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Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online

Some of the most prized and sought-after vehicles in the world of GTA Online are armored cars and trucks. These highly defensive vehicles are incredibly good for surviving in the chaotic open world of GTA. With all the weaponized vehicles in the game, armored vehicles are more important than they’ve ever been.

But with so many different armored cars and trucks in the game, how can you possibly decide which one is the best? Which ones are good for what scenarios? We’ll be covering all that and more in today’s article for the 10 best armored vehicles in GTA Online ranked!

10 Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online, Ranked from Good to Best

With that introduction out of the way, let’s get down to business!


Paragon R

Paragon R
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For this first pick, we have the Paragon R! This is one of my favorite armored cars in the game, mostly due to its looks and speed. Like the Duke O’ Death, the main benefit of this car isn’t resisting explosives, but bullets. Its glass isn’t completely bulletproof, but it can resist more firepower than several other armored cars in the game, making it a viable alternative to the Armored Kuruma. It also features twin-mounted machine guns, which are good for safely firing at NPCs.

This car is pretty fast for an armored vehicle. It is classified as a sports car, which allows it to have good performance when racing against other vehicles. I really love using this car when traveling from point A to point B in Los Santos, as its handling makes it great for tight turns and navigating around city buildings. All that combined with its armor makes it a good daily drive in the city.

Something that I should note about this car is that getting it requires you to own the Diamond Casino Penthouse. You need to buy the penthouse and then complete several contact missions for Agatha Baker. Only after doing all that can you unlock this car. While I enjoyed doing the missions, it is annoying that you have to make a big purchase and go through these missions in order to get this car.


Duke O’ Death

Duke O' Death
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Taking the next spot, we have the Duke O’ Death. This is a modified version of the Imponte Dukes. It is a muscle car that has been armored up to withstand a decent amount of damage. The car isn’t that good when compared to a lot of the other armored cars in the game, however, and it can be destroyed after only a few shots from an RPG.

The main benefit of using this car is the fact that it is very good at protecting users from bullet fire. You can drive this thing through crowds of NPCs and/or use it to attack other players and you’ll be relatively safe. It does suffer from a weak spot on the front of the car where the driver can be shot at through the windshield. But aside from that, this is a good car to get if you want some basic protection.

It’s also got pretty decent stats for an armored vehicle. The Duke O’ Death is a faster car than the very popular Armored Kuruma. While I would say the Kuruma is better for offensive scenarios, the Duke O’ Death is better for retreating and keeping someone following you off your back. This is because of its better speed combined with the fact that it’s great at stopping bullets.


HVY Insurgent

HVY Insurgent
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Taking our next spot we have the HVY Insurgent. This well-armored vehicle is able to withstand the impact of five RPGs. This makes it a good vehicle for defending yourself against explosive damage, which is very common in densely packed lobbies. It’s also mostly bulletproof, but like many armored cars in the game, it suffers from poorly-armored windows that other players can shoot through.

This is a good vehicle for hauling around other players, due to the fact it can fit six people in total. I recommend it if you have a large gang of people playing with you and need an armored vehicle to get around. However, this vehicle does feature not the best speed compared to other cars in the game.

Sadly, this vehicle does not come with any sort of mounted weapons on it. This makes it better as a pure defense vehicle rather than one that can be used to attack other players. It’s relatively cheap compared to some of the other cars in the game, however, with a discounted price of $675,000 after completing the Humane Labs Raid heist. This is a pretty decent car to get if you are a new player.


Patriot Mil-Spec

Patriot Mil-Spec
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Next on our list of the best armored vehicles in GTA Online, we have the Patriot Mil-Spec! This is a really cool vehicle that was added to the game as a part of the Contract DLC drip-feed vehicles. It’s a car based on a real-life humvee. This armored off-road monster is incredibly good for climbing up steep hills, able to traverse even the worst off-road terrain. This makes it a great pick if you love off-roading in GTA or plan on doing missions that take you outside of Los Santos.

As for its defense, it is the only vehicle on this list that can be fitted with Imani Tech. This is a special upgrade category that you can only purchase if you own an Agency property. One of the Imani Tech upgrades allows you to fit your vehicles with missile jammers, effectively preventing weaponized vehicles from locking onto you! This makes it a really great counter to the Oppressor Mk II.

Now for the armor itself, you can only take two RPG hits with this thing. It isn’t the most impressive, and it’s actually pretty disappointing. However, it is pretty effective at stopping bullets from hitting you. You can purchase a modification for it that will place a cover on the back window. This prevents any and all enemy gunfire from reaching you when you’re being fired at from behind!


HVY Barrage

HVY Barrage
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Next, we have the HVY Barrage. This is an all-terrain vehicle that I don’t see being used in public lobbies very often. Odd, as this is a great vehicle that I think more people should be using. According to the GTA Wiki, this vehicle can tank five rockets from an RRG before being destroyed, which is pretty good. Its most prominent weak point is the fact that the driver is exposed to bullets.

Despite this, it’s still a great vehicle to take into PVP, thanks to its diverse set of weapons. The ATV has two turrets, one mounted and one in the rear. These weapons can be upgraded with one of several different options, the most powerful of which being the grenade launcher. This gives the vehicle a lot of firepower, which makes it great for taking down armored cars and killing other players with ease.

Just keep in mind that you need extra players in order to use these turrets. The Barrage is a really good vehicle for use in Blaine County and other off-road parts of the map. This is thanks to the vehicle’s design as an ATV. Getting over hills with it is relatively easy, making it good for missions that take place in hilly areas. It’s definitely a slept-on vehicle IMO.


Mobile Operations Center

Mobile Operations Center - #4 Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Nearly halfway down our list, we have the Mobile Operations Center. This is a unique vehicle compared to the others on the list, and it was one I considered making an honorable mention instead of a normal ranking. The MOC is a very well-armored vehicle that features a big rig on the front and a cabin attached to the back with its own interior space.

The vehicle itself can take up to twenty-four hits from an RPG, making it one of the tankiest vehicles in the entire game! Additionally, if the vehicle is destroyed while you’re inside, you won’t die and will spawn outside the vehicle. The interior also acts as a mobile base that you can use to upgrade your weapons and your vehicles, which is the main draw of the MOC.

I consider this vehicle to be a must-own, especially if you own a weaponized vehicle. They’re a great way to restock your weaponized vehicles while on the field, as you can spawn it into the lobby and enter its garage. Then just exit out and you’ll be good to go!



Toreador - #4 Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for our next pick on this ranking, the Toreador! This is without a doubt one of my favorite vehicles in all of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s a weaponized, armored vehicle with a speed boost, and is one of the most versatile vehicles in the game besides the Oppressor Mk II. It’s good for defense, attacking NPCs and other players, and just getting around the map quickly and easily.

In terms of its armor, the Toreador is able to take only two RPG rockets before exploding. This really isn’t a lot compared to a lot of the other vehicles in the game. However, thanks to its maneuverability and its speed boost, you can easily dodge any incoming explosives once you get the hang of things. Its biggest issue is the wide glass windows on the front and sides of the car.

You can be easily shot through these windows and killed, meaning you’ll need to be quick to run someone over or shoot them if they’re on the ground shooting at you. Aside from this issue, the car is incredibly good for PVP. Even with all of its issues, the great tracking missiles, agility, and speed boost all make it great for staying safe. As long as you have the skill to use it, it’s a great armored car.


Kuruma (Armored)

Kuruma (Armored) - #3 Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

At spot number three, we have the Kuruma (Armored). This is one of the most beloved and popular armored vehicles in GTA Online, and it’s easy to see why. Ever since its release back in 2015, the vehicle has been considered a must-have by many players. This vehicle is almost entirely bulletproof! It features armor all around it and on its windows, and its glass is difficult to shoot through.

Even better, though, is the fact that you can shoot a pistol or SMG out of this vehicle and you won’t be at a greater risk of getting shot. This car is perfect for PVE, as you can ride up to a group of NPCs and quickly mow them down without having to worry about getting shot yourself. The Kuruma can be taken alongside the OG heists, so it’s perfect for doing those as well.

When it comes to its actual armor, it could be better. This vehicle is very easily destroyed by explosive weapons, and that makes it not the best when going against other players. I recommend using this vehicle only when doing contact missions and the OG heists. It’s got pretty decent speed (after being upgraded), but that isn’t enough to outrun most other players in Grand Theft Auto Online.



Nightshark - #2 Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

For the second pick on this list of the ten best armored vehicles in GTA Online ranked, we have the Nightshark! This is without a doubt one of the most popular armored vehicles in the game, and for very good reason. This armored car is able to withstand about eight or so rockets from an RPG before being destroyed. This makes it a very good vehicle for avoiding explosive damage.

Additionally, it’s able to withstand a lot of gunfire from enemy players. Its windows aren’t bulletproof, but they are small enough that hitting someone inside can be tricky. The Night Shark comes equipped with machine guns mounted on the front that are really good for attacking NPCs and players from the safety of your vehicle.

The best weapon for the Night Shark, however, is the sticky bomb. This car is a popular counter to the Oppressor Mk II due to the fact that players can hide inside it while throwing sticky bombs through the window. You can detonate them mid-air, which is great for taking out Oppressors. I highly recommend this vehicle, as it’s one of the best-armored cars overall due to all of its defensive capabilities.


Insurgent Pick-Up Custom

Insurgent Pick-Up Custom - #1 Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online
Click to expand. | Image: Rockstar Games via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Coming up in first place, we have the Insurgent Pick-Up Custom! This is a heavy-duty armored military vehicle that features thick armor that protects it from explosive damage and bullets. It can tank a total of fourteen RPGs before exploding. It’s a really good vehicle for surviving public lobbies, and its utility jumps tenfold when you have a friend.

This is because the Insurgent comes with a mounted turret that can be operated by a passenger. This allows you to not only stay safe from harm, but get your attackers before they get you. This is a really good vehicle for protecting cargo/delivery vehicles from griefers, or for assaulting targets head-on with the turret.

The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom does not feature bulletproof windows. Despite this, in my experience, it is very difficult to be shot out of an Insurgent by another player on the ground. You can shoot out the operator of the turret, but that’s still tricky to do without them gunning you down first. Overall, I definitely recommend this one if you play with friends a lot and need an armored vehicle.

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