5 Best Supports for Zeri in LoL, Ranked (Season 14)

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5 Best Supports for Zeri in LoL, Ranked (Season 14)

Check out the best supports for this electrifying ADC!

Ever since her release back in 2022, Zeri has been dominating the Rift with her electrifying power and spunky — or I should say sparky — attitude. And there’s a whole lot to love about her; she’s incredibly flexible, can effortlessly escape sticky situations thanks to her E, and has an ult that lets her incinerate her opponents.

Sadly though, Zeri doesn’t have the strongest early game — and that’s where her supports comes in! A good support will help Zeri stay present in laning phase and allow her to reach her full potential once she hits her power spike. Below, I’ll cover the 5 best supports for Zeri in LoL Season 14. I’ll discuss exactly what makes them such good picks, as well as their playstyles, strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully after this article, you’ll know exactly which support Champion to pick up when you next lane with a Zeri. 

These supports all have one thing in common: they help Zeri land her blows, maximize her damage output, and protect her from the enemy’s attacks. Each support Champion achieves this in a slightly different way, so I’ll explain exactly how they go about this in detail. 

I’ve ranked the supports below from good to best in terms of their synergy with Zeri.

Let’s dive in!

#5 Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is one of the most badass-looking support Champions out there. But she’s not all looks and no substance — her playstyle is badass too, with hardhitting attacks, a versatile kit, and plenty of means to help Zeri reach her full potential. Renata’s CC complements Zeri’s W and E gorgeously in fights, and her passive, which marks enemies she targets, amplifies Zeri’s DPS by tenfold. 

Renata’s ultimate is also insanely useful for Zeri. She can use it to initiate fights and allow Zeri to chunk the enemies’ health bars safely, or as a disengage tool to save Zeri from ganks and other unfavorable situations. Plus, the ultimate can CC up to five enemies at once. This makes it immensely powerful in teamfights, which Zeri thrives in if she has her ult up. 

What makes Renata Glasc’s kit particularly well-suited to Zeri though is her W “Bailout” ability. When used correctly, it gives Zeri the confidence and means to play aggressively.

Now, Renata Glasc is squishy and isn’t very strong in the early game. So you’ll have to play carefully and ensure you don’t misposition, especially if you’re against a duo bot lane with tons of poke damage. Her kit is also more mechanically complex than other support Champions featured here.

  • Strengths
  • Her W can easily change a fight in her favor
  • Powerful ultimate that can hit up to five opponents simultaneously  
  • Good shielding 
  • Weaknesses
  • Squishy; weak early game
  • Mechanically complex 

#4 Rakan

Sure, Rakan may be loyal to Xayah in his heart, but it doesn’t mean he can’t synergize well with other ADCs. And one of the best Champions he synergizes with has got to be Zeri. He can easily match Zeri’s high mobility, and his engage combo lets Zeri effortlessly land her abilities and follow up with her E. Rakan can also help her survive the laning phase, with plenty of shielding and healing. Plus, he can use his W defensively to stop potential threats and ganks. 

Rakan’s ultimate is a total gamechanger in teamfights. He can easily disrupt the enemy team’s positioning and attacks, which gives his allies (and Zeri) enough time to collapse and deal deadly blows. Just like Zeri, he also has fantastic roaming capabilities — during the mid game, Rakan enables Zeri to secure pick after pick, especially if proper vision has been placed around the map. Plus, Rakan remains a viable threat in the late game. 

Rakan is generally more forgiving than other engage Champions (e.g. Leona), but he is hard to master and squishy. You’ll have to be careful with your all-ins and ensure your team can easily follow up.

  • Strengths
  • Unrivaled mobility 
  • Great pick and roaming potential 
  • Remains a viable threat in the late game
  • Weaknesses
  • Hard to master 
  • Vulnerable if he misses W

#3 Lulu

Lulu is notorious for her bot lane synergy with Kog’Maw, but a lesser-known (yet still powerful) synergy is with Zeri. This little Yordle truly allows Zeri to reach her full potential, with virtually every ability in her kit strengthening Zeri’s attacks or making up for her weaknesses. Her E provides hefty shielding and buffs attacks, her Q slows opponents and keeps them within Zeri’s attack range, and her W can counter the enemy’s every move and serve them up to Zeri on a platter. 

When cast on an ally, Lulu’s W instead greatly boosts attack speed and movement speed. This is particularly powerful on Zeri, since her whole kit is reliant on high mobility. Lulu’s shield, which has a pretty low cool-down, also procs Zeri’s passive.

Plus, Lulu can effortlessly keep Zeri alive (and thriving!) in the laning phase. If the enemy attempts to poke out Zeri while she farms, Lulu can retaliate with some hefty poke damage of her own and shield Zeri from any hefty blows.

But what makes Lulu truly worthy of the number three spot? Her ultimate. This point and click ability is super easy to land, and the pay off is great for Zeri; it knocks-up any enemies within her proximity while significantly boosting her health and applying an AOE slow, all factors that will allow her to gun down opponents and turn losing fights in her favor.

Sadly, Lulu is particularly vulnerable to CC and can’t quite match up to Zeri’s mobility. She won’t be able to easily follow up if Zeri vaults over, which can make for some unfortunate outcomes. However, as long as you play around the enemy’s CC, are careful with your positioning, and communicate well with your Zeri duo partner, you’ll both be an unstoppable force and decimate game after game! Lulu is also pretty beginner-friendly, with most of her abilities being simple point and clicks. 

  • Strengths
  • Tons of utility to assist Zeri in different scenarios
  • Exceptionally strong harass 
  • Beginner-friendly kit 
  • Weaknesses
  • Vulnerable to CC 
  • Can’t quite match Zeri’s mobility 

#2 Janna

Janna has become a solid, top tier support since her rework back in 2022. One of the main things that got changed was her E ability, which buffed her shielding significantly. And it’s this particular change that now makes her a god tier support for Zeri. Janna can consistently grant Zeri a huge shield and proc her passive throughout the game, allowing Zeri to always be fighting at her fullest potential. The shielding also ensures Zeri can survive long enough in fights to dish out her lethal damage and secure kills.

Thanks to her passive and W ability, Janna also has extremely high mobility and can keep up with Zeri’s every move. She can even slow targets and knock them up, ensuring they won’t be able to escape from Zeri’s clutch. Her poke is also godly, and she can genuinely carry the early game even if Zeri struggles and falls behind. 

If none of that has won you over yet, then Janna’s ultimate probably will. It essentially casts a huge, magical AOE storm that heals allies significantly while knocking back any enemies within its range. In other words, it’s a flexible ability that can be used to benefit Zeri in many different ways; Janna can use it to save Zeri from a lost fight, to interrupt the enemy’s hard-hitting attacks, engage or disengage, turn a teamfight around, and even push an enemy into Zeri’s attack range. 

Janna is vulnerable to poke and all-in engages, especially if she misses her Q. You definitely don’t want to step forward and make a trade at the wrong time — keep track of the enemy’s abilities and poke them out when their abilities are on cool down. 

Compared to supports like Leona and Pyke, Janna is also a lot more dependent on her allies after the laning phase. If your teammates fall behind, it can be incredibly hard to carry on her. So, it’s best to pick Janna if you have an ADC duo partner that you trust and know well.

  • Strengths
  • Can proc Zeri’s passive easily 
  • Strong poke and high mobility
  • Ultimate is powerful, with plenty of ways to utilize it 
  • Weaknesses
  • Vulnerable to poke and all-in engages 
  • Dependent on teammates 

#1 Yuumi  

Our top pick for the best supports for Zeri in LoL goes to Yuumi! Yuumi is notorious for being the most hated Champion in League, by regular players and professionals alike. Even Teemo can’t compete with her status. However, despite her reputation, she is an insanely strong pick with Zeri. And this remains the case even after her rework. 

Yuumi’s whole kit feels like it was designed to make Zeri an unstoppable god. Yuumi can proc Zeri’s passive with her E while buffing her movement and attack speed, tank the brunt of skill shots by body blocking them, and restore Zeri’s health with her passive. Yuumi’s Q also dishes out hefty poke and slows the target, which can help keep Zeri safe from early level harass or engages. Plus, Yuumi can use her Q to ensure the enemy can’t evade Zeri’s attacks once she hits her power spike. 

Yuumi’s W is certainly the most unique (and hated) ability in the game, and it works wonders with Zeri’s kit. While many supports fail to catch up with Zeri’s mobility, Yuumi’s W ensures she will always be by Zeri’s side to aid her attacks, no matter how much Zeri vaults or roams. 

But Yuumi’s ultimate, “Final Chapter,” is what truly makes her one of the best supports for Zeri. It’s a massive AOE wave that offers significant healing while dealing damage, especially when paired with Zoomies! (her E ability). Unsurprisingly, Yuumi’s ult allows Zeri to stay alive long enough to kill her targets, and the additional damage ensures no enemy escapes on a tick of health. 

Yuumi is a strong all-round support, though she is extremely squishy and vulnerable when she’s not attached to a champion. If she gets caught out, it’s almost a given she’ll be obliterated in seconds. However, this outcome is easily avoidable if you time your jumping correctly. Yuumi’s abilities also use a lot of mana, especially in the early game, so it’s important to keep track of your mana level. 

  • Strengths
  • Grants tons of sustain and buffs
  • W mechanism ensures she can always be by Zeri’s side
  • Powerful AOE ultimate 
  • Weaknesses
  • Extremely vulnerable when not attached to a champion 
  • Abilities use a lot of mana 

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