Which mouse wins the crown of the best wireless gaming mouse? The latest and greatest with the newest tech from a big brand like Logitech or Razer of course! Well, not so fast. Wireless technology is making leaps and bounds and that rising water is lifting all ships and boats no matter what their size. Even some smaller brands have wireless mice worth considering. Your decision on a wireless mouse will also depend on whether or not you are playing highly competitive games or are more of a casual gamer. For competitive gamers, you’ll want to stick to battle tested mice with very low response times. Casual gamers can get away with buying an older or inexpensive model. If you’re looking for a wired gaming mouse view our list here.

Our Top 7 Gaming Mouse Picks for 2019

Here is our top picks for the best wireless gaming mouse to help get you started on your rodent hunt.

1. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: The Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

The G305 mouse incorporates Logitech’s latest senor: the 12,000 DPI ‘HERO’ optical sensor. This is Logitech’s attempt to make a high performing wireless mouse for all gamers regardless of budget. In that regard, they succeeded. Logitech incorporated the same ambidextrous design you’ll find in their G903 wireless gaming mouse. You get two color choices of white or black. You’ll see a bit more flair with their more expensive wireless mouses, but the simple round, lightweight design performs well and is comfortable.

The G305 excels in the battery life department. You’ll get over 200 hours (up to 250 hours) on a single AA battery. No more taping batteries to the back of your hand to hot swap them mid game. The whole ‘LIGHTSPEED’ marketing term describes the very low response time of the mouse, which Logitech claims beats out the responsiveness of wired mice.

2. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse: The Best Cheap Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Contrary to the lagging and reduced sensitivity issues that are common with most wireless mice, the Logitech G602 Wireless mouse lag-free technology makes it a quintessential tool for most budget-conscious avid gamers. There’s nothing wrong with buying an older model to save some bucks! It has an incredibly long battery life amounting up to 250 hours or 1440 hours in performance mode or endurance mode respectively. For the sake of accuracy, this mouse features the Delta Zero Sensor Technology, which detects different types of surfaces and regulates mouse movements thus preventing lagging on a variety of surfaces.

It also comes with 11 programmable buttons that are durable, with a DPI rating ranging from 250 DPI for pixel-precision to 2500 DPI for faster maneuvers, as well as a 20-million clicks rating. In addition to a durable construction, the Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse’s functioning and design surpasses that of any wireless gaming mouse on the market, making it a must-have for any enthusiastic gamer. If you’re looking for the best rechargeable wireless mouse, we suggest the Logitech G700s.

3. Razer Lancehead Amidextrous Wireless Gaming Mouse: Best Wireless Gaming Mouse with Laser Sensor

Razer Lancehead Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you see black and green everytime you think gaming peripherals, the Lancehead wireless gaming mouse is probably your best bet (also check out the Atheris further down our list for gaming on the go). Backed by Razer’s Synapse software, it isn’t difficult to fine tune your settings and program your buttons and lighting scheme. Speaking of lighting scheme, if you’ve got any other Razer peripherals with Razer Chroma technology, you can pretty much set up your own light show.

You’ll get about 24 hours off a single battery charge but that seems generous. Indeed battery longevity is the main complaint with the Lancehead. The built-in rechargeable battery doesn’t seem to last as long as many folks would hope. Fortunately, you can use the mouse while it is charging. The big win with the Razer Lancehead is the robust 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor. The cutting edge adaptive frequency technology ensures you get consistent and fast data transmission latency at all times aka pinpoint accuracy for racking up those headshots.

4. SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse: The Best Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse is a neat piece of hardware. The weight tuning configuration options are the most advanced we’ve seen in a wireless mouse to date. For tinkerers, the 256 weight combinations can be a joy to play with. The removable sides enable users to easily replace and secure the included weights. For those gamers who want something simple out of the box, we wouldn’t suggest this mouse for them. A relatively powerful 32-bit ARM processor assists with managing low latency performance, delivering an extremely low 1ms response time.

SteelSeries throws a lot of fancy lingo at you with the PRISM Lighting, TrueMove 3+, and Quantum Wireless terms. Fortunately, it works as good as it sounds. We’ve found the battery life holds up a little better relative to the Lancehead above, with 15 minutes of charging time resulting in a charge that lasts at least 8 hours of intense gaming time.

5. E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse: The Best Palm Grip Gaming Mouse

E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse

The E-Blue Mazer Gaming Mouse is precisely designed to fit tightly within the gamer’s palm, making it the most comfortable design for most gamers. It is arguably the best cheap wireless gaming mouse out there. This gaming mouse makes use of the 2.4 Wireless Transmission Technology and the Avago 5090 Optical Gaming Chipset that allows for adjustable sensitivity settings from 500 to 1200 to 1800 to 2500 DPI. Its mechanical switches are engineered for intense gaming, offering up to 5 million clicks and a working radius of up to 30 feet.

Besides the ergonomic design, this gaming mouse has rubber grips on its sides for ultimate comfort. Its tactile scroll wheel offers easier access and greater control during gaming, while the two extra buttons on its side are handy during fast-paced gaming. For an even better appearance, this E-Blue Mazer gaming mouse features soft blue LED lighting and runs on two AA batteries. Even though it is designed for only right-handed gamers, this gaming mouse is surely the ideal palm grip gaming mouse. If you’re looking for one of the best budget wireless gaming mice out there, this is great pick.

6. Logitech G903 Chaos Lightspeed Gaming Mouse with Powerplay: The Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility

The Logitech G903 is the best wireless gaming mouse at the $100-125 price point. The G903 offers the pinnacle of gaming mouse technology and performance. If you’re looking for the best ambidextrous mouse, this is the one. Its accuracy, reliable tracking and responsiveness can be attributed to its ultrafast wireless technology. Its 11 customizable programmable buttons make it easier to adjust its 3 DPI modes from 200-12,000 DPI. This 12,000 DPI sensor has been employed by Logitech for a few years now, and it’s just as accurate as ever.

Its balanced weight and design is intended for both left and right-handed gamers. The removable thumb buttons can be configured for either side. It is well curved with a short stature to support fingertip grip gaming, which is best achieved by your palm not touching the mouse.

This gaming mouse’s silent click technology keeps your gaming environment quiet and its adjustable colored backlights enlighten your space with a cool aura. If you are looking for more precise gaming with a more natural experience, then the Logitech G903 fingertip grip mouse is the ideal brand for you, if you can stomach the lofty price.

7. Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Portable Gaming Mouse: The Best Bluetooth Travel Gaming Mouse

Razer Atheris - Ambidextrous Bluetooth Wireless Portable Gaming-Grade Mouse

The Razor Orochi Elite is one of the best bluetooth gaming mouse models out there. It is a popular gaming mouse that every gamer dreams of owning as it offers a genius combination of wired and wireless connectivity. It comes with advanced laser sensors with 4000 DPI and 2000 DPI when wired and wireless respectively, thus better responsiveness.

The best thing about this mouse is its customization features, including its ambidextrous design, rubber grips, 7 programmable buttons and a large textured scroll wheel. Given its on-the-fly sensitivity feature that gives sensitivity and faster mouse movements of up to 100 inches/second, there is no doubt that this Razer Orochi Elite gaming mouse is definitely your best bet if you want to invest in a wired-wireless combo gaming mouse. It also wins our award for the best ergonomic gaming mouse.

Wireless Gaming Mouse Guide Part I: General Thoughts on Gaming Mice

Why does it make sense to spend the extra money on one of the best wireless gaming mouse models? Gaming with a regular mouse will put you at a serious disadvantage against foes equipped with DPI calibration. If you’ve been playing on a console, using a PC gaming controller, or gaming on a phone or tablet it is time to graduate to a step your game up. Contrary to what some misinformed people have heard about controllers being advantageous, those who use a gaming mouse consistently outperform. If you are a diehard joysticks kind of guy or gal you can view our top controller picks.

With the growth and improvement in technology, the market has seen an increase in the number of gaming mice models and brands, each designed to serve specific purposes during gameplay. Gaming mice can be separated into categories based on their connectivity, ergonomic design, and even a handful of other tech specs. Determine what is most important to you and then make your comparisons. If you are unsure what you need, checkout our gaming mouse guide.

Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming

Even though most people may not realize the difference between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse, once you have the latter in your hand, the distinction will be obvious. Gaming mice are designed with ergonomics and technologies that ensure supreme comfort, impeccable functionality and ultimate performance. Knowing the different kinds of gaming mice will not only be helpful in choosing the brand of the gaming mouse you want, but it will also give you total power to decide whether you want outstanding or just average performance. A single gaming mouse can actually be categorized in terms of ergonomics and connectivity. This means that you have to choose a type from each of the two categories and find a mouse that befits both specifications for the best results. As a rule, it is always very important to perform a thorough market research prior to investing in your dream gaming mouse.

Described below are the different types of gaming mice as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Gaming mice can be classified depending on whether they connect to the computer or gaming system via a wireless network or a connecting cable. The two main types of mice classified by this method include wired gaming mice and wireless gaming mice.

Wireless Gaming Mouse Guide Part II: Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Mice

Here we discuss the age old gaming mouse debate.

Wired Gaming Mice

Wired gaming mice usually connect to the computer or PC using fixed cables. These mice are ideal for people who prefer playing games in one location as the presence of cables makes them less portable. Many gamers prefer using wired mice because they offer stable connection, reducing the likelihood of disconnections, lagging and slowdowns during gameplay. These mice do not require recharging or batteries, which makes them convenient and cost saving. Just like any other gaming device, wired mice have a number of advantages and disadvantages as discussed here.


  • They offer stable connection thus reducing lags and slowdowns when gaming.
  • No recharging or batteries required thus more convenient.
  • Offers better sensitivity and speed.
  • Quite affordable.


  • Mouse cables may tangle with other connecting cables, causing a mess and cable drag.
  • Not as portable especially if gaming on a laptop computer or say in front of the TV.

Wireless Gaming Mice

Wireless gaming mice connect to computers and gaming devices via wireless networks such as Infrared waves or Bluetooth. These mice come with a USB adapter that is plugged into the computer or gaming system, making it possible to detect the wireless networks generated by the mouse. Unlike wired mice that are ready to use, wireless gaming mice require charging or batteries to generate the wireless networks. Wireless mice have started becoming more popular in this modern era, as they are mobile and great for gamers that love to move around a lot. However, some gamers are still jittery about investing in wireless mice, with the fear that they may experience lagging and irregular mouse movements in the middle of their games. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of wireless gaming mice.


  • Has no cords thus reducing clutter and tangling.
  • Lack of the cable makes it more portable and easier to store.


  • Its batteries must be replaced or charged for it to work effectively.
  • Interference from neighboring wireless networks may cause lagging and poor sensitivity.

Wireless Gaming Mouse Guide Part III: Ergonomics AKA Grip Style

The second method used to categorize gaming mice is by ergonomic design. This majorly depends on the way the mouse is held and how if fits into the hands. The main types of gaming mice in this category include fingertip grip gaming mice, claw grip gaming mice and palm grip gaming mice. You should put this into deliberation when thinking of how to choose the best gaming mouse as it will determine how comfortably it will fit into your hand, affecting the level of control.

Gaming Mouse Grip Styles

1. Fingertip Grip Gaming Mice

As its name suggests, the fingertip grip mouse is designed such that only the fingertips of the user will be in contact with the mouse. On the other hand, the palm will rest onto the mousepad. Most of these gaming mice offer a comfortable grip, which feels more natural. Given the fact that the palm does not touch the mouse, you get better control of the mouse, which makes it great for games with precise control needs. With this grip, you will experience the least strain to the wrist. However, sometimes fingertip gamers will complain of finger fatigue and cramping after longer sessions. Most gaming mice of this type are usually shorter, tighter and have the slightest arch.


  • Offers more accurate and precise control.
  • Offers a more natural feel especially when gaming.
  • Comfortable to use regardless of the size of the user’s palms.
  • Designed for speedier performance.

2. Claw Grip Gaming Mice

The claw grip mouse’s design is such that only the back of the palm and the fingertips will be in contact with it. Apparently, its name actually comes from the fact that you will have to claw the mouse down with your fingers to get perfect control and accurate clicking. Given the comfort and ease of control offered by having the back of the palm and the fingertips on the mouse, this mouse is actually the most preferred by gamers. This mouse works best for users who like to control their mouse using their forefinger and middle finger. The claw grip can be uncomfortable for people with larger palms.


  • Offers more accurate and precise clicking.
  • Offers better control, movement and aiming during gaming.
  • Recommended for precision during demanding gameplay.

3. Palm Grip Gaming Mice

Palm grip mice are the most commonly used by people around the world. However, when it comes to gaming, these mice are usually contoured perfectly for comfort and better functionality. This does ensure a great comfortable feel, which makes gaming easier, thus better performance. This gaming mice’s design makes it possible for the whole palm as well as the fingers to rest comfortably onto it, thus more comfy for longer periods of gaming. Most gamers believe that this style of grip does not facilitate as precise control and movement, particularly in twitchy games where quick reflexes are required.


  • Offers the greatest comfort for most gamers.
  • Offers the best grip for regular users.
  • Suitable for longer periods of gaming.

For more mouse options and wired mice, peruse our other gaming mouse roundup page.