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League of Legends: Best Supports for Draven in 2024

These 5 supports are sure to help Draven secure that 10/0/0 KDA!

Few things are more important in League of Legends than a good bot lane combo. Just like real-life partnerships, some pairs are perfect matches, while others are doomed to fail from the start. In League of Legends, the support will usually be the half of the duo that ends up making sure the match works out.

Playing support is a daunting task at times because you never know what your fellow bot laner will want to play, so you have to know how to work with a variety of Champions. In this article, I’m going to look at the best supports to play alongside Draven in 2024, ranking the top five and talking about each of their strengths.

What to Know About Draven

If you’re a support player that doesn’t know what all Draven does, here’s a quick rundown. The most important thing to know as his support is that Draven needs to get the kills himself. His passive allows him to collect gold after getting kills on enemy Champions, so don’t steal kills. All it will do is upset the Draven and cause him to play worse.

Another thing to be aware of is that Draven is going to be trying to catch his axes 90% of the time, so he might be distracted easily. If the Draven you’re with isn’t good at multitasking, you might want to be extra aware of your surroundings. Ping often to make sure the Draven knows what’s going on.

What Types of Supports are Best for Draven

Since Draven is a highly aggressive ADC, he needs a support that can either heal/shield him while he makes aggressive plays or keep enemies stunned long enough for him to kill them. Healing and shielding supports are good with Draven as long as they have some form of crowd control as well.

Draven doesn’t play too well with supports than can only offer him healing or shielding, so you’ll want to avoid those types of Champions in most situations. Full tank supports with strong crowd control are really the best type of support for Draven. He can also benefit from the AP supports, but not quite as much as other ADCs can.

Top Supports for Draven, Ranked Good to Best

Here are some great choices for support players whose plus-one is Draven.

#5 Zyra

Zyra is known for being one of the most annoying supports to lane against, which makes her the perfect companion for Draven. Zyra’s high AP damage goes great with Draven’s high AD, making for a bot lane that enemies will be hard pressed to survive.

One thing to be careful about with Zyra, though, is kill stealing. Since she does so much damage, it isn’t hard to take the kills for yourself. Other than that, Zyra plays mostly the same with Draven as she does with anyone.

Of all the heavy-AP supports, Zyra is able to support Draven much better than most because of her heavy crowd control. While someone like Lux or Brand isn’t very good with Draven, Zyra is enough of a real support to be able to work well with him.

#4 Sona

Sona has always been one of the most reliable support picks, which stays true alongside Draven. Sona’s major strengths are her versatility and her simplicity. Each of Sona’s abilities perform a very straightforward task. She heals, grants movement speed, does poke damage, and stuns. Each of those are just as beneficial to Draven as they are to any other ADC.

Where Draven does get more from Sona than everyone else, though, is her Q-damage. Since Draven is such an aggressive ADC, Sona’s poke damage is much more relevant than it might usually be. That, paired with how good she is in general, makes her an excellent pick to play alongside Draven.

#3 Blitzcrank

If your Draven only cares about being as explosive as possible, Blitzcrank is the best support for the job. Blitz’s hook and knock-up combo is one of the best in bot lane, and his ultimate can allow for some pretty intense plays if used correctly.

The only category in which Blitzcrank is lacking is his ability to defend Draven. Since Draven has almost no ways to escape bad situations on his own other than flash and his movement speed ability, Blitzcrank can quickly become a liability if the lane goes badly. However, if Blitzcrank and Draven do well early they are basically unstoppable.

It’s a high risk, high-reward pick.

#2 Leona

Leona is the queen of crowd control in bot lane. She can easily stun/root enemies for Draven to chop away at, while also being able to protect him from ganks or bad engagements.

Leona is more of a defensive choice than someone like Blitzcrank, but she has enough offensive potential to be an incredible pick alongside Draven. Since she has so many ways to stun/root enemies, she is able to use one or two offensively and still have something left to defend with.

This makes Leona one of the best supports for Draven (or anyone) if there’s a high threat of jungle ganks. For games when you think you’ll need some extra help in lane, Leona is the best pick.

#1 Thresh

Nothing is better for Draven than having his enemies unable to run away. Thresh’s kit is perfectly suited for the more aggressive ADCs, Draven amongst them. His hook almost always allows Draven to put a ton of damage on his enemies, and the full Thresh combo is nearly certain death.

Thresh’s ultimate ability is another great asset since it can affect multiple enemies at once and keep them all lined up for a huge Draven ultimate. Thresh has all the positive aspects that Blitzcrank has, while also having the ability to save Draven just like Leona can. Thresh is the best of both worlds for a Draven player — a heavy combination of offense, crowd control, and assistance.

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