League of Legends: Best Blitzcrank Counters

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League of Legends: Best Blitzcrank Counters

Counter the feared Blitzcrank grab with one of these Champions.

If you’ve ever played ADC or Support in League of Legends, you’ve probably come across the occasional Blitzcrank. They’re one of the most aggressive and strongest supports in the game, so it’s never a surprise to see them. Blitzcrank is known for their hook ability and menacing presence in bot lane, but there are still plenty of counters that make easy work of them.

General Strategy: How to Counter Blitzcrank Support

Before we get into my top five picks, let’s talk strategy.

When playing against Blitzcrank, the most important thing to remember is the hook. When they shoots the hook ability (their robotic arm) at people, it’ll grab anyone it hits and pull them back to them. This allows Blitzcrank to use their other abilities (mainly the knock-up and his ultimate’s silence) to immobilize whoever they grabbed and ensure the kill.

Blitzcrank is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult supports to play against. Make sure and use your own minion wave to keep them from getting a clean hook shot on you. Don’t ever stand still or hide in a revealed bush, because it’s a sure way to end up dead against Blitzcrank.

To make sure you can handle Blitzcrank, the best counters rely on their own crowd control and tankiness to fight back against them. Since they’re so powerful, there’s really no way to “counter” their abilities in the sense of neutralizing them. So you just have to fight back and hope for the best.

Top 5 Blitzcrank Counters, Ranked Great to Pretty Good

It’s always important to know at least a few counters for every Champion, especially when they’re as dangerous as Blitzcrank. Without wasting any more time, here are our picks for the 5 best counters for Blitzcrank (as a support)!

#1 Leona

Leona is by far my pick for the best counter to Blitzcrank. She has multiple stuns/roots, has a movement ability that allows her to get back to her ally if they’re grabbed, and she’s basically impossible to kill. Leona’s E-ability is a root with a similar attack range to Blitzcrank’s grab, and it pairs well with her close-range Q-ability which allows her to stun by attacking. Leona’s ultimate also has a large AOE stun/slow, so she’ll never run out of ways to stop Blitzcrank from doing anything.

Any time you need a tank to shut down whatever your opponents are doing in bot lane, Leona is a Champion you can count on. She’s reliable, easy to use, and doesn’t require any specific type of cooperation from her teammates. She just exists to stun people and tank through unbelievable amounts of damage, which she does to perfection.

#2 Taric

Taric is one of the strongest supports right now in general, and his style makes him perfect for countering Blitzcrank. Since he’s a tank with a bunch of mage-like abilities, he gets to take a unique approach to fighting Blitzcrank. Taric effectively empowers the defensive capabilities of his teammates along with himself, so he’s the best Blitzcrank counter if you have an aggressive ADC. If you have an ADC that wants to run down their opponents (someone like Draven), Taric is by far the best support to allow them to maintain pressure without dying immediately to Blitzcrank.

The only downside to Taric is that he does require your ADC’s cooperation to work. If they don’t understand how he works (specifically if they don’t know how his tether works) then he might prove ineffective. But most of the time Taric works out incredibly well as an aggressive counter to Blitzcrank. Just make sure you tell your ADC how he works if they don’t seem to know.

#3 Alistar

When it comes to fighting back against Blitzcrank, Alistar is very near the top. He’s one of the strongest tanks in the support role, thanks to his knockback ability and how long he can survive in a teamfight. When laning against Blitzcrank, Alistar’s knockback allows him to effectively negate the effects of some Blitzcrank hooks. If you can reliably use the knockback to keep enemy ADCs away from your own, then Blitzcrank’s hook doesn’t matter nearly as much.

Alistar is a perfect defensive support thanks to how effectively he can neutralize situations and distract enemies. He’s able to fight just about anyone thanks to his high HP and armor/MR, handles teamfights better than almost any other support, and has some of the best skins in the game. There’s nothing but positives to playing Alistar, especially if you factor in his emotes.

#4 Rakan

What makes Rakan strong against Blitzcrank is his variety of excellent movement-based abilities. Between his knock-up and healing dashes, you’ll be able to avoid Blitzcrank’s attacks and protect your allies if they fail to do so. Rakan is especially good when paired with Xayah, so the two of them are actually a really fantastic combo counter for Blitzcrank.

Blitzcrank applies most of his pressure by displacing people, stunning them, and making it impossible to save them. Rakan is able to stay in the fight and support his allies against this kind of all-out, sudden attack much better than most supports. Even if you don’t have a Xayah to go along with him, he’s still a great counter pick that you can always use against Blitzcrank.

#5 Maokai

Maokai works really well against Blitzcrank since he’s a high-HP tank with multiple crowd control abilities. Whenever Blitzcrank lands a hook (on you or your ally), Maokai can easily root enemies and have enough health to fight back. In addition to that, Maokai is also really good at engaging as well. If your opponents don’t apply pressure, Maokai can take a more offensive approach since he has so much health to spare. Plus, his ultimate is one of the best for bot lane since it can hit so many people. It basically ensures ganks won’t be as successful, and it’s also great for shutting down a well-timed Blitzcrank attack.

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