but are also fairly common in mid as well. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ten best carry Champions in League of Legends.

It probably goes without saying, but any player can pick one of these Champions. The trick is actually having the talent and skill to play them to their full potential. The ceilings are high with the picks below, but it’s going to take more than just a dozen games to master any one of them.

Let’s get to it!

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LoL Carry Champion Tier List

League of Legends Carry Champion Tier List

Image: HGG / Brett Moss

First, let’s do a quick rundown of the current best carry Champions in LoL.


  • 1. Vayne (50.55% Win Rate)
  • 2. Kog’Maw (51.14% Win Rate)
  • 3. Jhin (50.90% Win Rate)

Our S-Tier Champions are the best carries right now. They each have their own unique strengths and are a great grab if you can get your hands on them in Champion select.


  • 4. Ziggs (51.90% Win Rate)
  • 5. Miss Fortunte (49.38% Win Rate)
  • 6. Tristana (50.80% Win Rate)
  • 7. Caitlyn (47.5% Win Rate)

The A-Tier Champions are very strong, but just slightly less able to carry the whole team on their backs than the S-tier ones.


  • 8. Sivir (50.05% Win Rate)
  • 9. Twitch (51.42% Win Rate)
  • 10. Zeri (52.85% Win Rate)
  • 11. Jinx (50.81% Win Rate)

The B-tier Champions are all solid picks, but they all have vulnerabilities that can easily be capitalized on.


  • 12. Yasuo (51.39% Win Rate)
  • 13. Senna (52.25% Win Rate)
  • 14. Ashe (49.85% Win Rate)
  • 15. Kai’Sa (49.53% Win Rate)te)

The C-Tier Champions aren’t so great, but can still be an excellent pick if you’re particularly skilled with them (especially if your team comp allows for it).


  • 16. Draven (49.71% Win Rate)
  • 17. Ezreal (48.65% Win Rate)
  • 18. Aphelios (45.43% Win Rate)

We just can’t recommend our D-Tier Champions right now. If you’re going to play them, be prepared to potentially upset your teammates and be outmatched by your opponent.

7 Best Carry Champions in League of Legends, Ranked Good to Best

Here, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the top seven carries you can play this season. We’ll cover the basics for each Champion, as well as some statistics to give you a better handle on why they’re such great picks!



Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 47.62%| Pick Rate: 17.9%| Ban Rate: 17.3% | Counters: Aphelios, Samira, Tristana | Countered By: Ziggs, Jhin, Vayne

There are several factors that make Caitlyn a strong pick right now, but the most evident is her range. Caitlyn has the longest attack range of any Champion in the game, and each of her abilities echoes this.

Cait can assassinate enemies from ridiculously long range, and her ultimate can help finish off any enemies that threaten to get away. Playing Cait can be difficult, but once you learn her combos and get used to playing from so far away, she’s extremely rewarding.



Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 50.95%| Pick Rate: 8.6%| Ban Rate: 3.9% | Counters: Caitlyn, Jinx, Ashe | Countered by: Ziggs, Kog’Maw, Sivir

Tristana is kind of a jack-of-all-trades in bot lane. She has several strengths, but one unique one is her ability to take towers faster than anyone other than maybe Ziggs (and that would still be close). She also has high damage output in general, a great escape ability, and can push lanes faster than almost any other ADC.

Trist is a great pick if you think your team will need to do a lot of split pushing. A Trist split pushing can be almost as dangerous as a Yorick doing the same thing. The enemy team will absolutely have to respond to the split, or they’ll lose the game. Trist might not be the strongest ADC right now, but she has lots of niche uses on top of being just a generally good Champion.


Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune
Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.5% | Pick Rate: 12.3%| Ban Rate: 2.6% | Counters: Kog’Maw, Twitch, Aphelios | Countered by: Ziggs, Jhin, Vayne

Miss Fortune is one of the best ADCs that isn’t incredibly long range. Instead, MF relies on a combination of two things: being annoying and positioning. MF has multiple abilities that force enemies to move to new locations, which can be critical both during lane phase and during teamfights. Plus, her E is just annoying to play against.

Being an annoying laner is a great way to win lane, either because your opponent can’t keep up with your poke damage or because they get mad and make bad plays. MF is a great ADC for beginner and long-time players alike, so give her a shot!



Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 53.1% | Pick Rate: 1.5% | Ban Rate: 0.4% | Counters: Kog’Maw, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune | Countered by: Vayne, Jhin, Yasuo

Of all the APCs (ability-power carries), Ziggs remains the most consistently played. Compared to other APCs like Veigar and Karthus, Ziggs’s main strength is his range. He’s one of the only carries that can counter the insane range of Champions like Caitlyn and Jhin, which makes him invaluable if you know how to play him.

Do be warned, that playing Ziggs bot isn’t easy. It also requires a specific team comp. If you already have multiple AP champions, locking in Ziggs is a horrible idea. But if your comp is AD-heavy (think Yasuo mid and Urgot top, etc.), Ziggs can be a game saver. You also want to watch out for ganks, since Ziggs is even more vulnerable than a standard ADC. Overall, Ziggs has high potential, but you have to be careful when playing him.



Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.24% | Pick Rate: 23.4% | Ban Rate: 7.4% | Counters: Kalista, Draven, Varus | Countered by: Vayne, Twitch, Tristana

Jhin has always been one of the best ADCs, but he seems to grow stronger with each season. Jhin is all about range (a common theme at the moment), so you have to watch out for ADCs that plan to get on top of you. Against a Samira or Zeri, Jhin can have a hard time if he doesn’t have flash up.

With Jhin, you want to rely on your explosive damage. Getting a fourth shot off on an enemy will leave them vulnerable to your combos, so take advantage of that. And make sure not to get ganked in a bad spot. Pushing your wave up as Jhin can be very dangerous, as he has no good way to escape if a Warwick shows up in lane behind him.



Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 50.85% | Pick Rate: 1.3% | Ban Rate: 0.2% | Counters: Samira, Kai’Sa, Jhin | Countered by: Ziggs, Sivir, Senna

Of the late-game ADCs, Kog’Maw is our pick for the most reliable. He isn’t quite as explosive as Twitch, but with a supportive team, he’s nearly unkillable. Kog’Maw only has two major downsides — he’s very reliant on his team (both his team comp and the players themselves), and he’s really weak early game.

If you’re going to play Kog (which I do recommend), you have to communicate with your team during Champion select. If they seem unwilling to back you up, it’s probably best to pick someone else. Especially if your support ignores your request and locks in something like Sion or Swain. You don’t want to play Kog with an uncoordinated team, so be careful about when you play him.



Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 52.18% | Pick Rate: 12.8% | Ban Rate: 20.3% | Counters: Yasuo, Ezreal, Caitlyn | Countered by: Tristana, Kog’Maw, Draven

Vayne’s strengths lie mainly her ability to hard carry a game if necessary. Her wide range of abilities makes her immune to many of the problems ADCs often face. She has incredible movement, can easily shred tanks, and can push enemies away if they get too close. All this, combined with her built-in stun and deceptively powerful ultimate, and you can’t go wrong with Vayne. She also counters several other common ADCs like Miss Fortune and Jhin, whose ultimates lock them in a specific location.

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