The Best Mage Champions in LoL (2024)

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The Best Mage Champions in LoL (2024)

Rain powerful magic down on your foes from afar.

Mages make up one of the most powerful Champion classes in League of Legends. Many of them are easy, extremely fun to play, and boast disgustingly strong poke damage. However, with the ever changing meta, the best mage today in LoL is always replaced when you least expect it. 

In this article, I’ll be listing the top ten best mage Champions in Season 14 of LoL so that you know where your favorite mains currently stand.

Let’s get started!

#10 Nami

  • Best Role: Support
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: 3150 BE or 790 RP

Nami is definitely underrated when it comes to mage support Champions in LoL. Although she requires a bit more skill than popular supports like Lux or Brand, she can easily sweep the bottom lane and late game if you master her skill shots. Her Aqua Prison, while hard to hit, is deadly and can set the bottom laner or jungler up for the perfect execution. 

Her Ebb and Flow ability, which pokes down the enemy and heals the bottom laner, puts extra pressure on the enemy by allowing the bottom laner to be more aggressive. This ability, as well as her Tidal Wave ultimate, are especially useful in critical teamfights that make or break the game. 

When used in the correct order, her abilities work together perfectly to keep the bottom laner one step ahead of the enemy. However, if you get too close to the enemy and can’t land your Aqua Prison bubble or Tidal Wave ultimate consistently, then she will be rendered useless real quick.

#9 Janna

  • Best Role: Support
  • Difficulty: Moderate 
  • Cost: 1350 BE or 585 RP

Janna has been climbing the tier list lately, and it’s easy to see why. Although she isn’t one of the most exciting Champions to play in LoL, this mage is a force to be reckoned with if you know how to use her. She boasts incredible movement speed, which makes her very tricky to get ahold of. In addition to knocking up her enemies with her Howling Gale whirlwind ability, she can also shield allies, turrets, briefly grant them more attack damage, and deliver annoying poke damage that slows the enemy. 

Janna is easily one of the most frustrating support Champions to go against if she is constantly landing her whirlwind, and poking you down to nothing in the process.

Regardless of the various nerfs and adjustments she’s been subjected to over the years, she still hasn’t really budged from the top tier slot. She is an excellent choice for those support players that are less focused on damage output, and more interested in creating crucial windows of opportunity for the bottom Champion. 

#8 Brand

  • Best Role(s): Middle, Support 
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: 450 BE or 260 RP 

Whether your KDA is 10/1 or 1/10, Brand packs a huge punch, which is why he is consistently such a powerful mage in LoL. His late game power is devastating, and he can easily turn the tides of a losing game. He defies the meta, and works as a great middle or support mage. 

He is squishy like most mages, but deadly in the early game if you manage to land your abilities and activate and stack your lethal passive. His range is fantastic, and his ultimate Pyroclasm ability is perfect for those stressful teamfights that can ultimately decide the fate of the game. The real trick is being able to land your abilities consistently so that you can unleash the full power of his passive.

#7 Lux

  • Best Role(s): Support, Middle 
  • Difficulty: Low 
  • Cost: 450 BE or 260 RP

Up next is Lux, who’s arguably the most iconic mage in LoL. Just like Brand, Lux is overpowered no matter how behind you are. She has been one of the most popular (and banned) Champions for years now, and for good reason.

She’s extremely easy to play, and deals disgusting damage. Her range is incredible, and her infamous Light Binding ability lets her root her enemies over and over again. Her Final Spark ability is even more useful for wiping out enemies that have been poked to death by her and her bottom lane’s abilities, or chunked from the jungler during a gank.

If you can consistently land her skill shots without feeding the enemy Champion, then Lux will not disappoint.   

#6 Amumu

  • Best Role(s): Support, Jungle 
  • Difficulty: Low 
  • Cost: 450 BE or 260 RP

Amumu is one of the few League of Legends Champions that is easy to underestimate. This small, weeping mummy may not look very menacing, but he packs an absolute wallop in the bottom lane as a support. Unlike a traditional mage, he is tanky and deals heavy damage, which makes him extremely useful in LoL. Although he is more known as a jungle Champion, his abilities travel over to the support role almost too well. 

He can quickly engage the enemy bottom laner to start a fight or set up a gank, and absorb heavy enemy damage that would quickly obliterate any other squishy mage. His Bandage Toss ability acts like a more aggressive Lux root, but is even better because it can be thrown twice to immobilize the enemy. 

His Curse of the Sad Mummy ultimate ability is perfect for teamfights, and even better for initiating a deadly fight in the bottom lane. The recent buff that was given to his health growth and Despair and Tantrum abilities also make him more of a viable jungle pick. If you’re looking for a support that can start a fight, deal great damage, and get out alive, then look no further than Amumu. 

#5 Seraphine

  • Best Role(s): Bottom, Support, Middle
  • Difficulty: Low 
  • Cost: 3150 BE or 790 RP

Seraphine is the spell-slinging songstress that you want on your team. Her crowd control, range, and damage output are simply jaw-dropping. She can constantly poke her enemy down, heal her allies, slow her enemies, and charm them from far away. When used at the perfect moment, her Encore ultimate ability can turn a stalemated game into a fast win. 

She can fill three out of the five roles in Summoner’s Rift, and can easily become a late-game carry. Recently, she has found most of her strength in the bottom lane, although she is also a very useful support. Her slows, roots, and stuns create many opportunities for the bottom laner or jungler to be aggressive. If you plan out your abilities carefully, and consistently get your slows, roots, stuns, and charm off right, the bottom lane will be over before you know it.    

#4 Swain

  • Best Role(s): Middle, Support, Bottom, Top 
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: 3150 BE or 790 RP

Swain is one the scariest Champions to go up against when he is fed. His damage output is off the charts, and he can fill almost every role in LoL despite being a mage.

His Vision of Empire ability allows him to easily collect Soul Fragments from an unaware bottom lane or top lane while he is mid-laning or roaming. This ability, along with Nevermove and his passive, help Swain get extremely tanky and unstoppable very fast. 

His Demonic Ascension ultimate ability is what makes him truly broken. It has insanely good crowd control and healing, and its disgusting damage output can easily wipe out the enemy team. He isn’t as easy to play as Lux or Brand, but he definitely has more durability. If you can time his abilities just right, and effectively use his passive, you will quickly lead your lane and the game to victory. 

#3 Viktor

  • Best Role: Middle 
  • Difficulty: High 
  • Cost: 4800 BE or 880 RP

Viktor is one of the hardest Champions to master in League of Legends, which is why he is rarely seen in Summoners Rift. If you’re one of the few that can unlock his potential, though, many of your games could lead to fast forfeits. He doesn’t boast great mobility or toughness, but his damage output is unbelievably high. Like late-game Kassadin, he can execute players with full-health in the blink of an eye if they get too close. 

Viktor’s passive, which augments his basic abilities when he kills enemy Champions, makes him the deadly laser that he is. If you can’t unleash its power, then you’ll most likely be a sitting duck all game. He relies on successful jungle ganks early game to get him up and going. Once he gets going though, there is no stopping him.

His Death Ray ability, next to his Chaos Storm ultimate, can melt opponents to death within seconds late game. When augmented, Death Ray releases an explosion that deals even more magic damage. Chaos Storm repetitively zaps minions and enemy Champions down to nothing, and moves 25% faster when augmented. It’s even more useful and lethal in a stressful teamfight. 

As powerful as Viktor is, his high difficulty scares most players from ever attempting him. But if you play him enough and figure out how to access his unlimited power late game, the enemy team won’t stand a chance.

#2 Fiddlesticks

  • Best Role(s): Jungle, Support
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: 1350 BE or 585 RP

Before his re-work in March 2020, Fiddlesticks was more of a support Champion that couldn’t really hold his own in the jungle as well as his competitors. Today, he is one of the most terrifying jungle Champions there is — if placed in the right hands. His damage output is in a league of its own, but his lack of toughness and mobility make him extremely vulnerable. Thankfully, though, his insane crowd control helps make up for his squishiness.

The slows, fears, and silences embedded in his abilities help keep enemy Champions at bay, and can disable enemies long enough for allies to rush in and secure the shut down. His Bountiful Harvest ability gives him much needed health regeneration, and can execute the enemies it drains. This ability, when paired with his immense crowd control power, can make him quite difficult to kill. 

His Crowstorm ultimate ability is what makes him such a late game carry. He can easily pounce on the bottom lane, or a hectic teamfight from the bushes and get multiple shutdowns. This ability is also perfect for stealing a dragon, Baron Nashor, or simply wiping out the entire enemy team when they are running on fumes. Although he may be a glass cannon, he can easily become the enemy team’s worst nightmare if you farm up, and pick your battles wisely in the early game.

#1 Vex

  • Best Role: Middle 
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost:  3150 BE or 790 RP

Ever since her release back in September 2021, Vex has been one of the strongest mid laners in the game. This gloomy yordle may be small, but she deals unspeakable damage. She boasts great mobility, crowd control, and even toughness. She is an extremely well rounded mage that can easily carry a team to victory in LoL

What makes Vex so good is her Doom ‘n Gloom passive. It allows her to fear her enemies when she is empowered, and consume marks placed on a nearby enemy when they dash and deal bonus damage. When she consumes these marks, the cooldown of her empowered state is reduced, which allows her to quickly regain her fearing power. Her ability to frequently disarm the enemy with fear, and poke them down in the process gives her the upper hand in most one versus one fights. 

Her Shadow Surge ultimate ability is perfect for stealing dragons, engaging the enemy in a teamfight, or responding to a jungle gank. Timing it can be tricky, and you’re often risking your life when you use it in a teamfight, but it has the potential to set your team up for incredible success.

The rest of her abilities are very easy to use, and all of them except for her Personal Space shield have amazing range. Like Viktor or Brand, the toughest part is maximizing her passive. If you plan her fears out right and use her Shadow Surge ability correctly, you’ll be wiping the team off the rift before you know it. 

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