5 Best Team Comps for League of Legends (Season 12)

So, you’re looking for the best team comps in League of Legends Season 12. Maybe you want to climb higher in Ranked, or put together a wombo combo you and your friends can pull off in a Clash game. Whatever the case may be, you have multiple options whether you’re playing alone or with a friend.

A good team comp isn’t going to get you a free win, though. You still need to play well and understand the playstyle you’re going for. Additionally, some comps may need specific Champions to function. Always be aware of the Ban Phase in Draft!

By the end of this guide, we hope you’ll know which Champions to choose, how to play them (or play alongside them), and be ready to go 3–0 in your next Ranked promos.

Let’s get started!

1. “Don’t Worry, We Scale” — Best Team Comps for LoL to Climb Ranked Solo Queue

Best Team Comps for LoL to Climb Ranked Solo Queue
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

This first team comp is for anyone climbing the ever-steep mountain that is Ranked Solo Queue. After the durability update (12.10), you may find yourself getting less kills early on. These changes have led to less snowballing and more matches going past the 30-minute mark, and have made it imperative to have team comp who can hold their own in the late game. Having a scaling Champion in your repertoire can be very beneficial to your LP gains.

Champion Options for Climbing Ranks

A scaling Champion is any Champion that gets their power spikes later in the game, either through levels or items. Once that Champ reaches their power spike, they become a menace for the enemy team that can easily turn a single fight into a match-winning encounter. Many of these scaling Champions are in Top or Mid lane, but there are options for each role.

Top Lane: Kayle/Ornn

First up is the scaling late-game monster, Kayle. When playing as Kayle, your main goal should be getting to Level 16. Her passive, Divine Ascent, gives her extended attack range, ramping attack speed, and on-hit AOE effects on every auto. While she can build AD (Attack Damage) or AP (Ability Power), her AP build will always be the better choice. Items like Nashor’s or Void Staff tend to be better than their AD counterparts.

The only downside to playing Kayle is her early-game strength. She’s easy to kill, and in higher-skill games, enemies will know that. Be aware of opponents camping your lane for most of the early game.

If that scares you off, Ornn might be a better Champion for you. He’s a great pick for beginners, as his base stats give him innate tankiness as the game progresses. His passive, Living Forge, grants him…well, a lot of things.

Firstly, he’s able to craft items without going back to base, which means he can catch all the experience and gold he wants without worrying about returning. Secondly, he gets percent health damage. In layman’s terms, that means the more health an enemy has, the more damage they take from his hits. Lastly, he can upgrade his teammates’ items, making his late-game carries stronger. His abilities also offer the best engage in the game. A well-placed ultimate can knock up an entire enemy team — pretty good, no?

Mid Lane: Victor/Veigar

While his abilities might take some time to get used to, Victor is an AP monster in the late game. Unlike Kayle, most of his power comes from his items and his passive. Glorious Evolution gives Victor a second currency — 1 per CS and 25 per kill/assist — to evolve his abilities. Once evolved, his abilities have secondary qualities like extra damage or movement speed. As a result, he doesn’t have to wait around for levels like Kayle. If you’re great at CSing and playing slow, Victor is the perfect Champion for you.

Veigar is another great scaling pick for Mid lane. His passive, Phenomenal Evil Power, grants him bonus AP on every minion kill with his Q ability. The potential for having the highest AP of any Champion allows Veigar to build for either high damage or tankiness.

Building for high damage is fairly self-explanatory. By the late game, Veigar should have around 1000 AP, which is enough for one combo to either one-shot an enemy or force them to back off. That said, Tankgar gets the best of both worlds. With tank items and infinite AP scaling, Veigar can take multiple hits to the face and still do decent damage. Trust me when I say both playstyles are extremely fun!

Jungle: Zac

Zac is a good choice for a Jungler looking to scale along with the team. Unlike the other Champions mentioned here, Zac’s potential doesn’t lie with his damage, but with his health and innate healing. On every ability, Zac drops a little blob that he can pick up and use to heal for a portion of his maximum health. By late game, he can be unkillable if the enemy team didn’t buy any anti-heal. Additionally, Zac has one of the best gank setups in the game, perfect for getting your team ahead.

If you don’t like the green booger, then any Jungler with CC (Crowd Control) can be a good choice.

Bot Lane: Vayne/Support Options

Technically, all ADCs (Attack Damage Carries) are scaling Champions, though some more effective than others. Without a doubt, Vayne has the best scaling of them all. All of her abilities have some sort of offensive capability. Most importantly is her ability, Silver Bolts. Every third attack deals bonus max health true damage, which means every third attack ignores armor and deals more damage as the game progresses. In my opinion, this makes Vayne one of the best ADCs to play.

For Support, there isn’t one Champion that outshines the others compared to other roles. In a scaling comp, you typically don’t want a weak early-game Champion to be your Support. The Support’s job in any game is to engage and take damage or mitigate damage teammates take, so Champions like Lulu or Zilean are great choices. Both of their ultimates can prevent their Vayne or Kayle from dying.  If you want to be the one engaging, Leona or Nautilus are great choices that can round out the team comp.

Tips and Advice

Play for late game. These picks are based on the expectation that the game will run long — they’re not here to win the game in under twenty minutes. Don’t take many fights in the early game unless you feel like you have an advantage. It’s nice to get a couple kills early on, but falling behind just makes the game ten times harder to win.

Try not to have a full team of scalers. You can’t make it to the late game if you get steamrolled by an enemy team full of early-game Champions.

If you aren’t playing the scaling Champion, support the one who is! Good players won’t allow a Kayle to level freely — she’ll need help from her Jungler and her Support. If you make it to the late game, congrats! You’ve most likely won the match.

2. “Where Did my Health Go?” — Best Siege Comp for LoL

Where Did my Health Go?: Best Siege Comp for LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

A Siege comp (also known as a Poke comp) is one of the easiest comps to play. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the easiest comps to punish. Don’t bring these Champions into a team that can jump you and run you down. Odds are, you won’t have a good time. In order to play Siege comp, you need Champions with long range or high tower damage. Or both — both are good.

Champions for Siege Comp

Typically, these types of Champions deal high damage with long range, low cooldown abilities. Your whole goal when playing should be sitting back and relaxing while spamming skillshots at the enemy team. This playstyle prevents the enemy team from defending a tower, contesting an objective, or having any health.

Who are these Champions, you might ask? Well, there’s a Siege/Poke Champ for just about every role.

Top Lane: Jayce/Gragas

Jayce is a good pick for Top lane, though he’s become an off-meta pick since the durability update. Still, he provides decent poke and tower damage as long as you don’t fall behind. What’s special about Jayce is that he has two forms — melee and ranged.

Melee is good for trading in the early game and finishing off enemies toward the mid game. His ranged form is what really shines in this comp, though. His W ability provides three empowered auto-attacks that shred through towers like butter. A successful E+Q combo deals massive damage when poking enemies. At two or three items, one E+Q combo can chunk squishy targets to half health!

Switching through his forms may take some experience, but anyone who masters this Champion can easily carry games.

If you want some tankiness, Gragas can be almost unkillable in lane due to passive healing and damage reduction he gains from his abilities. His Q provides area control, forcing enemies to reposition or take damage. His other abilities provide some CC, allowing his team to get easy shots off. Despite his simplicity, Gragas mains have found they can do trickshots with his abilities.

If that level of skill expression interests you, I recommend watching SloppyWalrusX on Twitch for some cool combos.

Mid Lane: Xerath/Lux

Xerath is one of the best poke Champs you could play.  While he has no movement abilities, a fed Xerath is one of the scariest Champions to face. All of his abilities can be used from range, allowing him to easily poke enemy Champions. His Q can do immense damage and has a range of 1450, meaning he can freely damage you without fear of tower aggro.

If you thought that was long, his ultimate has a range of 5000. Taking advantage of his range alone makes Xerath a must-have for this team.

Lux is also a great choice for this comp. All of her abilities almost match Xerath in range and deal similar damage. With a few items, one combo can just about delete most enemy Champions. Just be aware of having too many AP Champions on your team — if the enemy team builds magic resist, then most of your damage becomes negligible.

Jungle: Jarvan

Junglers should look to play any Champion that can engage for their team and provide a frontline in teamfights. Jarvan has the perfect ultimate for this comp. Cataclysm launches him toward an enemy Champion and creates a circular wall that traps anyone inside. The poor soul then gets blasted by Jarvan’s teammates.

The best part about his ultimate is that it can trap multiple people, so any person next to the targeted Champion gets trapped as well. Just try not to trap your own teammates.

If Jarvan’s model is a little bit too 2009-looking for you, then Zac or Volibear are great alternatives for engaging the enemy team.

Bot Lane: Ziggs/Exrael

In my opinion, Ziggs is a must-have for this team comp. Not only can he spam abilities better than any other champ but his W, Satchel Charge, can execute low health towers. Additionally, his passive provides bonus damage on every other auto attack with increased damage to towers. A Ziggs in any Siege comp will leave enemies dodging dozens of skill shots while they wonder where their towers went.

While you can play him Mid lane, I personally like playing him Bot lane. Pair him with a Support like Thresh and the team will have all the CC and peel they need.

If you decide you have too much AP on your team, Ezrael is a good choice for Bot lane. His playstyle revolves around weaving skillshots and auto-attacks together to maximize his damage. In the current meta, he builds items with Sheen, which gives him more damage to towers (sort of like a discount Ziggs). Try pairing him with a Yuumi for more poke and healing.

Tips and Advice

Take advantage of your range. As I said, this comp is incredibly easy to play. In the early game, poke your opponents as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if you kill them — leaving them with no health will force them back to their Nexus. Forcing them to back means they lose experience and gold and fall behind.

Don’t get cocky. The only downside of this comp is how easy it is to gank your lane. A lot of poking means the wave eventually pushes toward the enemy tower, which leaves you far from safety. Remember your wards and be vigilant of the enemy Jungler.

Spam your abilities. Having survived the early game, you should have an item or two, which means it’s time to start spamming abilities in their faces. Remember to push lanes and take towers or objectives. Every teamfight should be played slowly. Abuse the fact you have a longer range than your opponents. If the enemy team can’t engage, then they have to choose between fighting a losing battle or conceding a Dragon or their tower. It might be boring, but keep doing this and you’ll blow up the competition.

3. Unlimited CC Works — The Best Pick Comp for LoL

Unlimited CC Works: The Best Pick Comp for LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

This next comp requires a little more teamplay to execute well — perfect for a Clash team looking for an easy win. The Pick comp focuses on locking down a single target and not letting them play the game. Most times, this comp will target the enemy team’s carry or their Jungler, rendering the rest of the team unable to fight or contest an objective.

Champion Options for Pick Comp

A Pick comp was recently played in a pro play LCK match by T1. This comp allowed them to target key members and turn a losing game into their first win of the set. Most of the meta Champions for this comp have easy-to-execute abilities, making them very beginner-friendly.

Top Lane: Camille/Mordekaiser

Typical Champions in this comp have hard CC abilities like stuns, roots, or taunts. A common pairing is a Camille Top with a Galio Mid. Camille’s ultimate, The Hextech Ultimatum, targets an enemy Champion and creates a zone they can’t leave. This zone is perfect for abilities that hit in a big area, such as Galio’s ultimate. Camille can also deal true damage, slightly mitigating the effects of the durability update.

Unfortunately, Camille has both a high skill floor and ceiling, so don’t despair if you can’t play her well in your first game.

If you want a lower skill requirement Champion, Mordekaiser is your best bet. Riot keeps giving him buffs, and his ultimate synergizes well with a pick comp. Realm of Death sends any target to a 1v1 arena where it’s just them and you. During this time, the enemy’s stats are reduced and given to Mordekaiser instead.

Against a juiced Morde and reduced stats, few can survive this ultimate. With easy to hit abilities, decent sustain, and innate magic penetration, Mordekaiser is a perfect beginner-friendly Champion for this meta.

Mid Lane: Galio/Twisted Fate/Malzahar

If one of your teammates is playing Camille, give Galio a try. His abilities are easy to use and provide much-needed CC to the team. One combo can CC an opponent for almost three seconds. His ultimate allows him to leap to any ally from almost across the map, knocking up enemies when he lands. Coincidentally, the area in which he lands covers the same range as Camille ultimate. Combine these two ultimates together, and anyone caught is gold.

If you don’t like Galio, Twisted Fate and Malzahar excel at locking down an enemy so their team can follow up. Twisted Fate can teleport almost anywhere on the map and stun a single target, provided he has the gold card ability up.

Likewise, Malzahar can single out anyone they want (minus the teleporting). His ultimate, Nether Grasp, suppresses a target effectively making them unable to do anything. Perfect for taking out a strong enemy. Be aware that these Champions are very team-reliant, meaning you need to play for your teammates and not yourself.

Jungle: Vi

As for Jungle, a Champion like Vi can do well in the post-durability meta. It’s incredibly easy for most Champions to build armor to counter AD champions — if your team is heavily AD, an enemy team building armor could spell doom. Luckly, Vi can punish building armor through her passive ability, Denting Blows. After three auto-attacks, enemies suffer a 20% armor reduction debuff, increasing any AD damage against them. Additionally, her ultimate, Cease and Desist, can chase down anyone who survived her teammates.

Personally, I find Vi somewhat clunky to play. If you have the same opinion, high single-target damage Champions synergize well with a pick comp. Someone like Kha’zix has a field day with targets isolated by Galio or Camille.

Bot Lane: Lucian/Nami

To round out the rest of the team, a Bot duo like Lucian and Nami provide more damage and some extra CC. Lucian/Nami is a pairing to be feared at any rank. By herself, Nami has some of the best utility in the game, but her real power comes from her E, Tidecaller’s Blessing. This ability gives allies three empowered auto-attacks, which can also trigger the Electrocute Rune.

Lucian also has the ability to give himself empowered auto-attacks if an ally damages his target. Combine those two abilities together and Nami only needs to press E and Lucian can almost kill any Champion he meets. This power starts at Level 1, so don’t be afraid to hide in tri-bush to cheese the enemy Bot Lane.

If Lucian/Nami feels too dirty or was banned then Kai’sa and Blitzcrank are good alternatives. When played well, Kai’sa can provide just as much damage as Lucian. Likewise, Blitzcrank has just as much pick potential as a Camille or Galio. His Q, Rocket Grab, can pull enemies directly into your team. There are times when pulling the right person can be a game changer. Just don’t pull an angry Volibear into your team.

Tips and Advice

Teamwork is key. The playstyle for this comp requires some teamwork to be effective. If you are playing solo try telling your teammates who you want to target before the fight.

Know your priorities. In the early game, the team should be farming up, gaining vision, and looking for good roams. This comp is great at shutting down scaling comps, so don’t be afraid to dive the enemy Kayle a few times.

By mid-game, you should have gotten a few kills and are ready to contest Dragons and Barons. Single out a priority target and take them out of the fight. Don’t be afraid to use ults to take someone out even if it was overkill.

If you can catch the enemy Jungler slaking, it will be hard for the enemy team to contest a Dragon without smite. Make the right calls and you won’t have to worry about late game.

Know your role. Mid lane should play for their teammates by helping Jungle contest crab and other objectives or looking for roaming opportunities. Twisted Fate and Galio ults can turn a losing fight into a winning one, so always be looking for a chance to save the day. Junglers should be playing with their Mid and taking advantage of their great CC to get an early lead.

Bot lane, as always, should be playing safe, paying attention to their teammates’ roams and looking for kill opportunities.

4. Protect the VIP Team Comp in LoL

Protect the VIP Team Comp in LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

Protect the VIP is another great comp to try out for those looking for an extra edge in Ranked or Clash. Its main playstyle revolves solely on protecting the ADC and making sure they get to the point where they can carry the game. In my opinion, this is one of the more challenging comps to play for multiple reasons.

Champion Options for Protecting the ADC

There are a few things to remember when putting together this particular comp. Firstly, the Champions in the ADC role are incredibly weak in the health department and can easily get killed. Secondly, as the ADC, you have to trust that your teammates can do their job and protect you. Lastly, if your ADC falls behind, there won’t be much you can do if you don’t have an alt carry on your team.

Still, this comp is worth trying out if you or a friend are decent at the ADC role.

Top Lane: Shen

Shen is a perfect pick for the Top lane. His ultimate ability, Stand United, allows him to teleport to any ally on the map and give them a shield that can block a ton of damage. In addition, Shen has a taunt ability that’s great for protecting teammates or for grabbing an easy kill. As for alternatives, any tanky Champion that can act as a wall for their ADC is a great pick. Sion, Ornn, and Cho’gath are good choices.

Mid Lane: Lissandra

Lissandra mains rejoice! Control mages are great for forcing enemies away from your team or setting up kills. Mages like Anivia can block choke points or escape routes by creating a wall. Lissandra excels at locking an enemy in place, making an easy kill for your team.

Other control mages include Azir, Orianna, and Taliyah. Pro Mid players typically have one of these mages in their Champion pool. A control mage in the hands of a skilled player decides how a teamfight plays out, so give one of these Champions a try. Your ADC will thank you when the enemy Viego can’t touch them.

Jungle: Variety

Junglers should be picking any Champ that can dive the enemy backline and prevent their carries from focusing your ADC. This is the perfect comp for Wukong or Volibear mains. If you don’t like those options, then choose whoever. The ADC will have enough protection and you could get away with any type of Jungler.

Bot Lane: Zeri/Kalista

Oddly enough, who you pick for ADC doesn’t exactly matter here. Most ADCs can do well when their team is playing for them. However, meta picks like Zeri or Kalista are very strong at the moment. I’m not exactly sure what Riot did to Zeri, but after a few items, she does a lot of damage and can easily outrun a group of five. She can also build AD or AP, giving her some flexibility.

Likewise, Kalista can dish out a lot of damage and can dash with every auto-attack. I recommend picking one that you like or one that looks fun and try them out. All ADCs have different strengths and weaknesses that might fit your playstyle better.

Lastly, Supports have a lot of choices they can make. Enchanters are great picks, as their entire job is to shield or power up allies. Lulu, Seraphine, and Renata have been extremely strong in this patch and make it hard to kill anyone on their team.

If you want someone with a more in-your-face playstyle, try picking Leona, Nautilus, or Alistar. Choose any of these Champions and your ADC won’t be able to blame you if they somehow manage to die.

Tips and Advice

Be a smart ADC. Playing this comp is self explanatory. Doing well with this comp is another story. Your win condition relies solely on whether or not your ADC is able to play well. As the ADC, you should be playing safe and only engaging if you have teammates with you. Remember everything can and will kill you, so unless you’re ahead, treat each fight with a side of caution.

Set yourself up for success. Top lane should play to scale and get big and tanky for the mid to late game. If you’re playing Shen, pay attention to your teammates, as your ult is incredibly powerful in turning a fight.

Mid and Jungle should think of the enemy Bot lane as walking piles of gold. Ganking Bot lane over and over again can allow your ADC to get ahead even if they don’t get the kills. A farm-fed ADC is a happy ADC. As the Support, you should stay with the ADC most of the time. Look to roam with the Jungler when it’s safe. In the early game, you’re what keeps your ADC alive. If played well, the team should be ready for the next step — teamfights.

Protect the ADC. It’s time to group for teamfights and everyone has one job — keep the ADC alive. This includes the ADC. Remember you are the win condition in this comp. If you can’t perform or mis-position, your team will find it hard to win fights. So keep behind your team, weaving autos and abilities while watching for threats. Everyone should also keep this in mind, moving as one big snowball and mowing down enemies. The biggest mistake you can make in these fights is getting tunnel vision and forgetting about playing as a team. Go too deep and the rest of the team may not be able to follow up or be forced to mis-position and get wiped. Play it slow and play it smart and you’ll look like a pro team.

5. Wombo Combo — Best Team Comp for Yasuo in LoL

Wombo Combo: Best Team Comp for Yasuo in LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Tyler Locke

This last and best comp is for the Yasuo mains that go 0–10 within ten minutes. We all know a Yasuo main who serves a 5-star meal to the enemy Mid laner. Maybe you are that Yasuo — I know I am. Whatever the case, this team comp focuses solely on making Yasuo look like a Rank 1 Challenger, and it all starts with Yasuo’s ultimate ability, Last Breath. This ability knocks up enemy Champions, dealing damage and providing armor penetration for fifteen seconds afterwards. However, to use this ability, it requires the target or targets to be initially knocked up. Yasuo innately has a knock up in his kit to be able to use his ultimate, but with this team comp, we can make it so he only has to press one button to win a team fight.

Champion Options for Yasuo Team Comps

Now, I know I said that Yasuo is the star of the show here, but the real star will be Diana. She is a must for this team. Her ability to easily jump into an enemy team and dish out damage is great, but what wins you those team fights is her ultimate ability, Moonfall. Moonfall pulls in all enemy Champions in a radius around her, dealing damage based on how many she initially pulled. In that brief second Diana pulls the enemy, Yasuo is able to use his ultimate, dealing huge damage and keeping the enemies locked in place. Now, who should be their teammates?

Top Lane: Ornn/Malphite

Choosing a Top lane Champion is fairly easy — anyone with a knockup is going to do well. Ornn is a great choice, as he provides a frontline, loads up knockups, and can upgrade Diana and Yasuo’s items for more damage.

Malphite is another great choice, as his ultimate ability, Unstoppable Force, synergizes with Yasuo. When used, Malphite throws himself at the targeted area, dealing damage and knocking up anyone hit. What’s more, Malphite ult is extremely fast and its only counterplay is reaction time. As Top lane, you should think of yourself as Plan B if Diana is dead or doesn’t have ultimate.

Mid Lane: Yasuo/Yone

Yasuo should always be in the Mid lane. We want him to be Level 6 as soon as possible. Mid laners will always be a higher level in the early game due to how fast the minions walk to the lane. The faster the minions, the more experience acquired. Roam opportunities are also great for Yasuo — a couple roams toward Bot lane and you might score a couple of kills. If you truly hate playing Mid, Yasuo can also be played Top or Bot lane.

As for alternatives, Yone, Yasuo’s counterpart, is just as good of a pick as Diana. Yone’s ultimate, Fate Sealed, has a huge hitbox that can knock up entire enemy teams.  A well placed Yone ult and the enemy will breathe their last breath.

Jungle: Diana

We want Diana as the Jungler. Her clear speed is insanely fast, which allows her to gank lanes faster. Furthermore, Diana can influence Yasuo’s early game more than if she was in another lane. This way, both Diana and Yasuo can get ahead faster and win the game faster.

Bot Lane: Kalista/Samira

Bot lane has a couple of choices they can make. ADCs can choose to play Kalista or Samira. Kalista’s ultimate, Fate’s Call,  gives her the ability to throw her teammates at enemies, knocking them up upon landing. So don’t be afraid to throw someone at the enemy — you might land an ace.

Similar to Yasuo, Samira likes to take advantage of knocked up opponents and can increase the time they are knocked up. Additionally, Samira has a higher damage output compared to other ADCs. If the wombo combo doesn’t wipe the enemy team, Samira surely will.

Again, any Champion that has knock up abilities fits well with this team. Alistar and Nautilus are decent choices. If you want to play an enchanter, Janna and Lulu are great picks as well.

Tips and Advice

Play for Yasuo and Diana. For being one of the stronger comps, the Diana/Yasuo wombo combo is surprisingly easy to pull off. Early game, the team should be playing for their Yasuo or Diana, as both can easily carry. Once Diana and Yasuo get to Level 6, they should start thinking of playing with each other.

If there weren’t too many setbacks in lane, then those two together should be able to win most fights. Look for gank opportunities and try to take objectives like Rift Herald. By mid game, Diana and Yasuo should have one or two items, depending on how well the early game went. While not enough to one-shot the enemy team, it should be enough to become a very scary threat to anyone unlucky enough to get caught by them.

Look to fight around objectives. Avoid pointless fights and try not to use your ultimate needlessly. Remember the whole point of this team is to combo ultimates. Refraining from ulting the 1/6 Ashe might just net you a Dragon and a few kills later on.

Combo, combo, combo. If they haven’t surrendered by late game, then the team’s goal should be looking to combo abilities and ults when the enemy is grouped up. Diana and Yasuo should be doing insane amounts of damage by now, and if one combo doesn’t just one-shot the enemy, then the rest of your team should wipe the floor with the poor souls that survived.

Wrapping Up the Best Team Comps in League of Legends Season 12

And that’s it. If you’re playing Ranked Solo Queue and no one wants to try one of these comps, don’t get frustrated. At the end of the day, team comps are not the end all be all. Just because you didn’t get a perfect comp doesn’t mean the game is over! I’d prefer a player to play Zed (who probably has a million mastery points) rather than first-time Twisted Fate just because there’s a chance of a good team comp.

Odds are, playing a Champ you know and like will more likely lead to a win. Additionally, don’t be afraid to come up with a team comp of your own. You never know what might be meta next! Janna top with smite was a thing….

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Happy gaming!

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