How To Get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

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How To Get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

Mythic Essence is a new currency introduced to League in 2022. It replaces both the old Gemstone and Prestige Points currencies, allowing players to more easily get the skins that used to be associated with both. Where Gemstones used to be incredibly rare and Prestige Points would expire over time, the new Mythic Essence is fairly easy to get and does not expire. This makes for a much better experience overall, while maintaining the rare nature of the rewarded skins.

Getting Mythic Essence can be done in several ways, some of which are much easier than others. In this article on LoL and how to get Mythic Essence, we’ll take a look at a few of these methods and highlight the overall best methods to obtain the material.

How To Get Mythic Essence in LoL

There are four ways to easily obtain Mythic Essence. Here’s a quick overview of the different methods, then we’ll go more in-depth on each.

  • Leveling up
  • Event Passes
  • Hextech/Masterwork Chests
  • Event Orbs

This list might look pretty barebones, but these four methods actually provide a ton of Mythic Essence. Leveling up is the easiest way, as it happens naturally over time, but chests are also easily obtained by just playing the game. Event Passes are usually the quickest way, but often require either tons of grinding or have a paywall, and Event Orbs are similar. Event Passes are the best way to get Mythic Essence if you’re willing to spend a little bit but don’t mind grinding, while the Event Orbs are the way to go if you just wanna spend a bunch of money.

Leveling Up

Leveling up is a simple thing to do in League, just like in most games. The level up rewards you get in League usually consist of Champion Capsules, which grant Champion Shards and Blue Essence. However, you also get Mythic Essence occasionally when leveling up. From Level 150 and onwards, players receive 10 Mythic Essence every fifty levels. This definitely isn’t the quickest method of gaining it, but it’s worth remembering. Especially if you’re close to that fiftieth level up.

Event Passes

Generally, Event Passes are the best way to get Mythic Essence. Most events will allow you to purchase 125 Mythic Essence (the amount needed for the rarest skins) for 2200 event points. The only downside here, though, is that event points usually take a lot of grinding to earn. However, if you already play a lot of League, this is definitely the best method.

Grinding points from the Event Passes has gotten a lot better over the last little while, as you can now play any game on the League client and still gain points. At least for the Worlds 2022 pass, players gained points simply by time spent playing the game. The points rate was the same for standard Summoner’s Rift, URF, and ARAM. TFT rewarded slightly less points, and Co-op vs. AI games gave very little. This might change for future events, but it’s likely the process will stay at least mostly the same.

Hextech and Masterwork Chests

Hextech and Masterwork Chests are also answers to how to get Mythic Essence in LoL, but grinding them would be either very time consuming or very expensive. Getting Mythic Essence from chests is more of a way to get the last few Mythic Essence needed for something, not the whole amount.

According to the League wiki, Hextech Chests have a 3.6% chance to give Mythic Essence, and Masterwork Chests have a 4.2% chance. Masterwork Chests also have a milestones system that unlocks certain guaranteed items after opening a set amount of chests. Every five Masterwork Chests you open guarantees 5 Mythic Essence, so if you’re going to grind chests, you should definitely do so with Masterwork ones.


Each event usually has an orb item associated with it, and these orbs usually have a chance to drop Mythic Essence. As of right now at least, the two available orbs (Worlds 2022 and Empyrean) both have a 4.11% chance, so if you’re willing to spend a bunch of money then this might be one of the best methods. You can also get these orbs without spending money, but they’re usually quite rare this way.

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