5 Best Supports for Tristana in LoL (Season 14)

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5 Best Supports for Tristana in LoL (Season 14)

These 5 support champions are sure to ramp up Tristana's firepower!

Tristana is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, but she still remains a popular pick in the Rift. After all, she boasts a simple playstyle that packs a lot of fire power. Plus, she has plenty of useful abilities at her disposal, from her E that lets her utterly obliterate turrets, to her W that lets her engage, self-peel, and disengage easily.

Tristana is an aggressive carry that can utterly dominate the laning phase, especially if she has a CC-heavy or equally aggressive support by her side. The support champions below meet just that criteria (and offer plenty of ways to ramp up Tris’s power). In fact, I’m happy to consider them the best supports for Tristana in LoL season 14, so you’ll definitely want to master one of them if your duo partner is a Tris OTP!


Below, I’ll discuss each support champion’s unique playstyle, strengths, weaknesses, and how exactly they synergize with Tristana.

I’ve technically ranked them from “worst” to best, though each champion is a great fit for Tristana in their own way. 

#5 Taric 

Taric is by far the most dazzling support in League, but he’s more than just his sparkles. His Q provides plenty of healing, his W shields and buffs armor, and his E stuns any enemy it hits. All of these abilities help Tristana kite and survive in fights long enough to blast through her opponents’ health bars. Taric’s stun also ensures the enemy can’t escape from her all-in burst combo.

What makes Taric a particularly strong pick is the fact that his spells cast off the ally he is bonded with. This means Tristana can engage and effortlessly land the stun, even if Taric isn’t actually in range of the enemy himself. Plus, Taric’s ultimate ability is a total gamechanger in skirmishes. It’s essentially Kayle’s ultimate, meaning Tristana can play aggressively without fearing the enemy team’s damage.

While strong, Taric’s E is slow and relatively easy to dodge, especially if used carelessly. Engage with the E using flash, or when enemies are restricted in their movements. Taric’s Q ability also drains his mana very quickly, so make sure to keep track of your mana usage and avoid spamming it.

#4 Nami

Nami, the Tidecaller, is one of the best enchanter supports for Tristana in LoL right now. While she doesn’t boast playmaking potential or a hard engage like other supports featured here, her kit synergizes well and is packed with plenty of utility, harass, and sustain. 

Her W ability provides hefty healing while poking out the enemy, and her passive, which grants her allies movement speed, is sure to help Tristana get close enough to land that last hit on her targets. 

And while she lacks a hard engage, Nami can set up picks for Tristana with her Q and ultimate ability. Her Q deals damage and stuns any enemy it hits, and her ultimate is a giant tidal wave that knocks up, slows, and damages opponents within its radius. Understandably, her ultimate is also extremely powerful in teamfights. 

Nami can easily carry a lane with her hefty poke, even if Tristana falls behind. Her kit also allows her to peel multiple carries in the later stages of the game.

However, Nami does have a few weaknesses — she is fairly immobile and vulnerable to CC. You’ll need to be careful with your positioning in teamfights, as a single misstep will instantly turn you into sushi.

#3 Thresh 

Thresh is one of (if not) the most popular playmakers in LoL, and there’s a pretty good reason for it — his kit allows him to hard-carry any lane while ensuring his ADC reaches their full potential. He particularly excels with Tristana, whose kit benefits greatly from his plays. 

Thresh can use his Q to pull the enemy into Tristana’s AA range, his E knock up as both an engage and disengage tool, and his W to save Tristana if she all-ins with her jump at a poor time. Just like Tristana, Thresh is also aggressive and strong in the early laning phase. 

Thresh’s ultimate ability — which traps his opponents in a prison that deals damage and slows — also ensures Tristana can land every hit, no matter how much the enemy attempts to run or evade her attacks. 

Where Thresh really shines is his roaming pressure and pick potential. If he lands just one hook on an overextended opponent, it’s pretty much a death sentence for them and a free kill for his Tristana.

The only reason Thresh isn’t higher up on this list? He’s an incredibly difficult champion to master, thanks to all his combos, skill shots, and flashy mechanics. Put simply, picking up Thresh means you’ll be in the practice tool daily. However, the time and effort required is totally worth it if you want to hard carry games and help your Tristana get that sweet 10/0/0 KDA. 

#2 Leona

Leona is a tanky, CC-heavy support that consistently remains top tier, regardless of the meta changes. She’s a good pick with virtually any ADC, but her kit is particularly well-suited to Tristana. She can peel Tristana effortlessly, tank an insane amount of damage, and use her Q and E combo to let Tristana safely engage and land her all-in burst. Plus, Leona’s CC ultimate, “Solar Flare,” applies incredible pressure in teamfights.

Just like Tristana, Leona also has a huge powerspike at Level 2 and gains tons of kill pressure in lane. If timed correctly, engaging at Level 2 together will almost certainly lead to a kill, or at least burn through a few summs. 

Leona’s kit is simple but effective, making it ideal for beginners that aren’t comfortable with their mechanics. However, she does require good macro-awareness; she doesn’t have any disengage or escape tools, so engaging at the wrong time will leave you looking at the gray screen of death. 

#1 Nautilus

My top pick for the best supports for Tristana in LoL is Nautilus. Nautilus is extremely similar to Leona — he’s incredibly tanky, hits a powerspike at Level 2, and has a strong all-in combo. However, his kit does have a few other features that make him a better pick for Tristana overall.

Thanks to his Q hook ability, he can engage from a much greater distance than Leona. He can also use it as a disengage tool in unfavorable situations, meaning he’s a lot more forgiving if you make the wrong call. Plus Nautilus’ CC ultimate, which knocks up and stuns, is significantly easier to land than Leona’s ult. And it even allows him to effortlessly target the enemy team’s carry, whether they’re at the frontline or backline.

Nautilus’ passive also enables him to root his enemies repeatedly in fights, giving Tristana more than enough time to dive in, land her combo, and dash out before the enemy can retaliate. 

While Nautilus is more forgiving than Leona, you still do have to be careful with your all-ins and make sure your team can back you up. He is also fairly vulnerable to poke, so you’ll need to position properly and avoid wasting his shield. 

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