League of Legends: The Best Supports for Ezreal (2024)

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League of Legends: The Best Supports for Ezreal (2024)

Help Ezreal curate the museum with these pairings.

Ezreal has always been one of the most fun ADCs to play, which keeps him relevant even when the meta isn’t in his favor. Figuring out how to play Ezreal can be challenging, though. He’s far more ability-reliant than most ADCs, but that uniqueness also plays a part in why he’s so good.

Ezreal is a burst damage ADC with really good movement/escape abilities, so he stands out a lot from most others. But that also means that picking a support go with him might not be as easy as it usually is.


Here are 5 best supports for Ezreal that work really well with his kit, ranked good to great.

#5 Shaco

It feels wrong to recommend Shaco as a support, but I can’t deny how good he is with Ezreal. Since Ezreal is one of few ADCs that can hold lane on their own, you can get away with a lot. That includes a support like Shaco who wants to roam and try stealth attacks constantly. Any time I’m against a Shaco (whether in bot lane or elsewhere), it fills me with dread. And I mean that literally. He’s just as annoying as someone like Teemo or Singed, but worse because he’s better.

Shaco is a horribly annoying Champion to play against, but as an Ezreal player, I’m always secretly happy to see him on my team. You instantly know you have the advantage of breaking the enemy team’s morale, which is one of the best ways to win a League match. I think I’ve seen more people get mad and leave the game because of Shaco than any other Champion except for maybe Teemo, so that’s gotta count for something.

#4 Braum

Even though Ezreal doesn’t usually need a ton of help surviving bad situations, Braum is the best support for protecting Ezreal if you’re against a really aggressive bot lane. Ezreal is known for his ability to escape thanks to his E-ability, but he can still be overwhelmed. Against the more aggressive bot lanes (think something like Thresh / Miss Fortune), Braum really helps out a lot.

In my experience with Ezreal, the easiest way to get killed is getting hooked or stunned by a tank. Thresh, Leona, Blitzcrank, or any similar support can lock Ezreal down to where even his E can’t save him.

Braum is good in these situations since he can rush to Ezreal with his W (Stand Behind Me) and protect him from almost anything with his shield (E-ability). This is even better against ADCs with projectile abilities like Jinx or Miss Fortune. I’ve been killed so many times because of tanks like Braum, so a support like him is truly welcome.

#3 Zilean

Whenever I’ve played Zilean in the past, it always feels like he needs a very specific kind of ADC to work. Ezreal fits this role almost perfectly, thanks to how his power spike goes. In a good game, Ezreal should spike in power around the middle of the game after around two items. Zilean’s XP advancing passive is a strange ability to optimize, but it helps Ezreal hit his power spike while still in lane phase. Hitting that power spike early is the best thing that can happen for Ezreal.

I always feel strange recommending Zilean, as he doesn’t feel “good” to play most of the time in my opinion. He’s kind of awkward and is pretty easy to gank, but this match-up feels perfect. Zilean was designed with ADCs like Ezreal in mind, so it makes since that he feels awkward so often since there aren’t many ADCs like this in general. Some of my best experiences as Ezreal have come thanks to Zilean’s XP boost, so I have to recommend him.

#2 Maokai

Maokai stands out as a really solid support for Ezreal since everything he does involves rooting/stunning and making it hard for enemies to lane. He isn’t too aggressive for Ezreal to be able to keep up, but he also avoids being so passive that enemies can push up. Maokai is overall just a really good tanky support that synergizes well with Ezreal.

I’ve found that the best ability for Maokai as a support, with or without Ezreal, is almost always his Q (Bramble Smash). Even though Maokai is a tank, his Q-ability allows him to fight back way better than most people expect. Then you can use his W (Twisted Advance) to become untargetable and root enemies so Ezreal can easily land his W-Q combos. Any time I play Ezreal, I’m always hoping to see stunned/rooted enemies. It’s a guaranteed way to line up combos and take huge chunks of health out, and it makes for some really consistent early game kills as well.

#1 Bard

It’s not always that I’m happy to see Bard on my team, but when I play Ezreal I truly am. The reasoning here is simply that Bard excels when he has time to go exploring. He has to gather his charms to be effective, and Ezreal is one of the best ADCs at holding lane by himself. Since Ezreal’s E-ability allows him to essentially Flash for free, it easily keeps him safe when alone. He can keep pushing lane up and applying pressure with his long-range abilities (his Q, mostly) without being in threat of instantly dying to a gank or all-in play.

While Ezreal holds lane on his own, Bard has all the time in the world to roam. This gives him all the time he needs to gather his charms in the jungle/river and power up. This helps other lanes too since Bard can go help them if needed, while also letting him keep scaling. Plus, don’t forget how strong Bard actually is along with Ezreal when they’re both together. Bard’s Q (Cosmic Binding) is a great way to stun multiple enemies at once, which is perfect for helping Ezreal out.

I can remember countless times where Bard’s Q or ultimate have lined up perfect double kills for me as Ezreal. Whether he’s using his ultimate from the river, getting double stuns over the wall with his Q, or just healing me last second with his often-forgotten W (Caretaker’s Shrine), Bard is always helpful for Ezreal. Even though he’s rarely even in lane, I feel like Bard’s abilities are perfectly matched to set up multi-kills, which Ezreal is one of the best at securing.

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