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The 5 Best Mice for League of Legends

For League of Legends, the mouse you pick is one of the most important decisions you have to make in terms of hardware. Having a reliable mouse with all the features you want and need is a necessity for any game, but MOBAs like League put a special emphasis on accessory usage. Only the best mouse for League of Legends will do.

That said, there are various important aspects of gaming mice that you must take into consideration when choosing the ideal option for you. To help you find the right match, we’ll go over those decisions before diving into the top picks. Ready to dominate lane? Enjoy the guide!

Zoom In: The 5 Best Mice for League of Legends

Before we look at the different specs to consider, let’s check out the top five picks.

1. Razer Deathadder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2

The best mouse for League of Legends overall

Brand: Razer | Sensor: Optical | Max DPI: 20,000 | Connection: Wired | Buttons: 7 | Price: 💰💰💰

Razer’s Deathadder line has been around for years, consistently providing top-of-the-line gaming experiences. What makes this version stand out are the substantial upgrades in terms of build quality. It’s lighter than its predecessors, features new optical switches for the mouse buttons, and above all else, uses Razer’s Speedflex cable. This cable doesn’t drag when you move the mouse rapidly like most standard cables are likely to do, and it really pushes the product over the top.

I’ve personally used the Razer Deathadder Chroma for years, but the first time I used this updated version, I could tell it was far superior. This mouse has the perfect amount of extra buttons, modern tech, and innovative design. It is the best mouse for League of Legends.

2. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Logitech G Pro X Superlight

The best wireless mouse for League of Legends

Brand: Logitech | Sensor: Optical | Max DPI: 25,600 | Connection: Wireless | Buttons: 5 | Price: 💰💰💰💰

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is the mouse of the pros. A very large majority of pros use Logitech products, and this mouse seems to be at the top of the pack. It is a high-end mouse that comes with a steep price as a result. That said, you do get an incredible build quality, the highest DPI on this list, and a solid wireless connection.

The only thing holding the Logitech G Pro X Superlight back from the top spot is its price. The reality of the matter is that unless you want to go pro, you don’t need a mouse this good. Is it technically better than the Razer Deathadder V2? Maybe (I think the Deathadder has a slight edge personally, but I’m no pro), but the average League player doesn’t have to have this much luxury. However, if you have the cash to throw around, I do highly recommend it.

3. SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310

The best gaming mouse for League of Legends ambidextrous players

Brand: SteelSeries | Sensor: Optical | Max DPI: 12,000 | Connection: Wired | Buttons: 8 | Price: 💰💰

SteelSeries’ Sensei 310 is an ambidextrous mouse, meaning that it’s designed for both left- and right-handed users. Left-handed gamers have a horrible time trying to find good mice to use, so having an option from a respected company like Steelseries is excellent. In addition to the flexible design of this mouse, its hardware is also great. The DPI range is 100–12,000, giving it a perfectly fine range, even though it isn’t quite as high as the Razer.

My favorite thing about this mouse, though, is the number of buttons. You definitely don’t need eight buttons for League, but I like it on this mouse specifically. Having more buttons than necessary is typically a downside because it clutters up the space on the mouse, but with the ambidextrous nature of this one, the buttons are able to be spread on both sides. 

This is a solid mouse for anyone, but I mainly included it for left-handed gamers. Right-handers might think this feels weird and might not be able to accurately use the buttons on the right side, but maybe not. I definitely recommend giving it a look.

4. HyperX Pulsefire Surge

HyperX Pulsefire Surge

The best mouse for LoL on a budget

Brand: HyperX | Sensor: Optical | Max DPI: 16,000 | Connection: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Price: 💰💰

The HyperX Pulsefire Surge is an excellent mouse. It’s simple, sleek, and reliable. It features Omron switches and a Pixart 3389 sensor, along with a DPI of up to 16,000. This mouse is particularly good for MOBAs and FPS games, as six buttons is a perfect amount for those genres. When it comes to HyperX products, I have always found them to be particularly reliable.

One place where the Pulsefire Surge does lose some points is its software. HyperX does not have the best software for their products, and I truly believe that if they fixed this they would be a much more popular company. As it is, the mouse is still excellent. You just have to get used to the software that comes with it.

5. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED

The best affordable wireless gaming mouse for League

Brand: Logitech | Sensor: Optical | Max DPI: 12,000 | Connection: Wireless | Button: 6 | Price: 💰💰💰

The Logitech G305 Wireless is one of the nicest wireless mice on the market right now (within a reasonable price range). The maximum 12,000 DPI is more than enough for any game, especially League, and its minimum of 200 gives it a very wide range. A good range of DPI is one of the essentials for gaming mice, and while there are certainly options that have a higher maximum, 12,000 is plenty for almost anyone. The wireless connection here isn’t a problem since it boasts a reported 250 hours of battery life and uses only a single AA battery.

The combination of Logitech’s HERO sensor and the mechanical mouse buttons makes for an excellent wireless gaming experience, suitable for either a home gaming setup or on-the-go gamers on laptops. It also comes in a beautiful variety of pastel color schemes that match the accompanying headset line. So if you’re someone that cares about having nice color schemes, this is a unique setup that will draw far more attention than the PC gaming standard of black and red everything.

What Mice Are the Pros Using?

LoL Mouse Pros
Image: RODNAE Productions via Pexels

Looking at what mice the pros are using is a great way to understand what you might want to use. One thing to keep in mind is that many pros are sponsored by specific brands, so the mice they use might not necessarily be their favorite. 

Faker: Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Faker is arguably (and perhaps definitively) the best League of Legends player of all time. He is currently still representing T1, and even though his team isn’t as excellent as it once was, he remains one of the most influential players in the game. He uses the very popular Logitech G Pro X at 1800 DPS.

Rekkles: Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Rekkles is a member of G2 Esports, and has quickly become one of the most popular pros at the moment. He uses the same mouse as faker — the Logitech G Pro X. He plays at 1600 DPS. 

Caps: Logitech G403 HERO

Caps is also a member of G2 Esports alongside Rekkles. He uses a Logitech brand mouse as well, but opts for the 6403 HERO instead of the Pro X Superlight. He plays at 3200 DPI — almost double the DPI of Faker and Rekkles.

Pobelter: Razer Deathadder V2

Pobelter is the mid-laner for Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). He uses the Razer Deathadder V2, and seems to be one of the only pros to not be using a Logitech brand mouse. He plays at 3500 DPI, which is quite a bit higher than most pros. The Deathadder isn’t very popular in pro play, but it’s nice to see it represented by at least one person.

Jankos: Logitech G703 Lightspeed

Another member of G2 Esports, another Logitech user. Jankos uses the G703 at 1600 DPI. These G2 guys really love Logitech, don’t they?

A Brief Guide To Picking Out the Best Mouse for LoL

Let’s quickly go over the top five factors to consider when choosing your mouse for League of Legends.

Gaming Mouse Guide
Image: MILANTE via Canva

1. Sensors (Optical vs Laser): Sensor type is the source of mass debate amongst PC gamers. Both sensors work in similar ways, tracking the mouse’s position by reading the surface beneath it. Optical sensors do this with LED lights, while laser sensors use a laser. Most gamers prefer optical sensors because they are slightly more consistent, but both are honestly fine as long as you’re playing on a mousepad. 

2. DPI: DPI stands for “dots per inch”. The dots referenced here represent the way the sensors detect movement on a surface. The higher your DPI, the more detailed a scan the sensors are able to take. In many cases, a very high DPI can cause the mouse to “lag” behind because it’s trying to process too much information at once. But with the advanced mouse technology we have today, this is becoming less of a problem. However, while a high DPI might not be what most gamers need, gaming mice allow you to lower your DPI settings whenever you want. So just because your mouse has a max of 20,000 DPI, that doesn’t mean you have to (or should) play with it that high. Most gamers play with their DPI between 800 and 3000 for League.

3. Connection (Wired vs. Wireless): Connection type is always a factor in gaming peripherals, especially keyboards and mice. I always prefer a wired connection because having your mouse battery die halfway through a game is never fun, but it’s up to you. It could also depend on whether you want to take your mouse on the go, in which case you would likely want wireless. If you do decide to get a wireless mouse, always make sure and check how long the battery life is. This usually isn’t an issue with high-end wireless mice, but some cheaper ones have a horrible battery life that makes them almost useless.

4. Buttons: Most gaming mice have extra buttons you can remap keys to. The amount of buttons you will want depends on the type of games you play. For League, I typically like somewhere around 4–5 extra buttons, but if I were to be playing an MMO, I might want more. Again, this is really a personal preference.

5. Grip: You will want to consider how you hold your mouse before buying one because ergonomics are a major factor in how well you will perform. If you hold your mouse with a claw grip, you’ll want to make sure you get a mouse with a shape that’s good for that. The same goes with palm grip or any other forms of holding a mouse.


Our Process

For this guide on the best mouse for League of Legends, our writers spent four hours researching over twenty-five of the most popular options from brands big and small. After comparing this data, we then read over fifty user reviews and narrowed our list down to the top five League of Legends gaming mice on the market. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.


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