LoL | 5 Best Supports to Climb Low Elo Season 14: Gain Ranked LP

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LoL | 5 Best Supports to Climb Low Elo Season 14: Gain Ranked LP

Get your LP back on track with one of these support champions!

Climbing in League of Legends as a support is… no easy feat, to put it bluntly. At times, it can feel like you’re stuck in “elo hell” and doomed for eternity to be cursed by teammates who never appreciate you (or your lifesaving plays). 

But while it may seem like the ranked journey is out of your hands — and in the hands of teammates screeching FF15 left, right, and center — this is far from the truth. 

In reality, the reason you’ve hit a plateau is that you’re holding yourself back in some way or another.

And the number one thing that holds support players back in low elo? 

Playing the wrong champions (yes, you could literally be losing in champ select). That’s why today, I’ll be ranking the best supports to climb with in low elo. I’ll cover each champion’s abilities, playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as why they have such great carry potential. 

So, let’s get right into it. It’s time to get your LP back on track!

#5 Pyke

Pyke — aka the Bloodharbor Ripper (yes, his kit is as badass as his title sounds) — isn’t the easiest support champion out there. His mechanics are pretty complex and there are a few strategic skillshots involved. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn his kit? You’ll be rewarded handsomely with sweet LP gains and a one-way ticket to the next ranked division. 

Pyke is an assassin support whose kit is the epitome of “solo carry” material. He deals an ungodly amount of damage — something which is sure to throw off low elo players during early game — and has plenty of utility at his disposal to catch out unsuspecting enemies, including a camouflage mechanic, lengthy hook, and stun engage combo.

Pyke’s executing ultimate is also one of the strongest support abilities in the game. When used correctly, it allows him to easily turn the tide of any team fight and secure game-changing picks. The ultimate even lets him steal kills without causing his ADC to fall behind (those who assist in the kill still receive a “cut” of the bounty). 

To top it off, his roaming potential is unrivaled. Thanks to his W ability, Pyke can reach the mid lane within mere seconds and pull off a killer gank before the enemy ADC even suspects he’s MIA. 

  • Highly mobile kit with strong roaming potential 
  • Strong early lane pressure
  • Epitome of solo carry material
  • Mechanically demanding

#4 Xerath

Again, this is another aggressive champion that requires a little bit of mechanical skill to master. But once you’re comfortable with him, Xerath makes an unstoppable force. He particularly excels at making the enemy ADC’s laning phase hell. Thanks to his hefty Q and W poke, he can easily pressure them off their farm and EXP, giving his own ADC ample opportunity to gain a strong lead. He can also use his poke to punish them if they ever overextend.

While Xerath lacks the mobility of Pyke, his E does provide a useful stun that he can use as both an engage and disengage tool. Plus, thanks to his ultimate, he is also able to apply global pressure without needing to roam (making him a solid pick for those who struggle with macro). 

But the main reason why Xerath is such a strong support to climb with? Most low elo players have no idea how to play around his skillshots. In fact, it’s pretty common to see low elo players actually dodge into his poke! 

  • Strong poke that low elo players find hard to dodge
  • Able to apply global pressure without needing to roam
  • Strong early laning phase
  • Immobile and requires some time to master

#3 Blitzcrank

Aah… no list would be complete without Blitzcrank, the champion famous for terrorizing–ahem, being the ultimate counter to low elo players.

His iconic hook is a death sentence for any player with sub-par mechanics, and its huge range allows him to effortlessly land sneaky picks from the cover of blind spots. He can even use the hook to initiate cheesy invades, pull his target into turret range, and catch out the enemy carry during skirmishes. In other words, it’s versatile and ultra-powerful.

Blitzcrank is also pretty tanky and can withstand a lot of damage thrown at him. Not only does this make him a solid frontline in team fights, but it also means mispositioning won’t leave you looking at the gray screen of death. Plus, his kit is incredibly easy to pick up and doesn’t require much mechanical skill, making him a solid choice for those wanting to focus on the macro side of the game.

Blitzcrank’s AoE ultimate, which removes shields and silences opponents, is also incredibly strong when combined with his hook. This combo particularly excels against enchanter supports (who are frequently picked in low elo).

The only reason we’ve relegated Blitzcrank to the no.3 spot? His ban rate is always high in low elo, no matter the meta.

  • His hook is by far the most tilt-inducing ability in the whole game
  • Beginner-friendly kit with plenty of utility
  • Fairly tanky and more forgiving than other support champions; mispositioning isn’t usually a death sentence 
  • High ban rate

#2 Lux

The Lady of Luminosity is sure to be the light that guides you up the ranked ladder! She is essentially a happy medium between Blitzcrank and Xerath: her kit is beginner-friendly and has plenty of utility, but she also dishes out damage and can harass enemies easily during lane. This makes her a solid, all-round pick regardless of the matchup.

Her Q roots enemies in their tracks, her W provides a shield against enemy poke, and her E is an AoE that slows and deals hefty damage. Her Q and E combo is particularly powerful. Timed correctly, it allows her to burst through her opponent’s health bar, giving her ADC ample opportunity to engage and deal the final blow. 

Lux’s long-distance ultimate — aka the laser beam of death — is also versatile and can help her (and her team) gain an advantage in a multitude of ways. For example, she can use it to snipe low-health enemies, apply vital pressure during team fights, and even help her ADC push out waves quickly.

Plus, Lux has a strong level 2 and can virtually always force out a flash (or secure a kill) if she times her abilities according to the level spike. This is especially the case in low elo, where players often underestimate the power of hitting level 2. 

  • All-round pick regardless of the matchup
  • Ultimate is versatile and ideal for sniping low-health enemies
  • Strong level 2 power spike 
  • Vulnerable against all-ins in later stages of the game

#1 Zyra

Coming in first place is none other than plant queen Zyra. While she’s not the most popular support champion out there, she’s definitely one of the best to pick up in low elo. 

So, what exactly makes her such a viable pick? Well, just take a look at her kit. Both her W and passive spawn little plant minions that attack enemies nearby, while her Q deals AoE damage while activating the plants. In other words, she literally turns the lane into poke galore (and she can do all this from a safe distance). 

It’s incredibly hard for high elo players to avoid this hefty poke, let alone low elo players who often have little understanding of how exactly Zyra works. 

Her kit is also packed with an infuriating (and long-lasting) root, which she can use to initiate fights or prevent targets from escaping her ADC’s attacks. Plus, it allows her to quite literally uno reverse the enemy team’s ganks; if they try and engage on her, she can root them, trigger her plants, and turn the gank in her team’s favor.

But best of all? Her AoE knock-up ultimate. It maximizes her damage output by tenfold and allows her to burst through the enemy carry in seconds. 

While she is a little squishier than the likes of Blitzcrank, I still feel she deserves the top spot. Zyra is versatile enough to adapt to any game situation. Even if her team falls behind, she can still easily make an impact. She’s also consistent in the meta and has a low ban rate.

  • Obnoxious poke…and we mean, really obnoxious 
  • Can turn enemy ganks in her team’s favor 
  • AoE knock-up ultimate is powerful and versatile 
  • Vulnerable if she misses her E ability

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