The 7 Best Bot Lane Combos in League of Legends 2024

Find your perfect partner in crime and become an unstoppable force!

A good bot lane combo is essential for every team comp in League. Not all ADCs and Supports mesh well together, and some are absolutely horrible for one another. However, once you find the right combo, there’s nothing that can hold you back in lane.

In this article I’m going to take a look at the seven best bot lane combos and discuss why they’re so good for each other. Let’s start with a classic powerhouse combo and work our way down to LoL’s best bot lane duo.

#7 Draven and Blitzcrank

I don’t think anything scares me more as an ADC player than seeing these two on the opposing team. What makes them so good is how dangerous and explosive they are. Blitzcrank’s grab is always frightening, but when paired with Draven’s damage and ability to snowball, the game becomes the stuff of nightmares.

If you choose to play this combo, be aware of how badly it can go if you don’t do well. More often than not, the Draven/Blitz combo will dominate a game and carry their team. However, if Draven doesn’t get enough kills to be relevant, then there’s really nothing they can do. 

#6 Jhin and Thresh

Jhin and Thresh are a more low-key combo than the last one. While Thresh does share many similarities with Blitzcrank, his play style is much more “refined.” This combo works by utilizing Thresh’s hook and ultimate to lock enemies into specific areas. After that is accomplished, Jhin can use his long range abilities to easily pick them off. Thresh is also tanky enough to 1v2 for a while if Jhin needs to stay back, and Jhin is long-ranged enough to still help in a fight from a distance. It’s a beautiful combination.

#5 Ezreal and Senna

I love the playstyle of both of these Champions, and they’re somehow even better when combined. Ezreal is strongest during mid-game and is fairly weak during early game, which gives Senna time to shine. She can easily protect Ezreal during his weaker stages while also putting in damage and allowing him to scale. They also both have cross-map ultimates, which makes defending towers easier. Their long range lets them poke enemies down without being at risk, so they’re a good combo against the most aggressive laners. Overall, this is one of the safest and strongest combos. 

#4 Jinx and Zilean

This is one of the most interesting combos in my opinion. Jinx typically benefits from supports with a good amount of crowd control since she has such low mobility, and Zilean is great for that. Zilean is the ultimate support for keeping an ally alive through what should be certain death. Jinx can also utilize his XP boosting capabilities better than many ADCs. Jinx and Zilean are an often overlooked combination, but they’re kind of perfect for each other. I highly recommend trying them out.

#3 Tristana and Lulu

Double Yordle bot lane — need I say more? This duo has excellent synergy, and when paired together, they’re near unstoppable. Lulu is an excellent “keep-you-alive” support for pretty much any ADC that has to get close to do damage, which makes her perfect for Tristana. When Tristana is able to focus exclusively on dealing damage without worrying about dying, she is able to output an insane amount of damage.

#2 Miss Fortune and Leona

Miss Fortune and Leona are among the best bot lane combos (and one of my all-time favorites). Leona’s countless stun abilities work great with Miss Fortune’s ultimate and pretty much all of her other abilities as well. This combo wants to focus on one thing in particular: keeping enemies stunned for as long as possible. As soon as Leona fulfills her part of this role, Miss Fortune can shred through them with her ultimate. It’s as easy as that. This is one of the most fun duos to play, and it’s not even that hard to utilize.

#1 Kog’Maw and Janna

Another truly classic combo, and my favorite of the best ADC and Support combos. Any time you want to play Kog’Maw, you have to make sure you’ll have a support that’s able to keep him alive. And who’s better for keeping people alive than Janna?

This combo can be hard to play at times, especially early game, but once Kog has a few items on him it’s smooth sailing from there. Kog is one of the most explosive ADCs in the late game, and with Janna by his side, it’s almost impossible to kill him. Just make sure there’s good communication between both players, because this duo could be a disaster without it.

Seraphine and Lux (Honorable Mention)

I can’t call this one of LoL‘s best bot lane combos, but if you really want to win lane and you don’t care about making your opponents cry, then try this. Seraphine is one of the most annoying bot laners to play against (mostly because she shouldn’t be one in general), so why not pair her with one of the most annoying supports? Seraphine and Lux can stun, root, and kill anyone in their lane without breaking a sweat. It’s annoying, rage-inducing, and makes no sense… but I’d be lying to you if I said it wasn’t fun. Just don’t expect the enemy team to be nice in all-chat if you give this a go.

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