Destiny 2 has so many ways for you to upgrade and boost your stats. From Armor Mods and perks to the ability to Masterwork, there are a lot of systems at play to help you min-max your Guardian. However, one often overlooked Mod system is still incredibly important to dive into — your Weapon Mods.

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So which Weapon Mods are best in Destiny 2? Let’s rank them and find out.

Weapon Mods and How to Acquire Them

Weapon Mods
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Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 have a range of random stats, perks, and a single empty Mod slot where you can equip and switch between a range of unlocked Weapon Mods. For just a bit of Glimmer, you can get damage boosts, perk extensions, additional ammo, or boosts to general stats in specific scenarios.

In the past, there were multiple ways to acquire these Mods. Now, you can only earn them by turning in rank-up packages to Banshee-44. So be sure to dismantle any unneeded weapons and armor and stack up on weapon parts to speed up this process. 

You can also earn Adept versions of most of these Mods by going flawless in Trials of Osiris or completing a Grandmaster Nightfall. These provide boosted benefits of the same Mods, typically adding a +10 to the stat or an added buff. These are difficult to unlock, so don’t worry about pursuing them, but if you happen to earn one, be sure to use it.

Best Weapon Mods in Destiny 2 Ranked

There is a fairly limited pool of Weapon Mods currently in Destiny 2. Since you only get one per weapon, it’s really up to your playstyle — you’ll need to decide which is best in a given scenario. That said, it can be difficult to know where to start. You don’t want to waste that Mod slot on a useless buff!

To help you work through them, here are the best Weapon Mods in Destiny 2.

Counterbalance Stock

8. Counterbalance Stock

Description: Reduces recoil deviation.

If you’re running with a Sniper, Scout Rifle, or Pulse Rifle, you’ll want to have the added recoil balance from this Mod. It won’t completely eliminate weapon kick, but it will help stabilize your aim after firing to make it much easier to pick targets back up. This makes it one of the best Weapon Mods for PvP, simply for the ability to stick to targets and pop off a few well-placed headshots.

Radar Tuner

7. Radar Tuner and Radar Booster

Description: Radar comes up faster after ADS and shows enemies further out.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a firefight, thinking you’re clear, only to get nailed in the back because you didn’t pick up enemies on your radar. That’s where these two Mods come in, with Radar Tuner virtually eliminating the delay when coming out of aim down sites (ADS) and Radar Booster dramatically increasing the range. 

These are some of the best weapon Mods for Raids, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the layout. If you get some of the other mods on this list, however, these should be the first to go.

Icarus Grip

6. Icarus, Freehand, and Sprint Grip

Description: Improve accuracy while in the air, firing from the hip or after sprinting.

Accuracy is key in high-level play and Crucible. That’s why leveraging one of these Mods (depending on your go-to playstyle) can be crucial in boosting your aim assist. These are mainly useful for short-range weapons, like Shotguns, since they all encourage you to be moving. That said, Icarus Grip and Freehand can be especially deadly for talented snipers in your group. Basically, if you don’t have a Mod equipped, pop one of these on and reap the benefits.  

Backup Mag Destiny 2

5. Backup Mag

Description: Increases magazine size.

A little more ammo can go a long way. This is especially true if you’re running with a small clip Shotgun or Rocket Launcher. You should be able to stack this Mod with Ammo Finding Armor Mods in a specific weapon category, allowing you to bolster your ammo well past weapon standards. 

This is another Mod that’s useful in a pinch and can easily be switched to as a backup if there’s no specific need for targeting or perk boosting.

Targeting Adjuster Destiny 2

4. Targeting Adjuster

Description: This weapon gains a better target acquisition.

Anytime that you can get some aim assist in Destiny 2 is well worth it. While it won’t automatically gravitate you to an enemy headshot, it will lead to a noticeable difference in snapping directly to enemies. This Mod is best for Crucible and should mainly be used by players who struggle to aim or are running weapons that could use the boost.

Minor Spec Destiny 2

3. Minor, Major, and Boss Specs

Description: More damage dealt against a given enemy type.

If you’re running Raids or Gambit, you’ll want at least one weapon with one of these Mods equipped. While the Minor Spec is a bit less useful, these are incredibly beneficial for boosting damage against hordes of enemies or particularly tough Champions and Bosses. Having that extra damage, and stacking it with other Armor Mods, can help you make quick work of typically tough encounters.

Rampage Spec Destiny 2

2. Rampage, Dragonfly, and Surrounded Specs

Description: Selected perks last longer and deal more damage.

These are some of the better weapon perks you want to roll. Boosting the duration, damage, and blast radius (specifically for Dragonfly) is a must. If you have those perks rolled on a given weapon and are good at getting their status effects to pop, run with the complimentary Mod. You’ll find it hard to go back after how consistently you can get it to pop and stick around.

Quick Access Sling Destiny 2

1. Quick Access Sling

Description: Weapons switch faster after emptying your magazine.

Switching between weapons can often mean death. That split second hand-off is often just enough for a rival Guardian or Champion to just lay you out. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with this Mod. 

On top of making you a whirlwind of weapons, it also encourages you to use up your full clip. It can be easy to switch with a few bullets remaining, but this gets you in the practice of unloading before moving on. This is vital to get the most out of your weapons, making it a top choice when running weapons like Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, or Hand Cannons that typically have slow-ready speeds.

Become a High Grounder

Weapon Mods may not be game-breaking status effects, but they provide enough unique benefits to make them worth unlocking. Be sure to let your Fireteam know which Mods they should be running by sharing this article on your favorite social platforms. And for the latest on Destiny 2, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Happy gaming!


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