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11 Most Popular Car Brands in GTA Online (2024)

If you ask a hundred different people what their favorite car is in GTA V, you’ll probably get a hundred different answers. Cars are a huge part of the open-world sandbox of Grand Theft Auto, doubly so for its online multiplayer mode. There’s nothing more satisfying than showing off your favorite ride at a meet among all the popular car brands!

But maybe you’re new to the car scene and don’t know which cars to buy. Maybe you have a fav ride but want to switch it up. With so many different manufacturers in the GTA universe, how do you find which ones are best? We’ll be covering that in this guide for the 11 most popular car brands in GTA Online.

Let’s get started!

We’ll be listing ten of some very popular car brands in GTA Online in no particular order, alongside some of their best and/or most notable models.

1. Annis (Nissan)

The first one up on our list is Annis! This is a Japanese manufacturing company that has been modeled after the real-world brand Nissan. This is one of my personal favorite brands, as I’ve always loved Nissan cars.

Annis is known for making quite a few notable models, including the following:

Elegy Retro Custom

The Retro Custom is a Benny’s vehicle based on the real-world Nissan Skyline GT-R. It’s not the fastest car in the game, but its customization is unmatched. If you love the Fast and Furious series, this car is a must-have — it’s the ride Conner O’Brian drove in the first movie!

Elegy RH8

Ahh, the Elegy RH8. This was one of the first cars I ever owned in the game. This one is very good for low-level players, as it’s always free to acquire on Southern San Andreas Superautos! It’s a decently fast car with good stats and customization, so be sure to pick it up if you’re a new player or someone who likes collecting cars.


This last one is a supercar, and one of the better ones in the game. Its good acceleration makes it a viable supercar to race with in the big leagues. I really love the model on this car, and it has some really great customization. This gives it the added benefit of looking fantastic sitting in your garage!

2. Pegassi (Lamborghini)

Up next, we have one of the most commonly seen vehicle manufactory in the game, Pegassi. Also known as Lamborghini in the real world, Pegassi is an Italian brand that manufactures everything from the slowest motorcycles to the fastest supercars (and even a singular boat, for some reason). Some notable cars of theirs include the following:

Oppressor Mk II

The Oppressor Mk II is easily one of the best vehicles in the game. It’s a flying motorcycle you can spawn right next to you. It features defensive flairs and lock-on missiles. It’s a great vehicle to use for grinding in the game due to its speed and agility. Just don’t use it to grief others, alright?


Another really great vehicle for grinding money in GTA Online, the Toreador is an incredibly fast vehicle with a quickly-recharging boost you can activate every few seconds. It also sports lock-on missiles with better tracking than the Oppressor. And it can even go underwater! Ironically, this vehicle is a great counter to Oppressor Mk II griefers, so be sure to buy this one.


Lastly, I want to touch on the Pegassi Infernus. This car definitely isn’t the fastest in the game, as it’s very outdated compared to the more recently released supercars. But this is a nostalgic vehicle that many fans who grew up with GTA IV may recognize. It was the first supercar I ever bought in online, and it only costs $440,000 (which is incredibly cheap for a supercar).

3. Dinka (Honda)

In the next position for the 11 most popular car brands in GTA Online, we have Dinka! Crafted after the real-life brand Honda, Dinka is a Japanese company that makes cars and a few motorcycles. They are responsible for some very iconic vehicles in the car world, and you should definitely consider picking some of them up.

Jester Classic

First up is the Jester Classic, which is based on our own Toyota Supra. Another fan-favorite car found in the Fast and Furious franchise, the Jester Classic may not be as fast as the one in the movie, but it’s still just as good-looking. Its stats are pretty well-rounded, making it a decent car if you’re looking to go for a Sunday drive.

Jester RR

A faster and more modern version of the Jester Classic, the RR sports a solid acceleration and top speed. It’s one of the better sports cars found in the game, and it has my recommendation if you’re looking for something to use in races. Not to mention it’s one of Dinka’s best looking cars!

Veto Classic

In case you missed it earlier, I said that this list would contain some of each brand’s best and most notable vehicles. This one isn’t the best, but it sure is unique. The Veto Classic is one of two go-karts featured in the game (this is the better-looking one, in my opinion). They allow players to take part in go-kart races, which are incredibly fun to participate in!

4. Benefactor (Mercedes-Benz)

For our next car manufacturer in GTA Online, it’s Benefactor! Modeled after the real-life brand Mercedes-Benz, Benefactor is known for both its classic and modern cars. They’re one of my favorite brands because they make two of my favorite cars in the game, the Benefactor Krieger and the BR8! Speaking of which…


Without a doubt, one of (if not the) fastest cars in the game is the Krieger. It’s a must-get if you love racing with supercars. This vehicle is incredibly fast, with great acceleration and good top speed. This meta might be changed with the upcoming drip-feed vehicles of the Criminal Enterprises DLC, but for now, this car is king. Be sure to pick it up if you don’t have it already!


If you’re interested in playing open-wheel races, you should definitely get the BR8. This is arguably one of the better open-wheel cars in the game. I’ve played and won many races with it due to its great speed. It also sports really good braking power, which is important when making tight turns in races.


A money grinder’s dream, the Terrorbyte is a very special truck that allows you to launch sourcing missions for some of your businesses anywhere on the map! You can spawn this vehicle in and use it to launch a special cargo source mission, an Import/Export source mission, etc. You can even do special client jobs to gain some extra income on the side!

5. Coil (Tesla)

Marking the halfway point on our list is Coil. Based on the real-world brand Tesla, Coil specializes in manufacturing electric cars. Sadly, there aren’t that many Coil vehicles in the game. Regardless, they have a couple of notable cars worth mentioning on our list.

Rocket Voltic

The Rocket Voltic was once pretty popular among heist grinders of the game before the Diamond Casino Heist was released. This was a common vehicle to see when doing setup missions for some of the OG heists. This is due to the car’s fast speed combined with a rocket-powered booster strapped to the back! The booster makes it a speedy vehicle worth picking up.

Cyclone II

Exclusive to the next generation port of GTA V, the Cyclone II is an electric supercar with incredible acceleration. It can be equipped with Hao’s Special Work mods, which can buff its stats up even higher than they already are. It’s a good car if you like electric vehicles or just want a fast ride.

6. Declasse (Chevrolet)

Next up, we have the American-based Declasse, which shares many similarities to the real-life car brand Chevrolet. They make a diverse set of cars, ranging from heavily modified off-road cars to elegant weaponized supercars.


The Scram jet is what you get when you want something practical and deadly that’s also stylish and classy. It’s a vehicle that looks straight out of a James Bond movie (or a certain 1960s anime), featuring an elegant and rich design with lots of practical uses. It has a turbo boost for getting around fast, and missile launchers for taking down enemies with ease.


One of the newest cars added to the game, the Draugur is an off-road powerhouse. It features really great speed, making it a good choice for off-road races. It also has very good traction for climbing up steep cliffs. It’s honestly crazy how effortlessly people have climbed Mount Chiliad with this car! Definitely a must-get if you love off-roading in GTA Online.

Weaponized Tampa

One of my personal favorite weaponized cars in the game, this car is a heavily modified version of the standard Tampa. It features a set of machine guns mounted to the roof. Unlike most bullet-spewing guns in weaponized vehicles, this one can be freely aimed in almost any direction! This makes it very practical for killing things from the comfort of your seat.

7. Dewbauchee (Aston Martin)

Up next on our list of the 11 most popular car brands in GTA Online, we have Dewbauchee! This is a British car brand that has made several notable supercars. While they are not as popular now as they were in the past, they are still worth mentioning as they make two very great cars you’ve definitely heard of before.


This supercar is unique in the fact that it’s the only armored supercar in the game! Additionally, the Champion can be modified with Imani Tech from your Agency, which can make it immune to lock-on missiles! This is the perfect car if you want some solid defense combined with decent speed and acceleration, all wrapped up in one supercar.


The Vagner is sadly not as popular as it once was. Before the Krieger was king, this was considered one of the best supercars in the game. While it may be outclassed by more modern cars, it is still very much one of the best racing cars in the game. And the design is heavenly, making it a really awesome car if you’ve got money to burn and are looking to start a collection.

8. Imponte (Pontiac)

Now let’s take a second to talk about the car brand Imponte! It is based on the real-world company Pontiac. Imponte mostly specializes in muscle cars, but they are known to make other kinds of cars as well. Most vehicles in the Imponte brand can’t compete with the more recently released cars of GTA Online. However, two of their cars used to be some of the best and most powerful vehicles in the game!


Click to Expand | Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The Deluxo is a pretty popular car that was introduced in the Doomsday Heist update. While the car is definitely outperformed by other weaponized vehicles in PvP, it is still a car worth getting due to the fact that it is stupid fun to drive around. Not only can this car fire off missiles, but it has the ability to transform into a flying car! It’s a lot of fun to cruise around in, so consider getting it if you have the money to spend.

Ruiner 2000

The Ruiner 2000 used to be an extremely powerful vehicle in free mode. In fact, it was one of the first weaponized vehicles ever added to the game. It is a muscle car that features lock-on missiles and machine guns. However, it can’t fire very many missiles before running out. And the car has poor armor. This car really isn’t worth getting in 2023, unless of course, you are a collector.

9. Pfister (Porsche)

For spot number eight on our list, we have one of the most beloved car brands both in Grand Theft Auto and real life. The Pfister manufacturing company is based on the Porsche brand, a company known for its luxury sports cars. If you love German-made cars, then this is a great manufacturing company for you!

Comet S2

The Comet S2 is a faster, more customizable version of the regular Comet. This model was released as a part of the Tuner’s DLC back in the Summer 2021. It features really good speed, making it one of the better sports cars in the game. The S2 can be raced in Pursuit races and other modes released alongside the Tuner’s update, making it a great pick for that content.

Comet Retro Custom

While not as fast or as modern as the previous model, the Comet Retro Custom is still a good car with great customization. It is a Benny’s vehicle, which means you need to purchase the regular Comet in order to upgrade it to this. While the stats get a little bit worse for wear after upgrading, the beautiful model and customization more than makes up for it!

10. Karin (Toyota)

For our next spot, we have the car brand, Karin! I have a lot of favorite car brands, but Karin is probably my absolute favorite! This is a Japanese-based car brand that features some of the best racing cars for Tuner-enthusiasts, as well as a classic armored car veterans will surely recognize.

Kuruma (Armored)

This car is relatively cheap, only costing $698,250. If you’ve played this game for a while, you may know this to be one of the best-armored cars in the game! It’s decently fast and features bulletproof windows, which allow you to shoot enemy NPCs in (almost) complete safety. The car is commonly used to complete setups for some of the OG heists in the game.

Calico GTF

The Calico GTF is a Tuner’s vehicle, and as such it combines speed with great customization. This vehicle is one of the better ones in the Tuner’s DLC, and it can easily complete a lap in record times. This car is also commonly spotted as a Prize Ride vehicle in the LS Car Meet, making it pretty easy to obtain if you don’t want to pay the almost $2,000,000 price tag.

Sultan RS Classic

Another car featured in the Tuner’s update for GTA Online, this car is considered by many to be the best of that DLC. It combines excellent acceleration with good handling and braking. It’s a great car to pick if you’re racing on a map with tight corners and lots of turns. The ride has won me many races before, and it’s not a car I’m going to sell anytime soon.

11. Grotti (Ferrari)

Last but certainly not least on our list, we have the Grotti car brand. This Italian manufacturing company is widely recognized in the real world as Ferrari! It’s probably one of the best car brands if you love to show off your expensive-looking rides at your local car meet. But even if you don’t like showing off, they’re still plenty practical.


This car is one of my personal favorite supercars in the game purely due to its looks. I absolutely love the design of the Cheetah, and many players agree it’s one of the best-looking Grotti vehicles! It sports good top speed, making it a great car for racing down the highway with.

Brioso 300

This is a very beautiful classic Italian car, modeled heavily after the Fiat 500. It is definitely not the kind of car you’d want to bring to a street race, but if you loved collecting classic cars in GTA Online, then you need to pick up this unique piece of history.

Stinger GT

The Stinger GT is one of the best-looking classic cars in the game. It shows off a sleek and elegant-looking design, that would go great in any classic car collection. The performance in this car is pretty good, but if you want something to compete with the fastest cars in the game, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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You forgot to put the Deluxo in there. A flying car with the same capabilities as the Opressor MK2 just doesnt have counter missle measures. Its fast as well. Its also worth over 5 million dollar.


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