Best Carry Supports in League of Legends (S14)

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Best Carry Supports in League of Legends (S14)

Who says supports can't hard carry the game?

Supports in League of Legends can play many roles. They may focus on healing their ADC, tank during teamfights, or even attempt to carry the game on their own. Today, I’ll be looking at that last type — the best carry supports in League of Legends this year.

For a support to carry, they have to be strong enough to maintain their lane (and maybe the entire game) themselves. This isn’t something most supports can do, but the ones that can are incredibly effective. Let’s take a look at the five best carry supports in League of Legends this season, ranked from worst to best!

#5 Senna

If you’re playing support but you want to play ADC, Senna is your best bet. She feels very much like a standard ADC with some restrictions. She doesn’t do as much damage as other marksmen, but that’s balanced out by her healing and ultimate. She is a support, after all.

Carrying a game with Senna is difficult, but possible. First, you have to get ahead — at least five or six kills ahead of enemy laners. Carrying lane with Senna mostly boils down to poking enemies constantly and refusing them any chances to get near their wave.

Moving into late game, you have to just commit to doing as much damage as possible instead of focusing on backing others up. From there, it’s a simple matter of whether the enemy’s team comp allows you to do this or not, or if they’ll manage to shut you down. It’s a risky play, but if it works, they’ll have no chance.

#4 Lux

Lux is just…Lux. Anyone who plays her (or against her) often knows why she’s good. She’s simple — Lux throws her spells at people and they die. Not too complicated.

She’s annoying in lane because she can easily zone her opponents however she wants, and her Q-ability can set up easy kills for anyone around her (if she doesn’t get it herself). Lux is easy to kill if you get close, but getting close is easier said than done.

Lux can carry games for several reasons, but mainly because of her absurd damage scaling if she gets fed. Her Q-E-Ult combo is deadly even if she isn’t ahead, but it’s a death sentence if she has a few kills under her belt. Not to mention her ult can practically snipe people from halfway across the map.

All around, Lux is one of the most consistent carry supports, and she has been for a really long time.

#3 Sona

This one almost feels like cheating, but it makes sense when you think about it. Sona is so easy and teamfight-oriented that if you do get fed on her, it’s a disaster for the enemy team. Sona’s lane pressure is far stronger than any healer’s should be, and it’s basically impossible to play her wrong. Just walk at the enemy team and use all your abilities, then run away. Then do it again once her abilities are off cooldown. Easy.

Carry a game as Sona is a similar situation to Senna — you have to get very, very ahead. Once you manage to do that, it’s important to not try rushing in to 1v5. It’s never going to work, no matter how ahead you are.

The key to a successful Sona carry is to pretend like you’re still just supporting. Play behind teammates (even if they’re just being used as meat shields) and lay damage in from behind like you’re supposed to. By the time they have the rest of your team killed, they’ll be so low and helpless that one ultimate followed up with a little help by your team while they’re stunned will be all you need.

#2 Brand

Brand is an AP mage support, which means he’s unbearably annoying to lane against. His combos are devastating throughout the game, and they’re also easy to hit.

His W (Pillar of Flame, or the big circle of fire) rivals Lux’s E (circle) for easiest ability to land. After that, it’s a simple Q-E to stun and deal massive damage that also burns. Lane phase against a Brand is an endless cycle of walking up to kill one or two minions then running away and hoping the Brand misses his combo somehow. 

What allows Brand to carry games is straightforward — his ultimate. Having an ability that can easily damage an entire enemy team gives Brand a massive advantage over some Champions on this list, and when coupled with his excellent scaling, it’s not hard to see why he’s on here.

The only downfall to Brand as a carry support is that he’s pretty easy to shut down if an enemy gets too close. Brand wants to keep enemies pushed back so he has room to use all of his abilities, but if they get too close, it can be a disaster.

#1 Pyke

Pyke is barely a support. It would be much more accurate to call him an assassin with a passive support ability. One look at Pyke’s standard item builds would be enough to show why. All of his abilities are specifically designed to assassinate enemies, all while giving his ally laner some gold in return.

Pyke’s priority in lane is to keep enemies from getting their minion gold and set up easy kills for himself and his ally. After laning phase, he usually continues to do the same thing.

Where Pyke switches into carry territory, though, is any time his lane phase goes particularly well. Pyke is able to play like a normal assassin any time he gets a few kills early, which allows him to hard carry through mid game.

What holds Pyke back from just being a standard mid-lane assassin like Zed or Talon is his passive. Pyke can’t gain maximum health, so by late game he really needs one or two people to back him up. In late game, Pyke is mostly there to execute enemies for gold and provide crowd control. He still has the ability to hard carry a game all the way to the end, but he has to make sure the game doesn’t go too long.

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