League of Legends: Best Supports for Xayah (2024)

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League of Legends: Best Supports for Xayah (2024)

Compensate for Xayah's lack of escape with the perfect wingmen.

Xayah is one of the most fun ADCs to play in League of Legends. She’s aggressive, scales well, and has some really satisfying animations too. But she does have some drawbacks which warrant a good support to help her out. It can be very easy to get picked off as Xayah since her movement is limited, and some supports (like the really passive ones) can make that problem even worse by making her an easy target. But there are plenty of great supports for Xayah out there, so here are 5 of them to help you carry your team to victory!

I’ve ranked the supports below from good to great in terms of their synergy with Xayah.

#5 Leona

Xayah always benefits from supports with lots of crowd control, so Leona is perfect. Leona works well alongside just about any ADC, but especially the ones that can take advantage of stunned enemies. Xayah takes advantage of this even better than most. Since Xayah wants to set up her feathers behind enemies so she can root them, she really gets to take advantage of Leona’s crowd control and make it last even longer. Xayah is all about lining up explosive plays where she (and her support) can quickly use all their abilities, so this combo works out about as well as you could ever hope.

Leona’s best abilities (for lane phase, at least) are easily her E-ability and ultimate. Her E-ability allows her to get close enough to effectively use her other abilities while also stunning enemies, which also helps Xayah do the same thing. It’s a vicious combo, but it’s a great one. Also, don’t forget to use her W-ability. Anytime a fight starts, it’s smart to cast your W-ability since it offers resistances and does some free damage.

#4 Zyra

Since Zyra is such an annoying support to play against, she makes it easier for Xayah to push lane and keep everything going at her own pace. Zyra’s poke damage is high enough to force enemies to build against it, and it also deters some junglers from coming into the lane as well since she can be so frustrating to deal with. Once Zyra has her ultimate, her ability to control the lane is almost unmatched. Zyra is similar to other AP supports like Lux and Brand in that her “support” comes more from how much pressure she’s able to put on lane, thus leaving her ADC to do whatever they need to do. This could mean making high-damage plays, staying back and farming, or roaming for objectives.

Personally, I believe Zyra is even more oppressive to play against than some of the other more popular AP supports. While Lux and Brand can set up easier multikills, Zyra’s dominance in lane is unmatched thanks to how far back she can push her enemies, and her damage is nothing to forget about.

Zyra has more worth than most people assume for her team, and Xayah is a great ADC to pair up with her in bot lane. Anyone can benefit from the pressure her E-ability and plants apply, but with Xayah they’re able to cause so much high-speed chaos that enemies won’t even know what’s going on.

#3 Thresh

It’s never a surprise to see Thresh on a best supports list, and this time is no different. Thresh is simply the best all-in support that also has the capability to crowd control effectively. Thresh’s ultimate rewards him for jumping on top of his opponents, which is the perfect way to set up a deadly Xayah ultimate. When it comes down to it, Thresh is the perfect compliment for the more aggressive supports. Obviously his Q-ability (the hook) is the most powerful ability he has, but everything about Thresh really comes together perfectly. Even his awkward E-ability has genuine utility in a fight, so there’s nowhere to go wrong with him.

With Thresh, the biggest factor is how well your team works together. It’s not hard to commit to a hook combo, then die because your ADC doesn’t help you out. Sometimes it feels like everytime I play Thresh my ADC stands there and stares at me blankly every time a fight happens, but that’s just how it is sometimes. Don’t forget to communicate your plans when playing Thresh, and if necessary, remind your teammates about the lantern.

Thresh is flashy and fun to use, so the sky’s the limit for him as a support for anyone, especially Xayah. The damage potential for this combo is high enough that they can reliably carry any game if they win lane.

#2 Sona

If you just want a solid bot lane experience without too much risk of getting blown up, Sona + Xayah is a good choice. Sona is always a good support since she offers everything a support should have. She can heal, grant speed boosts, deal lots of poke damage, and stun enemies, so it’s hard to find anything Sona can’t do.

For ADCs like Xayah who don’t have many ways of protecting themselves, a support like Sona is important to have. Her healing and speed boosts are essential in keeping squishy, low-mobility Champions alive for as long as possible. Sona also transitions really well out of lane phase, as her abilities are perfect for teamfights (which Xayah also happens to excel in). Xayah + Sona as a combo isn’t going to win every 2v2 fight in bot lane, but once they have time to scale and transition into the later stages of the game, they become one of the best duos out there for teamfights.

When playing Sona with Xayah (or really anyone), I usually follow the most basic support meta possible: spam Hymn of Valor (Q-ability / poke damage) and Aria of Perseverance (W-ability / healing). By doing this you’re helping out your teammate massively and keeping yourself out of trouble. Sona can’t engage fights by herself, so she has to be almost entirely reactive. And she doesn’t really have to aim, so it’s not a hard strategy to utilize. But it is a very strong one, and there’s nothing wrong with playing an easy Champion.

#1 Rakan

This one was obvious, so I’m not gonna try to have a surprise pick for this spot. Without any doubt, Rakan is the best support for Xayah. Unlike most other duos, Xayah and Rakan are specifically connected to one another via lore to the point that their abilities are actually empowered when they’re together. In addition to the empowered abilities, their playstyles also perfectly compliment one another. They’re both very fast when they engage, but can also play a defensive style during the early phases. A good Xayah + Rakan combo can instantly pivot from what looks like slow laning to being on top of their opponents, and they can do it constantly.

Every time I’ve ever been matched against a Xayah + Rakan combo I start contemplating if trying to lane is even worth it. Their ability to close massive distances and kill you before your support can do anything about it is unbelievable, and it makes avoiding Xayah’s already-aggressive poke damage even harder.

If you’re a Xayah player, you should absolutely push for Rakan supports whenever it makes sense. Don’t force it everytime since it can be predictable, but they were made for each other for a good reason, so take advantage of it!

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