League of Legends: 9 Best Yasuo Skins Ranked From Worst to Best

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League of Legends: 9 Best Yasuo Skins Ranked From Worst to Best

Since his introduction in at the end of 2013, Yasuo has established himself as the Champion for players who are try-hard solo carries. Fitting for a character whose existence is defined by being a loner master swordsman, disappearing like the wind, and cutting down all those who stand against him as a one-man army.

As the Unforgiven, Yasuo’s kit revolves around his mastery of the blade and the wind. Always on the move to escape his past, his entire design is reinforced by a wind-swept look as he strikes quickly and finishes each fight in a flurry of slicing attacks.

With these traits in mind, we’ll be going over all of Yasuo’s skins and ranking them from worst to best. We’ll be judging each skin on how well it conveys Yasuo’s theme as a wandering swordsman, how much each one changes his abilities, and obviously how good the skin looks.

And never forget the law of Yasuo. The enemy Yasuo will 1v5 your team, while your Yasuo will go 0/10 and make suicidal dives into the enemy.

The Best Yasuo Skins Ranked

Starting with #9, let’s work our way down and check out the entire list of best Yasuo skins LoL has to offer.



Classic Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 4800 Blue Essence or 880 RP
  • Unique SFX: No
  • Chroma: No

Fittingly, Yasuo’s classic appearance is his worst skin. That doesn’t mean Riot did a bad job with his character design — in fact, we would say the opposite. His clothes are simple and reflect his vagabond status as a wanderer. Nothing about him is exceptionally flashy, and the wind-swept look is really all one has to go by to recognize him.

Classic Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Even his wind abilities are blue-colored and match with his outfit quite nicely. However, it is by far the most bland and boring of his appearances. Thankfully, all of Yasuo’s skins do a much better job in showcasing the Champion.


High Noon

HighNoon Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 975 RP
  • Unique SFX: No
  • Chroma: Yes (5 in total)

Next on our list of best Yasuo skins is the first skin released with Yasuo. This one turns Yasuo from a sword-slinging wanderer into a lone cowboy that has never lost a duel, complete with the typical cowboy hat. Amusingly enough, his sword has basically turned into a gun-blade.

With little to no real changes to his abilities, minus a slightly dusty red color change to his wind effects to reflect a desert, this skin doesn’t stand out too much. However, it does have the added bonus of making a gunshot noise whenever he uses his Q to reflect a quickdraw of his weapon.

High Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

However, it should be noted that players who use this skin are often long time veterans of Yasuo, as most of them picked up the skin on his launch. If someone is still using this skin over his more recent and flashier ones, expect that player to be quite good with the Champion.


Spirit Blossom

Spirit Blossom Yasuo
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 1350 RP
  • Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate
  • Chroma: Yes (8 in total)

Representing a Yasuo who is still looking to make amends with his brother in the afterlife, the Spirit Blossom skin takes on a more serene appearance for Yasuo. Defined by the pink Sakura flowers that reflect the spirit realm of Runeterra, Yasuo continues to prove how deadly he is with the blade.

With his wind abilities all augmented by bursts of Sakura petals, this skin proves to be a very pretty one and certainly conveys how clean and beautiful the afterlife looks. His wind-wall ability in particular has an appearance reflecting a traditional Japanese painting of hillside!

Spirit Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

However, it is a bit jarring to see so much pink associated with Yasuo. More importantly, it’s also somewhat difficult to see the outline of his abilities, as the pink is rather light in color and sometimes blends in with the background.

Overall though, this skin is still quite good. If you love the color pink, then this skin is perfect for you.


Battle Boss

BattleBoss Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 1350 RP
  • Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate
  • Chroma: Yes (8 in total)

As befitting of an end-game boss, the Battle Boss skin represents Yasuo as a nefarious and deadly villain to defeat in a retro arcade game. Amusingly enough, killing a fed Yasuo can be a herculean effort as he effortlessly dashes through and slices your team into pieces.

With each ability taking on an arcade-like appearance and sound effects, this skin does a very good job of invoking retro video games. Additionally, pixels will often pop up from each strike!

Battle Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

As a bonus, his recall animation changes to him corrupting a blocky 8-bit version of a poro into a nefarious variant.



Odyssey Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 1350 RP
  • Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate
  • Chroma: Yes (6 in total)

As a parody of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Odyssey skin makes Yasuo the charming dauntless leader of a ragtag team of misfits. Also as tradition, this version of Yasuo is also on the run from intergalactic authorities. Luckily, his crew and futuristic gear have him stay one step ahead.

To prove this point, each of Yasuo’s abilities give off a solid holographic sound and leave afterimages of themselves, making this one of the best Yasuo skins with chroma. The green tornadoes contrast quite nicely with his orange-tinted outfit and look like they’re just fresh off the set of an space alien-themed movie.

Odyssey Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Plus his little alien companion appears when he recalls, shooting out three orbs that Yasuo then effortlessly strikes through.


Blood Moon

BloodMoon Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 975 RP
  • Unique SFX: Yes – Minor
  • Chroma: No

Taking on the role of the vengeful avatar of the Blood Moon, Yasuo dons a mask and a blood-red outfit to strike terror into the hearts of the wicked. With each ability leaving a trail of bloody wind in its wake, this skin leaves a strong visual impact despite its relatively simple changes.

Blood Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

As befitting a demon of the Blood Moon, Yasuo will pour his sake on the ground and carve out the symbol of the moon to teleport away, leaving only his victims behind as proof of his existence.



Nightbringer Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 1820 RP
  • Unique SFX: Yes – Major
  • Chroma: Yes (1 in total)

This is Yasuo’s first legendary skin. Representing the side of chaos and conflict, this Yasuo skin has him opposing Dawnbringer Riven in a battle for the state of the world.

With dark, menacing thorn armor pulsating with fiery energy, Yasuo truly represents the look of chaos. Unique voice lines reflect his possessed-like state, making you feel as though you’re playing something truly otherworldly. Even all of his emotes are new and reflect his status as an avatar of chaos.

The most notable change to his abilities is his ultimate, where multiple clones of him will tear through the enemy before he strikes them down in a burst of fiery energy.

Night Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

While by all rights this skin should be rated higher on this list, we just can’t do that.

Why? Because it’s just too damn edgy. 

This is the skin that all the people who pick up Yasuo and think themselves as gods only to immediately go 0/10 in lane and end up stomped on into the ground like the remains of small campfire.

It is a very good skin, but be prepared to be mocked by people thinking you’re an edgelord.


True Damage

TrueDamage Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 1350 RP
  • Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate
  • Chroma: Yes (7 in total and 1 Prestige version)

The DJ of the band True Damage, Yasuo has taken on a blue synthwave appearance and is throwing out sick beats alongside his tornadoes. With a golden-themed Prestige variant, this skin stands out for how cool the special effects are.

Each ability feels like a music note, pulsating with energy and rhythm. Most notably is his windwall, where a synth wave note pattern flickers across the display. Additionally, he has a unique dance where instead of pulling out a flute like usual, he summons a boombox and listens to his band’s music.

True Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

His recall is probably the best part, as he summons his entire DJ stand and starts mixing music as he prepares to teleport away.



Project Splash
Image: Riot Games
  • Cost: 1350 RP
  • Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate
  • Chroma: No

Finally, we’re at what we consider to be the best of the best Yasuo skins. The PROJECT skin was one of his earliest ones, but has stood the test of time with its striking, high-quality visual effects and perfect balance between technology and man.

On the run from those who turned him into a mechanical cyborg, PROJECT: Yasuo continues to show his mastery over the wind and blade, cutting down those who seek to turn him into a thoughtless weapon.

Project Yasuo
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

With each of his abilities augmented by cybernetic noises and distinct orange program-like patterns, this is one of Yasuo’s cleanest skins. Each ability leaves a clear outline and hologram in its wake while giving off a futuristic feeling. If you want a skin with a strong cohesive theme and impactful special effects, we strongly recommend going with the PROJECT skin.

As a bonus, Yasuo has a unique recall animation by doing some break dance moves before balancing his sword perfectly as he teleports away.


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And that’s it for our roundup of best Yasuo skins. If you think our list should be rearranged, let us know why in the comments below. As always, stay tuned for the latest gaming news and guides by subscribing to our email list.

Happy gaming!

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