The Best Urgot Skins in League of Legends (2024)

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The Best Urgot Skins in League of Legends (2024)

We’ve ranked the best Urgot skins in League of Legends below, considering each skin’s overall aesthetic, animations, effects, splash art, and more (spoiler alert: even Urgot’s “worst” skin is still top tier!).

Urgot, aka the Dreadnought, is a brutal lane bully who can decimate melee champions in seconds. He remains a viable threat throughout the various stages of the game, especially if he snowballs early on.

However, his looks aren’t exactly… easy on the eyes. In fact, he’s pretty much renowned as the ugliest champion in the game (sorry Urgot). Fortunately, Urgot has several neat skins that transform him from Medusa into Aphrodite. Well, that might be an over-exaggeration: the skins won’t make him the fairest of the land, but they will give him a total glow up!

So, as Urgot would say, “bear witness” as “all must be tested.” Let’s dive in!

#6 Butcher Urgot

butcher urgot
(Riot Games)

➡️ Released: August 24, 2010 | Cost: 520 RP

Butcher Urgot is definitely one of the best value skins out there. For 520 RP, you get a whole new character model (yep, NOT just a recolor!), an impressive splashart, and some swanky new attack animations. 

It essentially transforms Urgot into a mad butcher. He now rocks a bloodstained apron, chainsaws, and a medieval-esque metal mask. Every attack is also a whole lot bloodier, with your AA animation replaced with tiny buzzsaws. 

As I mentioned earlier, the splash art is a visual treat too! It truly paints Urgot as the nightmare-inducing champion he is, with plenty of neat touches like his victims’ hands grasping out in fear.

The only reason I’ve had to give this skin the 6th spot? There’s actually another budget-friendly Urgot skin that delivers even more bang for your buck. So, look forward to that as we make our way down the list. But for now, next up is High Noon Urgot. 

#5 Battlecast Urgot

battlecast urgot
(Riot Games)

➡️ Released: March 5, 2012 | Cost: 1350 RP

If you’re a fan of steampunk, mechas, and edgy vibes, then you’ll definitely love Battlecast Urgot. It combines all these elements into one, transforming Urgot into a giant robotic weapon! He looks like he genuinely came straight out of a post-apocalyptic world.

The character model has plenty of neat details, from his machine gun hands to the fact that his stomach is now a fiery furnace, and nothing feels out of place. Plus, the color scheme gives off Fallout 4 vibes. 

The animations are also top-tier and truly immerse you in the “battlecast” theme. His Q now shoots out a barrage of missiles, his W creates a fiery red holographic shield around him, and his ultimate is a giant metal claw that quite literally grasps his target in the palm of his hand. But best of all? His execution animation is now him cremating his opponent to a crisp. It’s pure, smoky goodness.

The only real gripe I have about this skin is the splashart. It’s a little underwhelming and doesn’t really do the in-game character model justice. With that said, this isn’t really going to bother most players, especially those who simply view the loading screen as the optimal time to take a quick snack break (or catch up with the latest esports news at HGG). 

#4 High Noon Urgot 

high noon urgot
(Riot Games)

➡️ Released: August 30, 2018 | Cost: 1350 RP

Urgot and Cowboys don’t exactly sound like they would gel well together. But hey, Riot has proven me wrong with High Noon Urgot — this skin combines both themes perfectly, turning the badass juggernaut into a demon cowboy with a love for fire, bloodshed, and the West. 

Urgot now rocks typical cowboy attire, including a classic cowboy hat, scarf, and brown gloves, and his attack animations are now packed with a whole load of firepower and demonic energy. The recall and death scenes are both creative and fun to watch too; in the backing animation, you get to see Urgot summon up demonic energy and scorch the ground, while his death is essentially him breaking down into several pieces. 

I particularly love the High Noon sound effects. They’re distinct with the perfect dosage of cowboy goodness, and you even get to hear a choo choo train noise whenever you execute your opponent. It’s hilarious to listen to and sure to tilt the enemy. 

#3 Giant Enemy Crabgot 

giant enemy crabgot
(Riot Games)

➡️ Released: August 24, 2010 | Cost: 520 RP

Giant Enemy Crabgot is a skin that’s worth only 520 RP. It was also released over a decade ago, back in 2010 (yes, 2010 was really that long ago, time flies). However, despite its age and budget price, it’s hands down one of the best skins for Urgot. I would go as far as saying it’s one of the best skins in the whole game. The reason? You’re essentially getting 1350 RP quality for 520 RP. 

The character model gives Urgot a whole new makeover, transforming him into a crab monster entity who would strike fear in even the Kraken’s heart. The attack animations also feel solid, feature plenty of aquatic inspiration, and are easy on the eye. Plus, the ultimate makes you feel like a total badass; you hook the enemy and lure them right into a mouth of razor-sharp piranha teeth.

But what really floats my boat? The splashart. It really captures the “giant” aspect of the skin name and honestly makes Urgot look like an unkillable sea god. 

Move over, Aquaman. Crabgot has the power now. 

#2 Fright Night Urgot

fright night urgot
(Riot Games)

➡️ Released: September 22, 2022 | Cost: 1350 RP

Fright Night is one of Riot Games’ most unique Halloween skin lines yet, and it’s no surprise considering it’s inspired by Tim Burton’s work — an artist famous for his fascinating, spooky characters!

Fright Night Urgot is the perfect Halloween skin (and to be honest it’s still great every other day of the year). Instead of his usual dreary metal look, Urgot now looks like a character straight out of The Nightmare Before Christmas, sporting a ghoulish face, stitched-up body, and glowing purple legs. He even has the iconic “pumpkin” smile, upping his eeriness by tenfold.

The animations are very Tim Burton-esque too, with each one jampacked with spooky elements and dark colors (the W is even a giant spiderweb!). While the strange animations won’t appeal to everyone, I personally love them. They’re completely distinct from anything else Riot has ever produced and the whole theme works great with Urgot’s abilities. Plus, the dark animation colors make it harder for your enemies to spot your attacks, which can help you out in your ranked games.

#1 Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot

pajama guardian urgot
(Riot Games)

➡️ Released: April 1, 2020 | Cost: 1350 RP

Yep. I know. This skin probably shouldn’t be at the top spot, but I just can’t help it. It’s a testament to the fact that the LoL community can have power over Riot (well, sometimes). After years… and I mean years of begging Riot to give us a magical girl Urgot, they finally delivered. And yes, it was everything you could possibly ever dream of. 

Urgot as a magical girl is… I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it warms my heart and keeps me zen even in the most tilt-inducing games. Instead of his badass look, he now rocks a whole load of ribbons, stars, neon blue hues, and even adorable wings on his back. Oh, and his usual death stare is now hidden by a hat with cat ears. 

Unsurprisingly, the animations are equally hilarious, with every attack now blasting your screen with sparkles and rainbows. They also come paired with upbeat sound effects that will take you straight back to your Sailor Moon binge-watching days. Urgot’s ultimate execution has also been given a comedic “PG” filter — instead of devouring his enemies, he now hooks them into… a warm, cuddly hoard of plushie kittens. 

It’s pure perfection.

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Urgot has plenty of winning traits, but his base skin sadly isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there are some great skins available for Urgot, with our personal favorites being Pajama Guardian Cospaly, Giant Enemy Crabgot, and Fright Night.

Do you agree with our ranking of the best Urgot skins in League of Legends? Or do you feel we’ve missed the mark and another skin should be at the top? Feel free to share your thoughts (or frustrations) in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest on gaming and esports news!

Happy gaming!

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