5 Best Supports for Jinx in LoL (Season 13)

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5 Best Supports for Jinx in LoL (Season 13)

Arcane turned Jinx into a total superstar. She went from an ADC you would occasionally meet in your games to an ADC you would meet in every single game, whether ranked, draft, or blind pick. Even in Season 13, two years after Arcane’s debut, she is still one of the most-played ADCs in the Rift – with plenty of in-game reasons to support that pick rate too!

Jinx isn’t all “stardom” and no substance though; as an ADC, she has a lot to offer. She boasts lightning-fast attack speed, a beginner-friendly kit, and unrivaled snowballing potential. Plus, she can also use her ultimate to decimate (and perma-tilt) low-health enemies on the other side of the map. 

Of course, like all superstars, Jinx would be nothing without a trusty sidekick! A reliable support will allow Jinx to unleash her full potential and consistently carry her team to victory in LoL.

Best Support Picks for Jinx in LoL

The best supports for Jinx are champions that can peel for her effortlessly, buff her attacks, and help her survive the early game until she can dish out the damage. Supports that can synergize with her CC traps are also great picks.

With those factors in mind, here are the 5 best supports for Jinx in LoL. Let’s dive in!


Janna can CC an entire enemy team in the right situation.
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Janna might not boast the flashiest animations, but what she does have is a kit that synergizes exceptionally well with Jinx. Almost every ability allows her to protect and peel Jinx — her passive grants allies movement speed, her Q knocks up enemies, and her E provides hefty shielding while buffing damage. Janna’s high mobility also means she can keep up with Jinx’s pace in a fight.

Janna can dish out a lot of poke damage in the early game with her W ability. This applies a lot of pressure and gives Jinx an easier time farming until she hits her level 6 power spike. She can also use her W, especially when combined with her knock-up ability, to help Jinx evade ganks. 

Speaking of the knock-up, another great aspect of it is that it gives Jinx a chance to apply her own CC (her traps). If timed correctly, this CC chain is virtually always lethal. This is particularly the case post-level 6 when Jinx has some items under her belt.  

Janna’s ultimate, “Monsoon,” will really blow you away too (pun intended). It’s essentially a giant AoE that can heal allies back up to full health while knocking back enemies. It can be used in a range of ways, both offensively and defensively, to assist Jinx. For example, a great technique is to flash forward and then ult a fleeing enemy, knocking them back into Jinx’s AA range.

Janna can easily escape sticky situations. However, she does have a few weaknesses. While she can she dish out poke early, she is squishy and vulnerable to harass herself. It’s important to time your trades properly (e.g. make a trade when the enemy wastes an ability). Janna is also more dependent on her team than a usual support, so hard carrying on her isn’t an option if your Jinx falls behind.


  • High mobility 
  • Strong poke damage early
  • Versatile AoE ult


  • Squishy
  • Can be a bit difficult to master the timing of her Q


Leona can lock any enemy down for days.
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Leona is famous for her unrivaled bot lane synergy with Miss Fortune. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t support other ADCs just as well, and Jinx is one of her best partners. The main reason? Leona’s low cool-down stun allows Jinx to easily land her traps, escape flanks, and chase down stragglers in fights. The stun also provides fantastic peel, giving Jinx ample opportunity to land shot after shot.

Aside from her Q ability, Leona has plenty of other tools at her disposal to help Jinx get ahead. Her passive allows Jinx to deal bonus damage and her ultimate ability is a long-ranged AoE that stuns or slows enemies. 

The R is particularly strong when timed properly; it can prevent ganks, turn a teamfight in her favor, or even help Jinx land her global rocket ult. It also gives Leona high kill pressure and roaming potential. The latter is especially true if she builds mobility boots — she can quickly run to the mid-lane and land her ultimate on the unsuspecting enemy, giving her own mid-laner plenty of time to burst them. 

So, if your Jinx isn’t, ahem, performing in lane? You can easily stay a viable champion by carrying your other teammates. To top it off, Leona is insanely tanky thanks to her W “Eclipse” ability, which grants damage reduction and resistances.

Leona’s kit is beginner-friendly. However, once you all-in you won’t have any way to disengage. Always check that your teammates are in position to follow you up before engaging. 


  • Strong CC 
  • High kill pressure and roaming potential 
  • Beginner-friendly


  • No disengage


Nami is the best sustain support for Jinx, capable of peeling and healing.
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Nami might not be the most popular champion out there, but she’s definitely one of the best support picks for Jinx. She’s an enchanter support that can truly match Jinx’s aggression and help her secure kill after kill. In fact, every ability can assist Jinx in some form or another.

Her Q stun ability synergizes with Jinx’s traps, her E ability buffs damage and slows, and her passive can help Jinx kite effortlessly. Plus, her ultimate can knock up targets and prevent them from escaping Jinx’s line of fire.

Nami can also make up for Jinx’s poor early laning phase with her high poke potential. In fact, Nami can effortlessly 1v2 a lane through trades alone — her W deals an insane amount of damage and heals her, allowing her to poke without facing any repercussions (e.g. from return poke or minion damage). She can also use her W on allies, so she can easily heal her ADC back up if they ever get caught out. 

However, Nami is fairly immobile and squishy. She’s vulnerable to ganks and bloodthirsty assassins, so make sure not to step too far up when taking trades, especially if the enemy jungler is nearby. 


  • High poke potential 
  • Synergizes well with Jinx’s aggressive playstyle
  • Can mitigate enemy poke easily 


  • Immobile
  • Squishy


Lulu is a great support for Jinx, turning her into even more of a monster.
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Lulu is the prime example of looks can be deceiving. Beyond the happy-go-lucky voice lines, sparkles, and wild, Yordle smile is a psychopathic maniac that only wants one thing: to get her ADC as many kills as possible. As a support, Lulu pairs particularly well with Jinx, which is no surprise considering they both want to bring chaos to Runeterra. 

Her Q, “Glitterlance,” damages and slows enemies it hits, which can help Jinx land more poke, and her W ability grants a significant attack and movement speed buff. And if Lulu uses her W ability on an enemy instead? It transforms them into a docile critter, rendering them useless. This CC is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and it’ll no doubt allow Jinx to effortlessly land the killing blow on her target. It can also give Jinx the upperhand in teamfights — Lulu can immediately W the assassin or enemy carry, allowing Jinx to play offensively without having to worry about whether or not she’s going to be one shot. 

Lulu’s E ability is also insanely useful for Jinx. It provides a significant shield, which can help Jinx survive the early laning phase, and can also be used on an enemy to grant vision. This will ensure Jinx never loses sight of her target in a skirmish. 

And of course, you can’t forget about Lulu’s ultimate, “Wild Growth.” This ability essentially transforms Jinx into an unkillable demon god, with heaps of health and an AoE that slows her opponents. Oh, and it also knocks up any enemies nearby — amazing for saving your Jinx (or any other teammate) when they get dove by the enemy team.

Lulu’s kit is simple but effective and versatile, and she can adapt to virtually any team comp. However, like most enchanters, Lulu’s main weakness is her squishiness. She’s extremely easy to kill and needs to position carefully in fights to survive… at least until she’s reached the point where she has enough items to make her shields nigh unbreakable.


  • Powerful CC 
  • Can grant vision of enemy targets 
  • Versatile and can adapt to any team comp


  • Squishy (at least early on)


Thresh - the best support partner for Jinx in LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Thresh might be a hard champion to master, but when played right he’s the ultimate partner in crime for Jinx. So, what exactly makes him such an ultimate pick? Well, just take a close look at his kit. 

Thanks to his Q and E CC abilities, he can control the enemy’s every move — and drag them right into Jinx’s traps or AA range. He can also use his Q to effortlessly secure picks for Jinx, especially during the later stages of the game. 

And while he can’t grant Jinx hefty healing like Nami can, Thresh has something that, in our opinion, is a lot stronger: an instant escape tool, aka his W ability. He essentially throws out a long-ranged lantern that instantly brings his ally back to him if they click on it. So yep, if Jinx pushes too far up and gets caught out, she won’t have to face any repercussions (albeit a few missing pings).

Thresh’s ultimate, which essentially spawns a prison of CC, is also incredibly versatile. He can use it to isolate an enemy, to gain the upper hand in a teamfight, or to peel Jinx during a skirmish.

To top it off? Thresh doesn’t fall off late. In fact, thanks to his passive he scales and becomes tankier… and tankier… until the enemy can’t make a dent in his health bar. Because of this, he can easily block hard-hitting attacks aimed at Jinx and also have an active, engaging role in teamfights.

Now, learning Thresh does take a lot of time and commitment, and you’ll likely go 0/10 for the first few games. Or dozen. But if you manage to stay with it until you become confident with his kit? You’ll be carrying your Jinx to victory in no time. 


  • Versatile playmaker 
  • Can protect and peel Jinx easily, especially if he uses his W ability
  • Strong tanky scaling


  • Hard to master
  • Requires good reaction timing

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That’s a wrap of the best support picks for Jinx in LoL. As the above shows, there are plenty of strong support champions that synergize well with Jinx’s kit, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your playstyle.

Let us know in the comments below if you agree (or disagree!) with our picks, and make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more helpful gaming tips. 

Happy gaming, Summoner!

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