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The Best Vayne Skins in League of Legends, Ranked

Vayne can make you feel like a tank-destroying, elo-hogging god, so you might as well look legendary too and splurge on one of her skins!

Vayne can make you feel like a total, tank-destroying, elo-hogging god… if you’re able to master all her complex mechanics, that is. Otherwise, she can leave you feeling like you’re “winning” at a whole other game (ahem, Vaynespotting). 

But today, I’m not here to lecture you on why Vayne is probably not the best champion to try first time in your ranked games. Nor am I going to call you out on that flash-and-roll combo into enemy turret range.

I’m here to do only one thing: Rank Vayne’s skins from worst to best so you know exactly what’s worth splurging your cash on. And hey, you never know, with a new, flashy skin under your belt you might just experience a “level up” in your gameplay too!

#14 Soulstealer Vayne 

  • Release Date: July 28, 2016
  • Cost: 125 Mythic Essence

This may be a bit of a controversial opinion. After all, this skin is definitely better quality than the likes of Dragonslayer and Aristocrat; it makes Vayne look like she came straight out of the black mist. 

However, it costs 125 Mythic Essence. If you factor in that price… Riot is honestly just scamming you. Sure, the character model is nice, but it’s just nice — it feels like it belongs in the 975 RP category and is in no way, shape, or form worth emptying your wallet over.

#13 Dragonslayer Vayne

  • Release Date: August 24, 2011
  • Cost: 975 RP

I was hoping this skin turned Vayne into Daenerys, but unfortunately, there’s no badass Mother of Dragons energy here. It just transforms Vayne into this cavewoman-like hunter, equipped with a dragon skull helmet. It’s pretty underwhelming. Even the splash art looks outdated. 

Overall? I would personally never use this skin unless I got it for free from a Hextech Chest.

#12 Aristocrat Vayne

  • Release Date: May 10, 2011
  • Cost: 520 RP

I have to commend Riot for coming up with a whole new, swanky concept — and if it was pulled off successfully? It would definitely be one of my all-time favorite skins. 

But unfortunately, it wasn’t executed well. Instead of a sophisticated, glamorous look for Vayne, you get Cruella de Vil. It’s not a vibe, unless you’re a hardcore fan of villainous Disney characters.

#11 Vindicator Vayne

  • Release Date: May 10, 2011
  • Cost: 520 RP

First things first: the color scheme is honestly perfect for Vayne. I can’t fault the colors at all — they’re gorgeous and truly level up her look. However, everything else about this skin falls flat. There isn’t a single significant change from her base model, and while I know it’s only 520 RP, I would still expect something a bit more than a slightly spruced-up chroma. 

All that said, the colors do make it one of her best budget skins, especially when you compare it to Dragonslayer and Aristocrat.

#10 Heartseeker Vayne 

  • Release Date: February 14, 2012
  • Cost: 975 RP

I have mixed feelings about Heartseeker Vayne. On the one hand, I seriously love the character model. It’s fun, playful, and packed with vibrant design choices. Plus, the heart weapon design makes you feel like Cupid, which is hilarious considering you’re actually destroying your enemies’ hearts instead of healing them.

However, the red and white color scheme, combined with all the stripes, just makes it look a bit too festive. It reminds me of a candy cane. Plus, this is one of those skins you’ll really only use once; it’s not exactly a skin you take into ranked play. 

#9 SKT T1 Vayne

  • Release Date: May 4, 2014
  • Cost: 750 RP

I’m a diehard fan of SKT — and Faker’s win this year at Worlds was absolutely legendary — so this skin already deserves the 9th spot because of that. However, if I take my love for SKT out of the equation, the actual skin isn’t going to blow you away. 

The design is polished and the colors suit Vayne (while honoring SKT), but it won’t make you feel like a total god as you slash down enemies…. which is something I want when forking out on a new skin. I do love the subtle touches though, like how Vayne is now wearing a swanky pair of headphones.

#8 FPX Vayne

  • Release Date: April 30, 2020
  • Cost: 1350 RP

Again, this is another esports skin that has its strengths, but falls a little flat when you have so many other great skin options available (you’ll see ‘em soon, don’t worry.) It is definitely better than SKT T1 though: the skin gives Vayne a badass glow-up with a whole color scheme inspired by fire. I also seriously love the weapon design transformation when she ults.

#7 Firecracker Vayne (+ Prestige Edition)

  • Release Date: January 28, 2019, updated Prestige skin released April 1, 2022
  • Cost: 1350 RP or Mythic Essence (Prestige version)

Firecracker Vayne has perfected the “sexy but deadly” look, and I’m here for it. The color palette is feisty, the character model is packed with details and bestows Vayne a majestic cape, and the attack animations create literal fireworks on the screen. It’s good stuff. 

My only complaint? The firework sound effects, while incredibly entertaining, are a bit too distracting for competitive play. 

Now, Firecracker Vayne does have a Prestige version…. but I prefer the base skin. The Prestige version just feels like a white chroma and doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table, especially nothing worth the hefty price tag.

Due to how disappointing the Prestige version is, I can only give Firecracker Vayne the seventh spot, even though the regular skin is fire (literally).

#6 Arclight Vayne 

  • Release Date: April 20, 2015
  • Cost: 975 RP

Right, we’re getting to the good stuff now!

Arclight Vayne has a stunning character model, but I just want to show some appreciation for that splash art first. It paints Vayne as a powerful, otherworldly entity looking down on all the peasants — aka us filthy LoL players — around her. It looks amazing and is sure to satisfy any Vayne main. 

The character model is actually what Aristocrat Vayne should have been. It gives Vayne this elegant, sophisticated look that doesn’t detract from her badass nature. Even the gold color scheme has a luxurious flair. Plus, while the animations are simple, they work extremely well and won’t distract you from kiting or landing that stun. 

#5 Battle Bat Vayne

  • Release Date: March 31, 2022
  • Cost: 1350 RP

I know a lot of players weren’t a huge fan of Battle Bat Vayne when it was released. However, it’s won me over as time has gone on and I now absolutely love it.

The pink and purple color scheme is fun, the attack animations have an anime-esque, Sailor Moon vibe, and the sound effects are seriously satisfying. Plus, the new, bulky armor look is badass with a hint of cuteness (and of course a hint of bats too).

#4 Dawnbringer Vayne

  • Release Date: April 20, 2023
  • Cost: 1350 RP

Dawnbringer Vayne has a legendary-tier splash art — just look at those iridescent hues and the phenomenal action pose — so that’s already a huge plus. Enter into game, and there’s still plenty more to win you over too, including the ethereal character model, slick animations, and the fact that your recall is now a battle scene. Plus, I love how her cape has now been transformed into dragonfly-esque wings.

Unfortunately, there is one small problem with this skin: It’s got so much detail that it reveals just how dated Vayne’s base model is. Every single flowy element looks clunky. I truly hope Riot updates Vayne’s character model soon. If they do, I’m sure this skin would easily become a firm favorite among Vayne mains.

#3 Spirit Blossom Vayne

  • Release Date: July 22, 2020
  • Cost: 1350 RP

Spirit Blossom is basically the improved version of Soulstealer for a fraction of the price, so you can see why it immediately deserves the third spot. Every element of it, from the attack animations to the character model, immerses you in the eerie, mystical ambiance that the skin line is known for. 

But where this skin really shines is its ingenious use of the blue, hellish fire; it makes every attack look and feel so much more intense. 

#2 Sentinel Vayne

  • Release Date: July 8, 2021
  • Cost: 1820 RP

Sentinel Vayne gives me a very strong Satsuki Kiryuin vibe — aka the badass antagonist from Kill la Kill — so that’s already a total win in my books. But even if you’re not familiar with the anime, you’ll still absolutely love this skin. 

The animations are insanely clean, the movements feel effortless, and the emotes are insanely fun (with one even referencing the outdated OG Vayne outfit). Plus, the sound effects are distinct and audible, both qualities which can come in handy when you’re landing your combos.

With all that said, I can’t give Sentinel Vayne the top spot. It’s just a bit too similar to Arclight for my liking and there is another Vayne skin that’s honestly ultimate material. 

#1  PROJECT: Vayne

  • Release Date: November 22, 2017
  • Cost: 1820 RP

Yep. If you’re a Vayne main, you knew this was coming. PROJECT isn’t just Vayne’s best skin by a mile — it’s one of the best skins in the whole game. The entire concept, the animations, the character model, the particle effects — everything is a total masterpiece. It’s genuinely better than some of the ultimate skins out there (looking at you, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune). 

The skin essentially transforms Vayne into a cyberpunk-esque fighter, equipped with mecha-like body mods, a badass robotic voice filter, and futuristic weaponry that makes even the Dominator from Psycho-Pass look outdated. 

But the main reason PROJECT: Vayne deserves the top spot? The fact that your homeguard animation now allows you to ride a literal motorcycle out of base. Yep. That experience in itself is worth the 1820 RP price tag. 

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