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Best Scaling Champions in League of Legends (Season 14)

Slow and steady wins the race! Check out the best scaling champions in LoL today!

While some players prefer to bully their opponent in lane and snowball their way to victory before the clock hits 20 minutes, other players prefer to bide their time… And transform themselves into an indestructible, 1v5in’ god. 

If you’re the latter kind of player, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll be sharing the best scaling champions in League of Legends below. I’ll discuss their playstyles, strengths, weaknesses, and what makes them such strong scalers overall.

I’ve ranked the champions below from good to great based on their scaling potential.

#5 Vladimir – Best Scaling Mid Lane Champion

Vladimir is a bloodthirsty vampire who is sure to drain the souls of your enemies and help you climb the ranked ladder. While he doesn’t have much crowd control spells at his disposal, he makes up for this with his insane late game potential. 

His passive grants him increased AP and health as he levels up and obtains more items, and he can also use his Q to steal life from his opponent and top up his own health bar. Just like his passive, his Q healing also scales significantly as his levels. Both of these abilities combined make his sustain absolutely phenomenal in the late game.

But Vlad isn’t just an exceptional scaler because of his top tier sustain; he also dishes out a whole load of damage! His ultimate is a massive AoE attack that can obliterate his enemies when it’s fully levelled up. In its final form, practically no champion stands a chance against his ult’s damage, and he can use it to effortlessly carry teamfights. 

To top it off, his W ability also makes him temporarily invulnerable (and its cooldown is seriously generous when maxed out). This lets him engage in fights, dish out damage, and escape without even a single scrape.

Vladimir is an ideal scaling mid laner for beginners because his kit is easy to master and pretty forgiving. However, you will need to be very careful with your W and not abuse it. Misusing this ability will get you killed, especially in the early game.

#4 Sona – Best Scaling Support Champion

There aren’t many “scaling supports” in League, no doubt because most of them focus on helping their ADCs scale rather than themselves. However, Sona is one of the few exceptions — in fact, she’s honestly godly in the late game. 

Sona is an incredibly strong scaling support due to a few reasons. Firstly, while her Q poke only tickles the enemy in the early stages, once it’s fully maxed out it deals killing blow after blow. Since it’s not a skillshot and has a large attack range, Sona can also spam her Q from a safe distance and land it every time. 

Sona’s healing and shielding also become incredibly strong as she levels. This allows her to keep her teammates’ health bars sustained during skirmishes and gamechanging objective contests — both events that are incredibly prevalent in the late game. 

What’s more, her ultimate is an AoE stun that also damages any champions it ensnares. While this is a skillshot, it’s easy to land and the stun duration is long enough for her team to easily collapse on any enemy it catches. With proper usage of her passive, she can also significantly reduce its cooldown. 

Sona is incredibly squishy early on, so you’ll want to position carefully in lane and avoid taking unnecessary trades. Time your poke with the ADC’s minion farming, and don’t overextend when they have their own abilities up. 

#3 Master Yi — Best Scaling Jungler 

Master Yi is a fantastic all-around scaling jungler for beginners and experienced players alike. While he can’t help his teammates much in the early stages of the game, once he has a few items under his belt, he becomes an unstoppable force that can effortlessly 1v5 and shred through even the tankiest enemies.

The main reason why Master Yi scales so well is because he gains an insane amount of true damage in the late game through his E ability. His ultimate also makes him immune to slows and reduces his ability cooldowns significantly, meaning he can stay in skirmishes for lengthy periods and provide a consistent damage source for his team.

Master Yi’s Q ability, “Alpha Strike,” also allows him to evade CC and blink to multiple targets within a fight. Unsurprisingly, this ability is exceptionally strong in the late game when combined with the ultimate’s cooldown reduction.

Just keep in mind that Master Yi is vulnerable to CC in the early stages of the game, so you’ll want to use his Q wisely. 

#2 Vayne – the Best Scaling ADC

Let’s get this out of the way first: Vayne isn’t for the fainthearted. She boasts one of the highest skill caps in the game, and you’re going to have to put hundreds of hours into mastering her mechanics. 

But when you can pull off her combos flawlessly? Vayne is the best scaling ADC out there. Her damage and attack speed both scale significantly as she levels up, and her W ability also allows her to deal true damage, meaning she can shred through her opponents’ late-game resistances with ease. 

She also has all the abilities she needs to self-kite. She can roll to evade skillshots, negate engages with her E, and even stun enemies. Plus, her high mobility means she can effortlessly chase down even the slippiest of champions (looking at you, Fizz).

However, the main reason why Vayne particularly shines in the late game is because of how short her Q cooldown becomes. When fully maxed out, her Q only has a 2-second cooldown, meaning she can use the ability multiple times in a fight. It’s downright powerful. 

#1 Kayle — Best Scaling Top Laner

Kayle is undeniably the queen of late game. This is thanks to her passive, “Divine Ascent.” As she levels up and spends her skill points, she progressively gains more attack speed, move speed, and attack range. Her basic attacks also become empowered and launch out waves of fire that damage any enemies they pass through. 

In late game, Kayle can easily 1v5, conquer teamfights, and take down objectives by herself. She can also destroy minion waves in seconds, allowing her to create significant pressure and control the game state. This flexibility allows her to excel no matter the matchup, gold difference, or who she’s teamed with — she is truly “solo carry” material through and through. 

To top it off, her ultimate also grants a player of her choosing invulnerability for a few seconds. She can use it on herself to negate burst damage and to stay alive long enough to deal the killing blow, or she can use it on an ally to save them from a deadly skillshot. 

As is the case for most scaling champions, Kayle’s early lane is exceptionally weak and she has practically no lane presence. You’ll need to focus on farming and keep tabs on the enemy jungler to ensure you’re never caught out. 

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