LoL: 10 Best Supports for Jhin (Season 14)

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LoL: 10 Best Supports for Jhin (Season 14)

Amplify Jhin's lethal symphony with these picks.

Jhin is the ultimate ADC marksman, capable of wiping out an entire enemy team. Provided, of course, that he has a support that beautifully complements his unique, challenging, and extremely satisfying playstyle. This twisted, ruthless serial killer has disgusting damage output and incredible range, but requires backup for his low mobility and unusual reload mechanic.

In this article, I’ll be ranking the ten best supports for Jhin in season 14. I’ll highlight each of their strengths and weaknesses, including how their abilities synergize with Jhin’s playstyle. By the end of this article, I hope you’ll know which support matches your playstyle the best.


I’ve ranked the supports below from “worst” to best. Let’s get started!

#10 Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is an aggressive, fast, and tanky support that works extremely well with Jhin’s ability kit. Unlike most tanky hook supports, Blitzcrank brings enemies towards him when he lands his Rocket Grab hook. This can be lethal, especially under tower, if Jhin lands his Deadly Flourish and then roots the enemy.

This can be the perfect setup for Blitzcrank’s Powerfist, which pops the enemy up in the air, or for a jungle gank. Jhin’s lack of mobility also makes Blitzcrank’s unique hook very useful. It allows Jhin to easily follow up with a deadly combination of attacks.

Blitzcrank’s Overdrive ability, which dramatically increases his movement and attack speed, allows him to prevent enemies from getting away from Jhin if they’re low on health or mana. He can also use this ability to quickly get in front of Jhin and protect him from incoming damage or unexpected ganks. 

Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, while dangerous, has a long cooldown. You will have to play very smart and make sure Jhin is ready to follow up if you land it. Blitzcrank is only useful if you can land his abilities consistently, and at the right time. Hooking an enemy can be deadly for Jhin if he has to reload, or if he’s out of mana. If you can play carefully and land your hooks at the perfect time, then Blitzcrank will help Jhin quickly decimate the bottom lane.

#9 Leona

Leona is another fast and forceful tank support that can stun, slow, and quickly engage the enemy. Her Shield of Daybreak ability makes her next basic attack stun the enemy. This makes it easier for Jhin to land his Dancing Grenades and Deadly Flourish onto the enemy.

Her Zenith Blade pulls her toward her enemy, immobilizing and engaging the long enough for Jhin to attack. From here, he can perform his Deadly Flourish or land most of his Curtain Call shots. Following up with a Shield of Daybreak stun gives Jhin even more time to root and damage opponents.

Leona’s ultimate, which can stun and slow depending on how you land it, can also prevent enemies from escaping if Jhin is trying to engage them or execute them with Curtain Call. Her ultimate is perfect for teamfights, and can also protect her teammates very well if they need to escape.

She also absorbs a solid amount of damage with her Eclipse Shield, which she can use to protect Jhin against nasty poke damage.

Once again, Leona is only useful if you can consistently and wisely land her abilities. If you throw yourself into a fight with Zenith Blade and Jhin isn’t prepared for it, you’ll most likely take heavy damage and have to recall, or become perfect prey for the jungler. Since Jhin is so slow and squishy, leaving him by himself for too long can severely set him back. If you plan your engagements carefully and land your abilities constantly, then you’ll easily crush your enemy.

#8 Lulu

Lulu is a cute but deadly yordle mage who you don’t want to underestimate, especially when she is supporting Jhin. Her Glitterlance ability damages and slows enemies, making it easier for Jhin to land his Dancing Grenades and Deadly Flourish.

Whimsy grants Jhin attack and move speed for a short time, which can give him a great leg up in the early game. When Whimsy is used on enemies to turn them into harmless critters for a short duration, it allows Jhin to get more up close, and deal crucial early game damage. Her Pix ability is also very useful because it gives Jhin an effective shield, and vision when it attacks enemies. 

Her poke damage is excellent, and her Wild Growth ult can protect Jhin or other squishy teammates from intense teamfights. It can also give Jhin the extra health he needs to finish off the enemy champion in lane. Her main downside is her squishiness, especially when she is faced with a tank support.

She can’t engage like a tank, but she certainly can poke. Use her abilities to protect Jhin and poke down the enemy champions without getting too deep into lane, and you’ll constantly have the upper hand. It’s only a matter of time before you wear out the enemy and get them to give up their tower. 

#7 Lux

Lux is a fast, easy-to-play mage whose binds, slows, and high damage output work tremendously well with Jhin’s ability kit. Her infamous Light Binding ability immobilizes the enemy long enough for Jhin to unleash his Dancing Grenades and, more importantly, his Deadly Flourish.

If Jhin is able to immobilize the enemy again with his Deadly Flourish after Lux binds them, he can deal even more damage with his grenades and auto-attacks. It is also the perfect set-up for a jungle gank. 

Lux’s Lucent Singularity ability also works wonders with Jhin’s abilities. The circle of “twisted light” that she throws out covers a ton of ground. It makes it really easy for her to quickly detonate and damage the enemy once it’s put under an enemy champion. Jhin can then quickly follow up with his Deadly Flourish ability and immobilize the enemy. This combo can easily be done over and over again, and poke the enemy down to nothing very fast. 

Her Shield of Light can definitely save Jhin from hairy situations. Plus, her Final Spark ultimate can finish off enemy champions that Jhin’s Curtain Call shots don’t quite finish off. However, like Blitzcrank and Leona, Lux is a skillshot support.

If you can’t hit her abilities consistently, then she can easily weigh Jhin down. Although she can be very good at getting away from being targeted, she is also very squishy and heavily countered by healer supports. But if you can land your binds, poke with your “twisted light,” and aim your Final Spark beam without outshining your Jhin, you’ll be able to swiftly bring him to ADC stardom.

#6 Morgana

Morgana is another fast, powerful, and easy-to-play mage that can absolutely annihilate the enemy champion with Jhin at her side. Although some may argue that Lux is a better pick, Morgana’s Black Shield ability is what ultimately makes her a more valuable asset. Lux can shield Jhin with her Shield of Light ability, but it doesn’t block enemy spells like Morgana’s Black Shield does. 

Morgana’s Black Shield, when used perfectly, can protect Jhin from potentially fatal enemy spells that disable the target. This ability is extremely useful in teamfights, and can allow Jhin to be way more aggressive in lane. If you can master her shield and her bind, you and Jhin can face any hook or mage champion with the utmost confidence.

Morgana’s Dark Binding ability and Tormented Shadow ability are very similar to Lux’s abilities. Her ball of dark magic binds the enemy in one place. This sets Jhin’s grenades and Deadly Flourish abilities up perfectly. Tormented Shadow, unlike Lux’s “twisted light” circle, immediately damages the target on hit. It is also easy to hit, and sets Jhin’s Deadly Flourish ability up very nicely. 

Her poke damage is fantastic, and her Soul Shackle ult gives you the crowd control you need to maximize the accuracy of Jhin’s Curtain Call ult. Once again, though, Morgana is only useful when you can constantly land your abilities on your enemies. She is also quite squishy, and doesn’t do very well against healer supports like Soraka, who can quickly counter her poke damage.

#5 Seraphine

Seraphine is a mage support that has ridiculously good crowd control, range, and mobility. Her slows, shields, heals, and charm ult make her a perfect match for Jhin’s strengths and weaknesses. She makes up for his poor mobility with her slows, and protects him from unrelenting poke damage with her shields and heals.

Her High Note ability, which she uses to deal damage to a chosen area, covers a large area and makes it easier for Jhin to root his enemies with Deadly Flourish. 

Her Beat Drop ability also has an easy hit box, and slows enemies so that Jhin can get up close and prevent them from escaping. If Seraphine makes use of her passive just right, her Beat Drop can also root enemies. The fact that she can slow, root, and charm is incredible and honestly quite broken. Her disgustingly high damage output is also nothing short of extraordinary. 

Her Encore ult, which charms all the enemies hit by it, is particularly useful when paired with Jhin’s ult. The crowd control of her ult makes it way easier for Jhin to land his Curtain Call shots. It also allows Jhin to be much more aggressive when it comes to hectic teamfights. The main downsides of Seraphine are her squishiness, and her damage output. 

Since she was built to compete in the middle and bottom lanes, it’s very easy for her to steal minions and kills from her ADC because of her range and high damage output.

Although her abilities are pretty easy to hit, timing is still very important when it comes to her Beat Drop and Encore abilities. You will need to plan them just right if you want to create those crucial opportunities for your Jhin to be aggressive, and strike hard.   

#4 Pyke

Pyke is the ultimate hook assassin support who has excellent mobility, crowd control, and damage output. His Bone Skewer is lethal when followed up by his Phantom Undertow, which is a dash that stuns enemy champions. Once Pyke hits his hook and stuns the enemy, Jhin can swoop in and deal heavy damage to them. He can also quickly land his Deadly Flourish and stun them again to deal even more damage. 

Pyke is very stealthy, evasive, and deadly. His Ghostwater Dive increases his speed, and hides him from enemies so that he can sneak up on them and hook them, or use Phantom Undertow to stun them.

He can basically deliver Jhin’s enemies to him on a silver platter with his ability combinations. His abilities also allow Jhin to be super aggressive because of how often he can immobilize the enemy champion.  

Although Pyke is quite slippery, he is very squishy. He can also steal kills from the ADC very easily, which can end up leaving Jhin very behind. He is also a skillshot support, so if you whiff his abilities too much, you won’t be able to help your Jhin crush the early game.

If you’re overly aggressive when Jhin isn’t prepared, then you’ll most likely end up feeding and losing lane. However, if you can land his abilities consistently and at the most opportune times, then the bottom lane is yours and he’s a great pick as one of the best supports for Jhin.

#3 Swain

Swain is a mage support that has high damage output and exceptional crowd control. Although he is a mage, he only gets stronger and tougher as the game goes on. His Vision of Empire puts down a large demon eye that deals damage and slows the enemy.

He gains Soul Fragments from enemies that he hits, which heal him and permanently increase his maximum health. This ability alone makes him an extremely powerful and tanky support. 

Swain’s Vision of Empire ability also makes it easy for Jhin to hit his Deadly Flourish ability. His Nevermove ability is unique in that it can root enemies, and pull them closer to Jhin if you want it to. This ability enables Jhin to be way more aggressive. It can also save Jhin from death if enemies are chasing him.  

Swain’s Demonic Ascension ultimate offers incredible crowd control. It can slow nearby enemies, and deal an insane amount of damage. This ability works especially well with Jhin’s Curtain Call ultimate. If Swain goes ahead of Jhin and uses his ultimate to slow and deal damage to enemies, Jhin can stand back and finish them off with ease. 

Since Swain is also a middle champion, his abilities are built to kill minions and get kills. He can often take valuable farm and enemy kills away from his ADC on accident. He is also at his very best when he has acquired enough Soul Fragments to be indestructible.

If you can constantly poke and gain extra health with your Vision of Empire ability, you will be able to turn into the all-powerful tank that Jhin needs to demolish the end game.

#2 Senna

Senna is a marksman support whose abilities meld perfectly with Jhin’s abilities. Her healing and shielding abilities, which also deal damage to the enemies struck by them, make her an extremely versatile and valuable support for Jhin. She boasts high damage output, and is great at keeping Jhin safe during stressful bottom lane fights. 

Her Last Embrace ability roots enemy champions it hits so that Jhin can follow up with his grenades or Deadly flourish and root them again. Her Curse of the Black mist ability camouflages Jhin, grants him increased move speed, and makes him unselectable. This ability is crucial especially when Jhin needs to get in and out of a fight, or unexpected jungle gank fast. 

Her Piercing Darkness ability can poke down the enemy and heal Jhin up at the same time. Her Dawning Shadow ult is a very powerful global beam that can shield allies and deal damage to enemies caught in the center of it. This ability can be used to finish off enemies that Jhin wasn’t able to down with his Curtain Call ultimate. 

However, because Senna is also built to be an ADC, she can easily steal minions and kills. She is also very squishy, and doesn’t have the best mobility. But if you can constantly poke from a distance, and land your Last Embrace root at the right times, then the bottom lane will most likely be a breeze for your Jhin.

#1 Nami

Nami is my pick for the absolute best support for Jhin as a vastayan mage who mainly specializes in buffs, heals, and crowd control. Like Senna, her healing abilities can also deal damage to enemy champions. Her Ebb and Flow ability can constantly poke the enemy champions and heal Jhin at the same time.

Her Tidecaller’s Blessing ability grants Jhin bonus magic damage, and allows him to slow his enemies. These two abilities are point and click, which means there is no aiming or skill shot involved. 

Her Aqua Prison ability is also unique because it deals damage to every enemy hit. This means minions are not going to be able to get in the way of it like they do with Lux’s Light Binding ability or Morgana’s Dark Binding ability. If it lands on an enemy and minions, it’s going to stun all of them, which is incredibly helpful. This ability also sets up Jhin’s grenades and Deadly Flourish perfectly. 

Her Tidal Wave is an excellent crowd control ability because it knocks up, slows, and damages enemies. It also gives allies that are hit by it even more move speed. This ultimate ability works very well with Curtain Call. It can slow enemies down and keep them from escaping Jhin’s shots. It can also prevent enemies that are low health from escaping. Then it enables Jhin to catch up to them and finish them off. 

Although her Aqua Prison ability and her Tidal Wave ultimate require more precision, Ebb and Flow and Tidecaller’s Blessing are extremely useful and easy to spam over and over again. These abilities, as well as Tidal Wave, also give Jhin increased Move Speed, which helps him immensely. The more move speed Jhin has, the more aggressive he can be in lane. 

Although Nami’s ult is incredibly useful, it can be easy to dodge if the enemy sees it coming. Her Aqua Prison bubble can also be difficult to hit, and it can accidentally take minions away from the ADC. Her move speed is low, so you won’t be able to engage your enemy face to face. However, her amazing poke damage, move speed and damage buffs, and slows make her an invaluable asset, especially when she is alongside Jhin.

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