League of Legends | How To Farm Blue Essence Fast

Blue Essence is the most important resource in League of Legends. It’s how you buy the most important thing in the game — Champions! Every time I want to buy a new Champion, I always end up needing another two or three thousand Blue Essence (BE).

Fortunately, getting BE is fairly easy! In this article, I’ll take you through several simple ways to farm Blue Essence fast, and answer some FAQs players have about this handy resource.

How to Get Blue Essence in LoL: Top 5 Methods

Let’s start with one of the easiest (and perhaps even best) ways to start your League of Legends Blue Essence farming.


Opening Champion Capsules

Champion Capsule
Image: Riot Games

Champion Capsules are the easiest and best way to farm BE.

You get one capsule each time you level up, so there’s nothing hard you have to do. Champion Capsules usually give you between 1–3 Champion Shards, and sometimes a flat amount of BE. You can dismantle Champion Shards in exchange for BE, or you can unlock the champion the shard is related to for a discounted BE price. From my experience, you typically get between 750–1000 BE per capsule. 


Daily Mission

Every day you get a mission called First Win of the Day.

Completing this mission will grant you 50 BE and 400 XP. This includes other matchmade game modes, including ARAM and rotating event modes when they’re available. 



LoL Events
Image: Riot Games

Every so often, League has events that grant Event Tokens. These Event Tokens are usually exchangeable for a number of items including exclusive skins, emotes, and chromas. However, you can also use them to purchase BE. Using Event Tokens on BE is one of the quickest ways in the game to farm it, so I strongly recommend doing so when events come around. There are also usually a lot of missions that go along with events, and some of these will give chests, champion shards, and/or BE, so watch out for those too.

Events usually occur alongside new skin line releases, major holidays, and esport events such as World’s and MSI. 



Chests have a chance to reward you with a Champion Shard, which can be turned into BE.

You can get chests by receiving an S- or higher in a game, or by being queued with a teammate that wins big. You can only get one per Champion each season, and only a certain amount per month. Chests are a slow way to farm BE because of all the restrictions surrounding them, but they’re worth getting when you can. 


Watching Esports

League of Legends eSports
Image: Riot Games

Wondering how to get Blue Essence in LoL for free? Watch eSports!

That’s right — Riot often offers rewards for watching League of Legends eSports live. To get these rewards, make sure you log into your Riot account when you watch. You’ll need to watch on the League eSports website to get your rewards, so make sure you don’t accidentally end up watching somewhere else. The exact rewards you get vary from event to event, so be sure to look up exactly what you need to do beforehand. MSI and Worlds are the two major events each year, so I would expect the rewards to be active during those two events at the least. 

FAQs: How to Get Blue Essence in League of Legends

Next, let’s go over some common questions asked by the League community.

What is Blue Essence?

Blue Essence is the in-game currency used to purchase new champions. It can also be used to buy various cosmetics from time to time.

Is Blue Essence the same thing as IP?

Pretty much. Blue Essence serves the same purpose that IP used to serve before its removal in 2017. The only difference is in the ways you acquire it.

Do I get Blue Essence at the end of every match?

No. Unlike the former IP system, Blue Essence is awarded upon leveling up or through earning rewards and chests.

What can I spend Blue Essence on?
The main thing you want to spend Blue Essence on is new champions. They range from 450 to 6300 (or 7800 for a week or so after a new champion comes out). There are some times when you’re able to purchase cosmetic items with Blue Essence, but unless you already have all the champions you want it’s best to just use your BE on champions.
How much Blue Essence do I get in a Champion Capsule?
The exact amount varies, but it’s usually between 750 and 1000 BE. Champion Capsules will grant you BE in the form of champion shards which you can then dismantle or unlock.
What events grant Blue Essence?
All events give event tokens which can then be traded for BE. The rate of exchange is usually 1-to-1.
How do I get Blue Essence from watching eSports?
When big eSports events are happening, there are usually a handful of missions that reward you for watching. When these missions are active, just check what you have to do and what the reward will be. There’s no way for me to predict exactly how this will work with each event, so just make sure and read the missions carefully to make sure you get your rewards.
What is the best way to get Blue Essence?
Without a doubt, the best way to get Blue Essence is by opening Champion Capsules. The daily win mission is a great second best, but Champion Capsules give the most BE.
Do chests always give Blue Essence?
Unfortunately, no. Sometimes chests will just give you skin shards or other cosmetics which cannot be turned into BE. However, they’re still worth getting since they have a chance to. And even when they don’t, there’s nothing wrong with a new skin or ward.
How many Champion Capsules does it take to buy a 6300 champion?
The exact amount varies, but the odds are that it would take around 7. You could get lucky and only need 5 or 6, or it could go the other way and you could need closer to 10. But, since you can also get BE through daily missions and other methods, it shouldn’t take you that long to save up all the BE you need.

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That’s it for our Blue Essence guide — thanks for reading! Hopefully you’ve learned enough about how to farm Blue Essence here that you’ll be able to unlock your most wanted Champions in no time. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for more guides like this.

Happy gaming!

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