LoL | 15 Best Hextech Skins Ranked Worst to Best (Season 14)

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LoL | 15 Best Hextech Skins Ranked Worst to Best (Season 14)

Get your glow on by splurging on a new Hextech skin!

League of Legends’ Hextech skin line is among the rarest in the game. Most skins in this line require 100 Mythic Essence (ME) to craft, which is no easy feat (unless you have money to splurge).

But for those who have managed to hit 100 Mythic Essence points? You’ll probably find yourself asking “which is the best Hextech skin?” Well, I might not be able to help you grind that Mythic Essence, but I can help answer that question! Here’s my ranking of the best Hextech skins from worst to best in Season 14.

#15 Jarvan IV

Released: April 2019

Of all the newer Hextech skins, this is my least favorite. I don’t hate Jarvan IV in general, but I do feel like he’s one of the least “flashy” champions available. This really shows in his skins, as there’s not much creativity to apply here. The skin looks okay, but it’s nothing special. Definitely not worth 100 Mythic Essence (unless you really love Jarvan).

#14 Galio

Released: August 2010 (re-worked in 2017)

Galio’s original Hextech skin was bad. It was a part of the same group that got tossed in the bin earlier, but it was saved by his overall rework. When Galio was changed in 2017, Riot updated his skins to fit his new, better appearance. Now his Hextech skin is quite… decent. It isn’t amazing, as it still came before most of the new ones, but it’s alright. Certainly a significant improvement from the old one.

#13 Alistar

Released: March 2018

Here’s another one that I would consider just “okay.” The overall appearance of this one is pretty solid, but similar to Jarvan, there’s just not much to do with Alistar’s design. Unless, of course, you focus on him being a cow (shoutout to the Moo Cow Alistar skin). I do like the emotes on this one more than some, though.

#12 Renekton

Released: December 2018

Renekton’s design isn’t all that unique in general, but I think this skin adds quite a bit to it. The steampunk style looks really cool on Renekton, and his ability animations are improved. This skin is kind of a baseline for me in terms of what Hextech skins should be at the least. It’s not amazing, but it isn’t bad. 

#11 Ziggs

Released: September 2020

I’ve warmed up quite a bit to this skin, as I originally wasn’t a huge fan. Riot leaned into the steampunk aesthetic heavily here, and it worked out pretty well. It’s a more focused design than some others. I do wish the emotes were better, but since the abilities look so good I can’t really complain. If you’re a Ziggs fan, this would be an excellent skin to pick up.

#10 Sejuani

Released: March 2020

Sejuani has the benefit of having a really cool overall design, so most of her skins don’t have to try too hard to be good. The design of her Hextech skin is honestly gorgeous, but lacks creativity to some degree. It would have been nice if there had been more originality since you’re paying 100 ME, but it’s still pretty good. If all you care about is the appearance of the skin, though, this is one of the better ones for sure.

#9 Rammus

Released: August 2019

It’s hard for me to want any Rammus skin other than the soccer ball one, but this is definitely not a bad skin. I’m a huge Rammus fan, and I think he has lots of potential for cool skins thanks to his design and the way his abilities change his appearance (I mean, he’s balled up for half the time you play him). This skin looks cool and is a fun aesthetic to have on this type of character, so I highly recommend it. 

#8 Amumu

Released: September 2019

From here on out, I’d say all the skins mentioned are very good. Amumu in particular is one that really impresses me. The way Riot applied the robotic style of the Hextech skins to Amumu is really unique since he’s such a personality-driven character. They took Amumu from sad mummy to sad robot with ease, and while I didn’t expect it to work, it did. This is the perfect skin if you want to see a robot cry.

#7 Swain

Released: December 2019

I love the way Swain looks in this skin. The emotes are amazing (especially the bird-feeding one), and the new visuals for his abilities are great. His ultimate is the best part about the skin, as the changes to it make sense for the character overall and for the skin line. Most of the Hextech skins have an “electric” aesthetic in some way, and Swain really takes advantage of this. 

#6 Poppy

Released: July 2018

Poppy’s hammer is the most interesting aspect of her character, and this is twice as true with this skin. The hammer looks amazing, and all the animations for it are almost perfectly done. The sound effects are also of note, as they blend into the steampunk style better than most champions’ do. This is a go-to skin for Poppy mains.  

#5 Kassadin

Released: October 2020

What makes this skin pop so much for me is the color scheme. They chose not to focus so much on the orange, but instead to emphasize the blue and black. Kassadin’s magic-focused themes work excellently in this color scheme, and each ability looks as if it were designed with care. Not only is this one of my favorite Hextech skins, but it’s also one of the best Kassadin skins in general.

#4 Malzahar

Released: October 2018

This whole skin is great, but my favorite part of it is Malzahar’s face/mask. It looks like something you might see on a disturbing puppet. His minions also look great in this style, and since you’ll spend most of your time playing Malzahar with the minions right behind him, I’m glad they actually cared enough to make them look good. Everything about the Hextech style works with Malzahar, which I honestly never would have expected. 

#3 Nocturne

Released: June 2020

Nocturne is similar to Kassadin in regards to his Hextech skin, as Riot chose to focus on the more magical side instead of the robotic one. I think the electric elements of the Hextech skins work best on Nocturne. This unique take on the style makes Nocturne one of the most interesting additions to the skin line, and makes this skin essential for all Nocturne players. If you’re a jungler, this is the best Hextech skin to get.

#2 Kog’Maw

Released: December 2017

This skin truly set the bar for what the future marksman Hextech skins would need to be like. The changes to Kog’s auto attacks are the major focus here, and they hit the mark perfectly. His character model also looks great, as the color palette works really well for this type of character. Kog’Maw has a lot of great skins, but this is one of the best. 

#1 Annie

Released: March 2016

When I first started playing League, which was in early 2016, I wanted this skin so badly (as did most people). It was one of the rarest skins in the game, it looked amazing, and was just generally really cool. The Annie Hextech skin is easily one of the best ME skins in LoL. I never did end up getting it, but I still want it. Annie is one of the most interesting champions when it comes to skin designs — not only do you get a new character model for a unique character, but you also get a new Tibbers design. Everyone loves Tibbers, especially whoever designs Annie’s skins. This is without a doubt the best Hextech skin.

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