7 Best Paying Contact Missions in GTA Online

Back in the good old days of GTA Online, the only way to make money was through selling cars, robbing stores, and of course, doing contact missions. While the payouts weren’t the best, contact missions in GTA Online were always a blast to play through, and they are still just as fun to play in 2023.

But with everything being so expensive now in GTA Online, you still have to consider how to make decent money. So out of the dozens and dozens of contact missions available in GTA Online, which ones are the best to make money with? We’ll be ranking the best ones below! We’ll also go over how to start each contact mission.

How to Maximize Your Payouts

Before we get into the ranking, we should first go over an important aspect of how to maximize your payouts with missions in GTA Online. In the game, the longer it takes you to finish a mission, the more money you will make. Yes, I know it sounds contradictory, but that’s just how it works in GTA Online.

If it takes one player fifteen minutes to complete a mission, they will earn much more than a person who took two minutes to complete the same mission. Rockstar logic. Because of this, I recommend that all players not finish a mission unless they have been playing it for at least fifteen minutes. It’s around this time that your max payout will cap, allowing you to make the most money.

Additionally, some contact missions have multiple difficulties. We recommend completing the mission on the hardest possible difficulty, as this will reward you with more cash and RP.

7 Contact Missions in GTA Online, Ranked Lowest to Highest Paying

With all of that information out of the way, let’s get right into this guide for the best paying contact missions in GTA Online!


Flood in the LS River

Kicking off our list, we have Flood in the LS River. This is a personal favorite of mine, as I find it fun to complete. It is given by Gerald, and in order to do the mission, you need to be at least Rank 6. This is a mission that I don’t see very many people talking about, probably as most people prefer to do the other contact missions on this list. But this is still a perfectly viable mission to grind.

To do this mission, head to the location on the map. Once there, you will find two gangs making a drug deal. You will need to intercept the deal and kill all the NPCs located at the site of the deal. Grab the drugs and make your way to the drop-off location. Once there, Gerald will give you your money and the mission will end successfully.

This mission can be done solo, like most of the other contact missions in the game. The maximum payout you can possibly get is $13,000! This isn’t a whole lot when you compare it to some of the other missions in the game. But Flood in the LS River is pretty easy to complete, and it’s fun to play if you have friends with you. So I think it’s at least worth mentioning on this ranking list.


Diamonds are for Trevor

For the next spot on our list, we have the contact mission Diamonds are for Trevor. This mission involves one of GTA V’s most popular characters, Trevor Phillips! He is the one assigning you this mission, which can only be completed once you reach Rank 70. I like playing this mission, as it’s one of the few contact missions that involves players traveling by boat. These kinds of missions are fairly uncommon, so it’s cool to see something a bit different.

When you first start the mission, you will need to go to a certain point on the map to steal some diamonds. They are heavily protected by the mercenary company Merryweather. Once you take them ouy and grab the diamonds, you’ll have to head to a boat that is parked nearby. Now you just need to bring the goods to a drop-off location, all the while defending yourself from the Merryweather goons trying to take their diamonds back.

This mission is not that commonly played, so finding randoms to do the mission with you may prove difficult. I recommend doing it with friends, but if you do not have any, you can still do the mission solo. Once you finish the mission, each player can be rewarded with a maximum payout of $21,000. It’s really not a bad sum, and I’ll take any excuse I can get to see Trevor Phillips again!


Rooftop Rumble

Moving onto our next pick on the ranking, it’s the iconic mission Rooftop Rumble. This is without a doubt the most well-known contact mission in GTA Online. Back in the early days of the game when contact missions were one of the best ways to make money, this was the most common mission for players to grind. This was due to a combination of how easy the mission was to complete and how much money it paid per hour you grinded it.

You need to be at least Rank 75 to start this mission. Once you begin it, you’ll need to go to a parking garage location and kill all of the enemies located there. After that, reinforcements will spawn in nearby for you to kill. The last objective will see you chasing down a vehicle through the city streets. You will need to kill the driver and steal the documents that he was carrying.

After you drop off the documents to Madrazo’s location, the mission will end and you’ll be rewarded with over $22,000! Rockstar has tried really hard to nerf this mission over the last few years. This has resulted in the mission being more and more difficult, making it less viable as a money-making option in 2023. Still, it remains one of the most profitable missions for players to complete, even with all the changes Rockstar made.



For spot number four on this list of the best paying contact missions in GTA Online, we have the mission Simeonomics. This mission is given to players by Simeon. It is also the quickest mission for new players to unlock, as you only need to be Rank 1 in order to be able to play it. This mission is possible to do solo, but I recommend bringing a friend with you to make it easier.

Simeon takes the player(s) down to the Los Santos International Airport. Once you arrive, you will need to steal 2–4 cars located there (the number will vary based on how many players are with you). If you are able to kill or avoid all the security guards located there, you will then need to bring the vehicles back to Simeon’s dealership so that he can sell them later.

This mission can be a little difficult if you go in guns blazing. I recommend that you try to complete this mission silently/without getting detected. The NPCs in this game have pretty good aim and there are quite a few of them located at the airport hangar. This makes it a pain if you are trying to escape with the vehicles. Thankfully, you will still receive a maximum payout of around $23,000, even if the vehicles are somewhat damaged.


Trash Talk

Taking third place on this list is the contact mission Trash Talk! This is a contact mission that is handed out by Madrazo. It requires all players who are playing the mission to be at least Level 81, which is a pretty high requirement for a contact mission. You’ll be happy to hear, however, that the pay most definitely makes this mission worth the high rank it takes to unlock.

The mission tasks players with destroying several garbage trucks that are driving around Los Santos. There are only four of them, and destroying them is very easy if you own an Oppressor Mk II (which you should have by the time you reach Rank 81). Once you’ve completed this first task, you’ll need to go to a location on your map and launch an attack on a gang by destroying their trucks and killing all of their members.

Lastly, you’ll have to go after the leader of the gang and kill him. He spawns nearby after you destroy all the members of the gang, making him easy to kill. Once finished, you will earn a maximum payout of $22,860! This is pretty good for a contact mission, especially since you don’t need to purchase any properties first in order to unlock it. And considering you can play this mission with up to six players, it makes a great mission to do with friends.


Blow Up

For spot number two on this list, it’s the classic mission Blow Up. This is a really popular and well-known contact mission beloved by a lot of players of GTA Online. The reason why is that it’s one of the easiest and quickest contact missions to grind, making it an excellent way to make some cash. It is handed out by the NPC Simeon. You only need to be Level 12 in order to unlock it, making it the perfect mission to grind for new players!

The mission is very straightforward. All you need to do is travel to the rival dealership shown on your map and destroy all of the cars located there. Once that is done, you will gain a Wanted level. Get away from the cops and head back to Simeon’s car dealership and the mission will conclude. This contact mission is effortless once you unlock the Oppressor Mk II, but without it, it’s still a cakewalk.

Blow Up is a pretty fun mission to do, and also pays out some good money as well. You will earn about $21,000 by finishing the mission. It’s not as good as our top spot, but considering how easy the mission is to do and how fast you can get it done, you may find this one preferable to grind.


Dispatch VI

Bringing home the gold medal on this ranking of the best paying contact missions in GTA Online, we have the mission Dispatch VI! Dispatch VI is the sixth and final Dispatch mission. These are a series of missions handed out by Martin Madrazo. Each one sees you assassinating a target before losing the cops. The reason why I picked this one specifically is that this is the only Dispatch mission that is entirely outside, meaning that you can use an Oppressor Mk II if you have it to easily complete the mission.

When you start this mission, you will be sent to kill several targets being transported in a police convoy. All you need to do is get to their location and take out each target before losing your wanted level, and the mission will end. You can earn about $40,000 from playing this mission, assuming you are playing on the hardest difficulty. This makes it the best mission just by total payouts alone.

The one downside to this mission, however, is the fact that you need to have at least one other player to complete the mission with you. You cannot do it solo. But on the bright side, Dispatch missions only require players to be Rank 1 to play it. This makes them great missions to do for beginners. If you have a friend who is new to the game, you can invite them to play this mission with you. It will allow you both to earn some decent money.

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Happy gaming!

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