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LoL: 7 Best Zed Skins Ranked From Worst to Best

Zed is one of the most well-known assassins in League. In LoL, all Zed skins fit his ninja-esque aura like a katana in the hands of a master. Although some of Zed’s skins leave something to be desired (as you’ll soon see), most of his skins wear pretty well.

In today’s article, we’ll go through all the Zed skins, judging them based on their core design and how well they match his general aesthetic. The end result is an accurate list that you can look to when selecting a design from your collection.

The Best Zed Skins Ranked

Starting with #7, let’s work our way down and check out the entire list of best Zed skins LoL has to offer.


SKT T1 Zed

Image: Riot Games

First on our list of the best Zed skins is SKT T1. The SKT T1 Zed skin suffers from the same fate that most team-based skins do — they aren’t appealing unless you’re a fan of that team. If you are an SKT T1 fan, then maybe you’ll like this skin. But if you’re someone that doesn’t care much for that team or eSports in general, this skin will mean little to nothing to you. Additionally, this skin doesn’t offer much in variation from Zed’s base skin. It’s just a re-skin with no new animations, so there’s no real reason to buy it.


PsyOps Zed

Psyops Zed
Image: Riot Games

If you want to make Zed look vaguely like Master Yi, this is the skin for you. I don’t hate this skin or anything, but to be honest, I don’t think it’s all that strong. The style is nothing new for LoL, and while it’s not a bad look on him, I just can’t bring myself to care about this skin. If they had done more to make it fit Zed’s assassin nature, I think it would be better. As it is, it’s just a run-of-the-mill skin. 


Shockblade Zed

Shockblade Zed
Image: Riot Games

Shockblade Zed is the first on this list that I really like. It’s not an amazing skin at its base, but its chromas give it new life. The chromas are honestly the only reason this skin isn’t beneath PsyOps Zed — they’re just so good. As for the rest of the skin, it fits Zed’s style perfectly. And while it doesn’t have its own animations or anything like that, I just really enjoy the way it looks. It also has a really nice splash art, which is always a solid bonus.


Championship Zed

Champion Zed
Image: Riot Games

Championship Zed has a flair to it that makes it one of his best. It’s a simple skin, but that’s what makes it shine. With this skin, Zed wears a metallic armor that adds a unique vibe without taking away from his typical appearance. And the best thing about this skin? His backing animation. He sits on a throne while he backs, which is exactly what I would expect Zed to do. Championship Zed is one of the better Zed skins for sure, but just lacks additional qualities that might have boosted it up higher on this list.


Galaxy Slayer Zed

Galaxy Slayer Zed
Image: Riot Games

Galaxy Slayer Zed is an interesting one. It takes Zed’s base design and applies a mixture of steampunk and galaxy aesthetics to it, making for a skin that isn’t entirely unique within the realm of League skins, but is still a fun addition. When compared to Zed’s other skins, I’d say that this one is a bit more refined. Where a lot of them seem half-hearted, this one feels like it was designed with care.


Project Zed

Project ZED
Image: Riot Games

Project Zed is the most stylish Zed skin. As a part of the Project skin line, Zed’s version was always guaranteed to be a fan favorite. The Project skins have always been amongst the most used in LoL, and Zed’s shows exactly why. You can’t deny how much style the skin adds, making every ability feel all the more fun to use. If what you want is for Zed to feel even cooler than he already is, this is the best of the best Zed skins LoL has to offer.


Death Sworn Zed

Death Swarm Zed
Image: Riot Games

Death Sworn is the perfect Zed skin in my opinion. The color palette is stunning, the design is flawless, and everything about it just adds up to a near-perfect skin in general. It isn’t as flashy as Project Zed, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s stylish in its own way, and makes Zed stand out amongst the crowd. This is easily my favorite appearance for Zed, and is even one of my favorite skins in the game overall.


Become a High Grounder

Zed has an excellent selection of skins, and I’m sure there’s at least one or two that any League player would like. While some of them are obviously not as good as others, they all have their merits. If you like Zed, you should consider at least picking one up via orange essence if you get the chance. No matter which skin you like the most, make sure to have fun!

Happy gaming!

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