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Best ARAM Champions in LoL

ARAM is the best League game mode if you just want to have fun. There are no objectives to worry about, so all the focus is on the Champions themselves. But who are the best ARAM Champions in LoL

First, we need to discuss what makes a solid ARAM Champion. The answer is simple: reliable ARAM Champions are good at team fighting. Team fighting is the core element of ARAM — if you can’t do that, you’ll end up stuck in a pretty bad place.

In this article, we’ll provide a tier list for the best ARAM champs in LoL and deep-dive into our top ten picks. Let’s get started!

LoL ARAM Champion Tier List

Best ARAM Champions in LoL

First, let’s break things down with this marksman tier list outlining all the best ARAM Champions in LoL. Just remember that ARAM is supposed to be a fun experience. No one’s trying to go pro through this mode, so don’t overthink it. 


  • 1. Samira
  • 2. Sona
  • 3. Dr. Mundo
  • 4. Katarina

Two specific traits make for a great ARAM Champion. One is being able to damage large groups of enemies at once, and the other is being able to heal yourself. Samira and Katarina have two of the best AOE ultimates in the game, so they’re easy picks for S-tier. Sona’s team healing is excellent since you can’t regain your health in ARAM, and Mundo’s self-healing is a nightmare to deal with. These are the best ARAM Champions in LoL.


  • 5. Senna
  • 6. Kled
  • 7. Vladimir
  • 8. Jinx

Another good thing to have in ARAM is ultimates that can go down the entire lane. Senna and Jinx’s ultimates guarantee lots of damage to at least a few enemies, especially Senna’s. Kled’s ultimate allows his whole team to sprint down lane at terrifying speed, so it’s great for rushing a tower and wiping a team while they aren’t expecting it. Then there’s Vladimir. He falls into the same area as Katarina and Samira, but is more difficult to use. 


  • 9. Kayle
  • 10. Annie
  • 11. Varus
  • 12. Seraphine 

The B-tier Champions are more of a mixed bag than the S- and A-tiers. Kayle is great at laying down consistent damage for either defense or offense, as is Varus. Varus’s long-range poke and ultimate can be game-changing if used correctly. Annie is similar, but is easier to use. All you have to do with Annie is land a good Tibbers (her ultimate), and you’ll be good to go. Seraphine is similar to Sona (as we all know), but is slightly less effective in the ARAM mode than she is. 


  • 13. Master Yi
  • 14. Twisted Fate
  • 15. Cassiopeia
  • 16. Gnar

Here we get into some of the Champions I would still consider pretty solid, but risky. Master Yi and Twisted Fate specifically can lead to some poorly thought-out decisions. Everyone wants to dive on the enemy team with Yi or teleport behind them with TF, but more often than not, this leads to instant death. Cassiopeia and Gnar are solid, but I usually find it difficult to position myself well with them in ARAM. The single-lane nature of the game mode makes Cass and Gnar have to rely on creativity and/or good luck to be effective.


  • 17. Rammus
  • 18. Zac
  • 19. Ekko
  • 20. Taliyah

And here, finally, are the bad ones. Rammus is the least terrible of the bunch, as his major weakness is that he just doesn’t do anything unless the enemy team ends up being all AD. Zac is bad because he doesn’t have any way to surprise people with his jump, and his passive never works because there are so many people around. Taliyah and Ekko suffer from the single lane of ARAM. Ekko doesn’t have anywhere to teleport to, and Taliyah just ends up throwing her wall down the lane and messing up every fight.

The Best ARAM Champions in LoL

Now that we’ve discussed what makes a good Champion in ARAM, let’s look more in-depth at the top ten picks from our tier list. Remember that you don’t get to choose your Champion in ARAM, so take these picks into consideration when trading for something better. Team comp can make or break an ARAM game!

As a quick note, I’ll only be including win rates for each Champion — counters and pick/ban rates are irrelevant for this game mode.

10. Annie

Win Rate: 56.18%

Image: Riot Games

Annie is an explosive Champion in ARAM. All of her abilities are good here, but Tibbers steals the show. Dropping that massive teddy bear onto a pile of unexpecting enemies will never not be satisfying (as well as deadly). 

Annie’s combination of DPS and burst damage allows her to defend herself easily when getting pushed under tower, which is one of the hardest things to do in ARAM. Most Champions (including some on this list) struggle with multitasking in this format, so having that asset pushes Annie over the top.

9. Kayle

Win Rate: 57.98%

Image: Riot Games

Kayle can do several things in ARAM, but her strength is defense. Once she gets to Level 6, her ranged attacks are excellent for clearing waves to prevent tower pushes. Her ultimate also allows her to protect her team in either defensive or offensive scenarios. 

She’s similar to Annie in terms of versatility, but she’s stronger in the late game. Where Annie is much more burst-focused late, Kayle grows to an almost unkillable level at full build. She can easily switch from defensive to full-on aggro at that point, and almost no one can stop her if she does.

8. Jinx

Win Rate: 56.96%

Image: Riot Games

Jinx is the first of the Champions on this list that takes advantage of ARAM’s single lane. While Jinx is strong regardless due to how well she scales, her ultimate is a serious bonus. Any time she shoots her rocket, it’s almost guaranteed to hit at least one person (and usually more). I’ve seen people base their entire build around Jinx’s rocket, and while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this (it does enough damage without trying too hard), it’s not as bad as you might think. 

There are also her chompers to consider, since they can block off a section of the lane. Definitely take Jinx anytime you get the opportunity to do so.

7. Vladimir

Win Rate: 56.56%

Image: Riot Games

Vladimir is already hard enough for opponents to deal with in a normal game, but he’s even worse when they’re forced to face him head-on. He can dodge basically anything, heal himself, and shred enemies with his combos. His ultimate greatly benefits from the single lane and can be used to block off an entire area if you need to. 

I once again have to bring up versatility here, as Vlad can defend tower far better than some might think. Vlad can be kind of hard to play, though, so make sure you understand how he works before jumping into a game with him.

6. Kled

Win Rate: 57.67%

Image: Riot Games

Kled is good for one major reason: he goes fast. Launching his team down the lane at lightning speed is a recipe for disaster for the enemy team. His other abilities are perfectly fine in ARAM, but they’re not why he’s on this list.

If you’re playing Kled, focus on the ultimate. Yes, you should use other abilities too, but let’s be real. ARAM is about having fun, and Kled is one of the most fun Champions for the mode. Kled gets games finished quickly, and he simply does not care what anyone thinks about it. 

5. Senna

Win Rate: 58.81%

Image: Riot Games

Next up on our list of best ARAM Champions in LoL is Senna.

Senna’s ultimate can hit almost the entire lane, healing her allies and damaging her opponents with ease. And her other abilities aren’t lacking either. She is an absolute damage machine, and the healing makes her borderline overpowered. 

Play aggressively with Senna, as there’s literally no reason not to — she doesn’t even have to get close to do her damage. You can keep enemies constantly at low health, even if they have someone like Sona or Seraphine on their team to heal them. There’s really no good way to play against Senna, so pick her every time.

4. Katarina

Win Rate: 56.09%

Image: Riot Games

Katarina is a monster of a Champion. If you know how to use her right, you can shred through entire teams with no problem. Assassins usually struggle in ARAM, but not Katarina. Since she makes use of diving into large groups, she’s perfect for this mode. 

It’s also easy to set up her daggers in the right places, so you don’t have to worry too much about that. The only downside to Katarina is that if the enemy team has someone who can easily shut her down (like Malzahar or someone similar), she can potentially become useless at times. But even then, it’s usually not impossible to work around those scenarios.

3. Dr. Mundo

Win Rate: 57.57%

Dr. Mundo
Image: Riot Games

Mundo’s major strength in ARAM is his self-healing. When no one else gets to heal, having a self-heal to rely on is a massive bonus. His damage is no joke either, and since he’s a tank, he’s always valuable to a team comp. 

There aren’t many good tanks in ARAM, so always be on the lookout for a Mundo. He’s the definition of a defensive Champion, so don’t try to be too aggressive. Throw his cleaver whenever it’s up, but don’t dive in and try to beat anyone down. That’s basically the only way he gets killed, especially in early game. 

2. Sona

Win Rate: 56.59%

Image: Riot Games

There are so many good reasons to play Sona in ARAM. Every single ability she has is incredible since they benefit the whole team, and her wide variety of abilities makes her an absolute toolkit. Her heal gets the most attention, but her ultimate is incredible in this mode and deserves more love. It’s an excellent defensive tactic and can also be used in team fights to secure kills. 

Sona also does poke damage, which is probably the most effective type of damage in ARAM since the people she damages can’t heal (without the use of specific abilities). Sona is, without a doubt, the Champion I most want to see on my team the most when I play ARAM.

1. Samira

Win Rate: 59.36%

Image: Riot Games

I might have said that Sona is who I want on my team the most, but that’s not because she’s the best. It’s because Samira is so hard to play well. That said, she’s easily the best of the best ARAM Champions in LoL. That is, if the person playing her knows how to. 

Her ultimate is, without any doubt, the best ability in the entire game mode. She can block damage, has high mobility, and her ultimate… dear God, that ultimate. It’s already insanely good in normal 5v5, but it’s even better in ARAM. If you can pull it off around their entire team, just sit back and watch the entire team die. 

Samira’s the best Champion in ARAM, so you should learn how to play her correctly.

High Ground View

ARAM is a fun game mode, so don’t get too competitive with the best ARAM Champions in LoL. If you go into it with the right mindset, it can be one of the most fun experiences in all of League. Have fun and do your best, and don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for more content like this!

Happy gaming!


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