Best ADCs to Climb Ranked League of Legends in Season 14

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Best ADCs to Climb Ranked League of Legends in Season 14

Dominate the ranked ladder in Season 14 with one of these ADC champions!

Climbing the ranked ladder as an ADC is by no means an easy feat. You need stellar mechanics, impeccable positioning in teamfights, and skill shot-dodging reflexes. And you need to juggle all that while practically every opponent on the enemy team is looking to decimate you in seconds. 

The journey is tough, but there are a few things you can do to make your path a little easier, and that includes picking up an ADC champion who’s strong in the current meta. 

I’ve ranked the best ADCs to climb ranked in Season 14 below from great to best.

#5 Draven

Okay. Draven definitely isn’t a champion for the faint-hearted. He has a high-risk high-reward playstyle, meaning if you don’t get ahead early, you’re going to be pretty useless for the remainder of the game. He also has extremely difficult mechanics and plenty of combos.

However, if you have the guts to become a Draven OTP and take the time to master the ins and outs of his axes? You’ll be able to carry practically any game and see those LP gains in no time. 

The main reason for this is that Draven is an unrivaled lane bully. When played right, he can absolutely slaughter the enemy ADC and prevent them from getting ahead. He can then use this lane advantage to snowball and assist his team, allowing him to carry a game even if his allies are falling behind in their own solo lanes. 

While Draven is an all-around solid fighter, he especially excels in 1v1 matchups. He also has plenty of movement speed and CC thanks to his W and E abilities. This allows him to self-peel, kite, and chase his targets down effortlessly. Unsurprisingly, Draven is best suited to players who have an aggressive playstyle — you’ll want to consider another champ to main if you prefer to play it safe.

#4 Jinx

Jinx may not have the strongest early game, but what she does have is an insane late game potential and a versatile kit that allows her to adapt to different team comps. These two qualities make her an exceptional champion to play in ranked. You’ll always be able to synergize with your team and have a strong win condition even if the early game doesn’t play out as you’d hoped. 

Jinx also has plenty of damage and an attack range that very few ADCs can match. In the late game, she can effortlessly participate in teamfights and snipe out the enemy without putting herself in harm’s way. 

Just like Ashe, Jinx also has a global ultimate. However, instead of applying CC, it dishes out a lethal amount of damage, allowing her to secure kills from across the map (and reach her late game stage faster).

Jinx does tend to use up a lot of mana, especially in the laning phase. Make sure not to spam your attacks — without good mana management in the early game, you’ll become vulnerable to poke, ganks, and zoning.

#3 Caitlyn 

Caitlyn is another lane bully who can help you climb the ranked ladder. While she doesn’t deal as much damage as Draven in the early game, she is a lot safer and is ideal for those who aren’t fully dedicated to the “go hard or go home” lifestyle. Her auto attack range is exceptionally long if she triggers her passive, meaning she can easily poke and farm from a safe position. 

She also has plenty of ways to escape dicey situations. For example, she can use her E ability to evade skillshots or the enemy team’s engages, and she can lay down traps to hinder their movements.

Caitlyn’s ultimate can also be a total gamechanger in ranked — it allows her to execute low-health enemies even if they dash out of her auto-attack range. This ability is insanely useful in the current meta, where practically every new champion Riot has released has some form of mobility under their belt. 

Caitlyn has a high skill curve too and she can fit comfortably in most team comps. She is also one of the few champions who can be strong in both the early game and late game when played right. However, her kit is heavily reliant on using her E ability and traps properly — misusing these abilities will leave her incredibly vulnerable.

#2 Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, in my opinion, is one of the best ADCs to climb with in low elo. Her kit is relatively simple, she’s rarely ever banned by the enemy team, and she can adapt to her team’s needs incredibly well. Plus, low-elo players often lack the skills to properly play around her ricocheting bullets. 

She can also thrive in team fights. This is primarily thanks to her AoE ultimate — when used correctly, it can change the tide of a fight entirely and give her team a huge advantage. Her ultimate is an especially strong skill in low elo ranked queue, where skirmishes happen at practically every minute of the game. 

Miss Fortune’s passive also makes her a stellar teamfighter, as it grants her bonus damage whenever she swaps to a new target. 

Just be mindful that Miss Fortune isn’t the best at 1v1s. Most ADCs can out-damage her unless she manages to land a killer ult. Try to stick with your support or team as closely as possible when roaming around the map.

#1 Ashe

Ashe is one of the few ADCs that remains a reliable champion, no matter how much the meta changes. And there’s a pretty good reason for it: Her kit enables her to carry with minimal risk and stay a viable threat even if she falls behind.

This is primarily thanks to her long-ranged attacks. She can poke out the enemy from a safe distance with her Q and W abilities, meaning she can effortlessly harass them or zone them off their farm without getting punished. 

She also has plenty of utility at her disposal. Her R is a global range skillshot that stuns the target for several seconds. This stun is exceptionally powerful and allows her to set up gamechanging engages for her teammates, even if she isn’t in a position to join the fight directly. She can also use her Hawkshot to grant her team vision of the map (and uncover exactly where the enemy jungler is.)

Just be mindful that Ashe is pretty immobile and doesn’t have a reliable escape tool. You’ll need to be careful when positioning in fights to ensure you’re not caught out.

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