One of the best additions to come to GTA Online are purchasable safehouses. Not only do these properties provide a safe place to kick back and relax, but you can also store vehicles, watch TV, or even set up a heist in some locations. But with so many different properties to choose from, how can you decide which ones are best-suited to your needs?

In this ranked list, we’ll cover the best apartments in GTA Online. Let’s get started!


4401 Procopio Drive

Screenshot of 4401 Procopio Drive Safehouse in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Price: $165,000 | Location: Paleto Bay | Benefits: Six-car garage, Ammu-Nation, safety from other players, inexpensive

Let’s kick off this list with a safehouse located in one of the calmest locations on the map. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, this is not an apartment. But it’s a safehouse all the same, and it’s one of the best ones if you’re looking to set up shop somewhere far from the dangerous streets of Los Santos.

As one of the two safe houses in Paleto Bay, this location is great because so few players choose to live in this area. Most prefer to live in the city, which makes it a very hostile environment. Here, you can carry about your business in relative safety. It’s also the only middle-class house for sale in Paleto Bay, which means it comes with a six-car garage!

If you’ve purchased one of the bunkers on the west side of the map, you’ll be able to access them much more easily from this location. This is — in my humble opinion — the safehouse with the best exterior out of any of the other options. It’s a nice Californian house with a decent-sized yard!


0115 Bay City Avenue, Apartment 45

Screenshot of 0115 Bay City Avenue, Apartment 45 in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Price: $150,000 | Location: La Puerta, Los Santos | Benefits: Six-car garage, close to the sea, close to nightclubs, inexpensive

For spot number six, we have a dockside apartment that can be found on the western side of Los Santos in La Puerta. This one is a personal favorite of mine because I just love its proximity to the ocean and its exterior design. But enough about how it looks. Why is this a good apartment to buy?

Like all middle-class living spaces in GTA Online, this one comes with a six-car garage. It’s also located close to the docks, which makes it easier to call in a boat if you need one. The Del Perro and Vespucci Canals nightclubs are located nearby, which makes this apartment great if you own either of them.

This is also one of the less popular safehouses in GTA Online. I’ve only ever been griefed once when visiting this location, but aside from that, it’s relatively safe. An Ammu-Nation can be found near the apartment, and you can easily visit the fairgrounds, if that’s something you’re interested in.


140 Zancudo Avenue

Screenshot of 140 Zancudo Avenue in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Price: $121,000 | Location: Sandy Shores | Benefits: Ammu-Nation, close to MC businesses, inexpensive

Now onto a safehouse you probably didn’t expect on this list. Again, this isn’t an apartment, but a shack in the middle of the desert. It’s the only low-income safehouse on this list, and you’ll have to share the neighborhood with Trevor Philips! So why would anyone want such a crummy living space?

The fact that it’s located in Sandy Shores makes it a must-purchase if you are looking to buy a safehouse in each area of the map. This becomes more valuable if you’ve purchased your MC businesses here (Sandy Shores is the most popular spot to buy them, after all). You can set your spawn point here, then join a new session to “fast travel” to your businesses so you can check up on them.

Sandy Shores has practically everything you could ever need. There is an Ammu-Nation, a tattoo place, a barbershop, and an auto shop to mod all of your vehicles. The only major downside is that this safehouse can only hold two cars, but that isn’t an issue if you own multiple properties.


4 Integrity Way, Apartment 28

Screenshot of 4 Integrity Way, Apartment 28 in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Price: $476,000 | Location: Pillbox Hill, Los Santos | Benefits: 10-car garage, close to CEO offices, can start heists

Like many players, you’re probably going to want an apartment close to Downtown Los Santos. 4 Integrity Way is your best bet. This apartment makes a great alternative to the Eclipse Towers Penthouse, as this one is noticeably cheaper while still being a high-end apartment inside the city.

What’s nice about this one is how close it is to the center of the city. If you own several properties around Los Santos, this makes a great place to set your spawn location. If you own the most expensive CEO office — the Maze Bank Tower — it’s practically right next door!

Before we go any further, I should mention that all high-end apartments in the game come with ten-car garages, and this one is no different. Additionally, if you’re interested in doing some of the original heists, you can only launch them through your high-end apartments. If you haven’t done them at least once already, you’re missing out!


Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7

Screenshot of Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7 in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Price: $200,000 | Location: Del Perro, Los Santos | Benefits: Cheapest high-end apartment, close to the sea, can start heists, inexpensive

I remember when I first started playing GTA Online all the way back in 2016. I was given a starting bonus of $500,000 for some promotional deal. Initially, I wanted to buy the least expensive high-end apartment, but thought, “Nah, I should save my money. I don’t want to be frivolous.” Little did low-level me know, I should have been frivolous.

This is the cheapest high-end apartment in the game, and it’s one that many players recommend low-levels purchase. As previously mentioned, you can only start the OG heists through high-end apartments. If you’re a new player short on cash, purchasing this apartment and hosting these heists is a great way to get started making money in GTA Online.

If the prospect of high-stakes robberies with big payouts doesn’t already entice you, let me explain some of the other benefits. Del Perro Heights features a ten-car garage, of course, as well as easy access to the sea and the fairgrounds. There is also a nightclub property available for purchase nearby!


Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 3

Screenshot of Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 3 in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Price: $1,100,000 | Location: Rockford Hills, Los Santos | Benefits: 10-car garage, close to an arcade and a nightclub, can start heists, customizable, bragging rights

Time to talk about one of my most nostalgic properties in the game. I remember when I purchased this suite a few years back I was hit with this feeling that said, “Yeah, you finally made it!” It was a great feeling after many hours of grinding the game, and I hope many other players will get that same emotion after buying this penthouse.

So why is this apartment so great? Well, aside from the fact it’s one of the most expensive properties in the game (which gives you plenty of bragging rights). It’s located very close to several end-game businesses, such as an arcade and a nightclub. It’s also located on a street that takes you right to the casino, making it a breeze to drive to.

Unlike most of the apartments in the game, this one actually comes with several customization options available for players. You can’t place down individual furniture or decorations, but you can select one out of nine different themes available. These themes change everything from the color palette to the furniture and even the lights!


Master Penthouse, Diamond Casino

Screenshot of Master Penthouse, Diamond Casino in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Price: $1,500,000 – $6,533,500 | Location: East Vinewood, Los Santos | Benefits: 10-car garage, gun locker, private barber, inside the Casino, close to an arcade and an agency, best customization, can do Casino missions, bragging rights

And for the number one best apartment in GTA Online, we have the Master Penthouse inside the Diamond Casino & Resort! This is without a doubt my favorite safehouse in not only GTA V but any GTA game to date. There’s just so much charm, and so many features jam-packed into this thing!

For starters, this is the largest safehouse in the entire game. Rooms range from a master bedroom to a lounge, media room, spa, office, and several others. The customization is also top-notch, as you can purchase decorations (statutes, artwork, plants, etc) from the Diamond Casinos store and place them practically anywhere in your suite.

There are also several features that make this penthouse very practical. You can hire a private barber for your spa. If you buy the office, it comes with a gun locker that you can use to customize your weapon loadout. You can also start the Casino missions if you own this penthouse! They don’t pay that much, but they are still very enjoyable to play (especially with friends).

Being located inside of the Diamond, you can spawn inside of it and head down the elevator to the casino floor. This lets you spin the daily wheel quickly and easily every time you log back on. Even if this penthouse didn’t come with the ten-car garage and all the other previously mentioned features, I would still buy it just for the convenience of spawning so close to the daily wheel. For all those reasons, we chose it as the best high end apartment in GTA Online.

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Screenshot of a high end apartment in GTA Online
Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

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