The support role is often one of the most overlooked in League of Legends, which is unfortunate. Supports provide sustain for the rest of the team, and their role in teamfights is among the most important. Without them, the team falls apart. A great support Champion boasts a mixture of abilities that keeps their team alive while helping them gain an advantage. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the best support champions in LoL for Season 11.

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LoL Support Champion Tier List

LoL Support Champion Tier List

Credit: Brett Moss / HGG

First, let’s break things down with a tier list outlining all the best supports in League.


  • 1. Thresh (50.8% win rate)
  • 2. Leona (50.4% win rate)
  • 3. Blitzcrank (49.9% win rate)

The S-Tier Champions are great at one thing above all else: engaging. Thresh and Blitzcrank both have a hook ability (which every ADC player knows is a nightmare to deal with), along with other great abilities. Leona is similar, but she makes up for her lack of a hook by being a stun machine. Any one of these would be a good pick in almost any situation — you just have to hope they don’t get banned.


  • 4. Senna (49.8% win rate)
  • 5. Morgana (49.7% win rate)
  • 6. Lulu (51.1% win rate)
  • 7. Alistar (49.9% win rate)

These Champions might not be quite as efficient in every matchup, but in the right situations, they’re excellent. Senna and Alistar are the more aggressive of the bunch, while Lulu and Morgana are more likely to stay behind their teammates. With the meta right now, supports tend to need more aggression, but Morgana and Lulu are efficient enough to be playable anyway.


  • 8. Maokai (52.1% win rate)
  • 9. Nautilus (49.4% win rate)
  • 10. Seraphine (50.2% win rate)
  • 11. Pyke (48.3% win rate)

These Champions are in the middle of the pack because they’re so similar to options in higher tiers. They’re all good picks, but if one of the others is available, why not go with the better option?

We classify these as backup picks if your preferred S- or A-tier Champions get banned. They aren’t bad, though, so don’t go into a match with a negative mindset about playing them!


  • 12. Shaco (51.6% win rate)
  • 13. Rell (48.2% win rate)
  • 14. Zyra (50.4% win rate)

I wouldn’t call these Champions bad, but they are very situational. They can all be okay, but you need to really know what you’re doing. Don’t completely avoid these, but I also wouldn’t recommend choosing them blindly unless you’re very confident.


  • 15. Xerath (48.3% win rate)
  • 16. Yuumi (50.2% win rate)
  • 17. Pantheon (50.5% win rate)

I see these Champions pretty often and can say with confidence that they’re not great. Xerath and Pantheon just aren’t cut out for support, and Yuumi seems to be Riot’s least favorite Champion since they refuse to make her decent again. She can potentially climb the tier list, but Xerath and Pantheon should just stay in their respective lanes. 

10 Best Support Champions in LoL

We hope our tier list gave you a brief overview of the best support Champions in Season 11. From here, we’re going to go a little more in-depth for each of the top 10 Champions.

10. Seraphine

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 47.95% | Ban Rate: 4.16% | Counters: Poppy (58.2% win rate), Sett (56.3% win rate), Zac (56.1% win rate) | Countered By: Braum (43.7% win rate), Maokai (44.9% win rate), Sona (45% win rate)

Ability Order: Q-E-W-Q-Q-R (max order: Q-E-W)

Seraphine is in a strange place right now, but she’s still good. She sees more play in non-support roles even though her kit is perfect for support. Why is she played more as an ADC or mid-laner? Well, it’s a classic case of Riot making a support that’s “too good.”

Seraphine’s damage output is insane, so playing her as support feels underpowered at times. However, I don’t feel that way. Seraphine support allows for a more passive ADC to not get destroyed in lane, so someone like Kalista might have a chance to shine alongside her. With Seraphine, I recommend playing aggressively and putting as much damage on your opponents as possible. 

9. Nautilus

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 49.9% | Ban Rate: 4.3% | Counters: Ashe (56.8% win rate), Karma (55.3% win rate), Yuumi (54.4% win rate) | Countered By: Taric (43.6% win rate), Swain (45.8% win rate), Galio (46.1% win rate)

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max order: Q-W-E)

Nautilus is a reliable support. He can initiate a fight with his hook and stay alive long enough to allow his team to get kills. He’s not too flashy or hard to play, but I think this makes him more appealing. Playing against him can be challenging because of how much pressure he puts on a lane, and he’s no slouch in a team fight either. 

You’ll want to play aggressively with Nautilus, especially since he can usually get away if things go badly. In late game, his primary focus should be prioritizing the enemy ADC or mid-laner. He should also be in a position to distract enemies during a teamfight since he’s so good at it.

8. Maokai

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 52.54% | Ban Rate: 0.88% | Counters: Poppy (61.5% win rate), Rell (57.3% win rate), Pyke (56.6% win rate) | Countered By: Sona (44.4% win rate), Taric (45.3% win rate), Ashe (47.5% win rate)

Ability Order: W-Q-E-Q-Q-R (max order: Q-W-E)

Maokai is one of the more unique supports. While he usually plays top lane, his wide range ultimate and ability to engage makes him a great candidate for playing support as well. Maokai doesn’t play as aggressively as some supports, but when his ultimate comes up, it’s time to go aggro. 

His ultimate is best utilized by jumping onto his opponents and rooting as many people as possible with it. His poke also makes him an annoyance, which is what every support hopes to be. And since he has such a low ban rate, he might even be a good choice for the best one-trick support champion.

7. Alistar 

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 49.16% | Ban Rate: 7.72% | Counters: Pantheon (56.2% win rate), Yuumi (54.6% win rate), Sett (53.4% win rate) | Countered By: Vel’Koz (44.2% win rate), Senna (46% win rate), Swain (46.8% win rate)

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max order: Q-W-E)

Alistar is probably the most aggressive support. His abilities necessitate an aggressive playstyle, so there’s really no “hanging back” here. If you pick Alistar, you’re doing so to jump on people and get them killed. His absurd tankiness and ultimate make him a great asset during a teamfight as well. 

I personally like Alistar when my team’s top-laner isn’t playing someone with great engage, as he can easily fill that position in late game. He doesn’t do much damage, though, so try not to pick any unnecessary fights. And don’t forget to spam the cowbell emote.

6. Lulu

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.04% | Ban Rate: 3.03% | Counters: Zac (58.4% win rate), Sett (54% win rate), Anivia (53.2% win rate) | Countered By: Brand (46.7% win rate), Zyra (47.5% win rate), Leona (47.7% win rate)

Ability Order: E-Q-W-E-E-R (max order: E-W-Q)

Lulu is one of the few healing-based supports that I think are still great. Riot seems to be shifting the support role into a more aggressive realm, and Lulu works surprisingly well in that meta. She doesn’t get too aggressive herself, but her abilities are more than competent at making her teammates aggressive enough for both of them. 

She is definitely a support that wants to sit back and react to what her team does, so don’t try to engage in a fight on your own. Lulu is also one of the best Champions to learn support with.

5. Morgana

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 49.82% | Ban Rate: 23.87% | Counters: Zac (59.9% win rate), Veigar (56.6% win rate), Rell (56% win rate) | Countered By: Taric (45% win rate), Zilean (45.8% win rate), Ashe (46.2% win rate)

Ability Order: W-Q-E-Q-Q-R (max order: Q-E-W)

Morgana is another unique support. She doesn’t want to start a fight in early game, even though her abilities are designed to shut down everyone around her. With Morgana, you’ll want to play safe until you either stun someone or an opportunity to use your ult arrives. After that, it’s a free kill. 

Morgana forces her opponents to play safe and behind minions due to her Q range, so she’s a good pick against Champions that want to be aggressive all the time.

4. Senna

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 52.24% | Ban Rate: 14.4% | Counters: Shen (61.1% win rate), Pantheon (56.1% win rate), Zac (55.9% win rate) | Countered By: Leona (48.1% win rate), Zyra (48.4% win rate), Zilean (48.5% win rate) 

Ability Order: Q-W-E-Q-Q-R (max order: Q-W-E)

I still do not understand how Senna is a support, but she is. And she’s a great one at that. Since she plays like an ADC, she puts a lot of pressure on lane while also being fun to play. However, you don’t want to play her in an overly aggressive way. She puts out a lot of damage, but she’s still squishy compared to many supports. 

I recommend playing Senna just like you would an ADC. Don’t get too close, but also do damage whenever the opportunity arises. And don’t forget to use your support abilities to help the real ADC.

3. Blitzcrank

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 50.88% | Ban Rate: 14.42% | Counters: Sona (57.2% win rate), Nami (56.5% win rate), Rell (55.4% win rate) | Countered By: Braum (46.9% win rate), Leona (47.1% win rate), Maokai (47.8% win rate)

Ability Order: Q-E-W-Q-Q-R (max order: Q-W-E)

Now here’s a fun support. In all of League of Legends, there’s nothing I find more satisfying than landing a grab with Blitzcrank. And in contrast, there’s nothing more terrifying than getting grabbed by him. 

With Blitz, you want to just stay back a bit until you’re ready to go in for a grab. Then you knock up whoever you grab, and they either die or flash away. It’s pretty simple and effective, really. 

2. Leona 

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.73% | Ban Rate: 39.44% | Counters: Sett (59.1% win rate), Yuumi (56.7% win rate), Sona (56% win rate) | Countered By: Zac (47.7% win rate), Braum (48% win rate), Shaco (48.6% win rate)

Ability Order: Q-E-W-W-W-R (max order: W-E-Q)

Leona is the queen of stuns. Almost all of her abilities either stun or root, so her opponents have to always stay away from her. She doesn’t give her opponents any chance to relax. Leona is an aggressive support, just like most of the rest on this list. In lane phase, she wants to land as many stuns as possible, and she does the same thing in teamfights. 

I wouldn’t say she’s “easy” to play, but she’s not too hard. Just get good at landing her skill shots, and you should be good to go. Also, get the Barbeque Leona skin — it’s the best in the game. 

1. Thresh

Image: Riot Games

Win Rate: 51.78% | Ban Rate: 34.36% | Counters: Yuumi (56.5% win rate), Gragas (54.4% win rate), Sett (54.4% win rate) | Countered By: Sona (47.5% win rate), Zyra (48.1% win rate), Zilean (49% win rate)

Ability Order: E-Q-W-W-W-R (max order: W-Q-E)

Thresh is the best support champion in LoL right now. He has an excellent hook, an ultimate that completely shuts people down, and an easy way to get his teammates out of harm’s way. He’s aggressive, obviously, so play him that way. He is pretty tricky, though, so take your time to learn him. 

I feel that Thresh is one of the best support champions for Challenger while also being good at lower levels. With a Thresh on your team, you can’t go wrong. He’s the best aggressive support Champion, which makes him essential.


The High Ground View

That takes care of our ranking for the best support champions in League of Legends! We hope our breakdown has helped you find the best champion for your playstyle. Have fun, and don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for more recommendations!

Happy gaming!