Best Assault Rifles in GTA Online, Ranked (2024)

GTA Online is more popular than it’s ever been! More and more new players pour into the game after each and every update, and the Criminal Enterprises DLC is no exception. While it didn’t break the record for most new players in one update, it still made a great first impression for many players.

If you’re one of these new players — or if you’re worried about dealing with low-level griefers coming to the game — you’ll need the right tools to protect yourself from harm. Here in this guide, we will be ranking each and every assault rifle in GTA Online, from the good to the very best.

Every Assault Rifle in GTA Online, Ranked From Good to Best

So what are we waiting for? Let’s hop right into this article covering every assault rifle in GTA Online ranked from good to best!


Assault Rifle

First up on our ranking, we have the Assault Rifle! This is an OG weapon that has been in the game since 2013. I’d argue it’s one of the most iconic weapons in Grand Theft Auto, as it’s been with the series since the third iteration. The gun is commonly seen and used in the single-player mode of the game as well, so many players are already very familiar with this gun. It’s based on a real-life AR, the AK-47.

This gun is pretty low in stats overall. The damage is decent, but it’s overpowered still by some of the other guns in the game. Its fire rate is also pretty weak, which makes it have a lower DPS than one would expect with an assault rifle-class weapon. The firearm is okay for low-level players new to the game. But even then, you’d be better off swapping it for something else as soon as you possibly can.


Bullpup Rifle

For our next AR, we have the Bullpup Rifle. This is a really good-looking gun that was added to GTA Online alongside the High Life Update, which came in May of 2014. The design of the weapon is modeled after on several real-life assault rifles, specifically ones that are manufactured in China (such as the QBZ-95-1). It’s a very fun weapon to use, and one that I enjoy using in close-range PVP.

The firearm has pretty weak accuracy when compared to the other firearms in the game. It isn’t completely worthless at longer ranges, but it’s definitely better suited to be fired as close to your target as possible. To compensate for this flaw, the gun is given a high rate of fire. It has a good DPS and is great for shredding enemy players and NPCs alike. It costs $14,500 dollars from any Ammu-Nation.


Carbine Rifle

For our next weapon, we have the Carbine Rifle. This is a classic weapon that has been in the GTA series since Grand Theft Auto III. It’s no shock that this same weapon has made a return to Los Santos in GTA V. While it me be not as good compared to some of the later guns added with GTA Online DLC, it is a great weapon to pick up if you are a low-level player and want a cheap gun.

The damage on this gun is a bit lower than some of the other firearms found in GTA V, but it makes up for it with a higher accuracy rate. Combined with the solid fire rate, it’s a good weapon for headshotting enemy NPCs from a safe distance! I don’t think I would recommend this gun for PVP, but if you’re doing a heist setup or a contact mission, this is a cheap and reliable gun to have at your side!


Compact Rifle

The next assault rifle on our list is the Compact Rifle! This is an interesting weapon that feels like an SMG/AR hybrid. The gun has a design inspired by an AK-47, but with the back half of the gun removed. This gun has been in the game since the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC in early 2016. The gun is commonly slept on by players, probably due to it looking like a weak gun. It’s actually pretty useful.

The most interesting and unique thing about this gun is that it’s the only assault rifle in the entire game that can be used while you’re riding on a boat and/or a motorcycle! This makes it a good weapon for drive-by shootings. As for its stats, the damage is good, but this firearm features a strong amount of recoil. You have to be very careful with how you aim your shots in order to land hits with this thing.


Advanced Rifle

For our next pick on this list of every assault rifle in GTA Online ranked, we have the Advanced Rifle! This is a weapon most players should be well acquainted with, as it has been in the game since its release back in 2013. While it is usually tossed aside for more recently added weapons, there is still some utility in using this old thing. It was one of my favorite guns in the story mode, and it can be your new fave, too!

The accuracy of this weapon could be better, but it isn’t as bad as some of the other firearms found in GTA Online. As for damage, the Advanced Rifle does 34 damage for each and every shot, which gives it a good DPS. I’m not sure if I can recommend it for PVE due to the fact that its accuracy could be better. When it comes to shooting NPCs, accuracy is most important, as you can headshot them easily.


Heavy Rifle

Up next, we have the Heavy Rifle! This highly anticipated weapon was released to the public during the Contract DLC in late 2021. It’s a weapon that sadly isn’t used very often by other players (probably due to its whopping $450,000 price tag). Nonetheless, it’s a very good weapon that is very satisfying to use. While I wouldn’t recommend this for low levels, if you have money to burn, then definitely get it!

I recommend the Heavy Rifle due to its high amount of versatility. The gun is a sort of “jack of all trades.” This is very important when it comes to assault rifles, as ARs are usually meant to be your go-to weapon. This weapon does have some flaws, however. The gun features a high recoil, which can make the accuracy of the gun worse, especially at longer distances. This weapon isn’t meant for long-range!


Carbine Rifle Mk II

The next assault rifle on our list is one of my personal favorite guns in the game — the Carbine Rifle Mk II! This is a really satisfying weapon to use, with a satisfying sound when you hold down the trigger. This weapon has gotten me through many heist setup missions, and I’m hesitant about dropping it. The Carbine Rifle Mk II was added alongside the Doomsday Heist update alongside the other Mk II guns.

This weapon features a solid and stable fire rate, with improved damage to boost up its DPS. It can easily tear down enemy NPCs, and it’s effective in dealing with players. The accuracy that accompanies this weapon is top-notch, and it’s very easy and satisfying to land headshots on NPCs with this gun drawn. Armor piercing rounds can be equipped, allowing you to deal more damage to armored NPCs.


Assault Rifle Mk II

For our next pick, we have another Mk II weapon, this time the Assault Rifle Mk II! This high-performing AR is an upgraded variant of the classic AK-47 commonly found in other games. It’s another gun that I wish more players would use, as it’s incredibly satisfying to play around with. Like all Mk II weapons, the Assault Rifle Mk II is highly modifiable and customizable, with several liveries and ammo types to use.

This beefed-up assault rifle features a very good amount of damage per shot, giving it a very solid DPS. As a result, its accuracy is toned down compared to other guns as a way to keep it balanced. Despite this, it remains a very solid weapon for use in close to medium-range combat, and it remains a viable option for your primary weapon (or a secondary, if you want to give it a unique ammo type).


Special Carbine Mk II

Kicking off the top five on our ranking of every assault rifle in GTA Online is the Special Carbine Mk II! This gun was added to the game alongside the other Mk II weapons during the Doomsday Heist update of late 2017. I gotta be honest, when I first upgraded my Special Carbine to the Mk II variant, I was incredibly disappointed. Regardless, I can’t deny that it is still a good gun with plenty of uses, despite the drawbacks it came with.

The biggest advantage of this gun is its great DPS. It comes with good damage and a solid fire rate to boot, making it great for taking down both NPCs and other players in record times. The thing I’m most disappointed about with this gun is the lower magazine size, reduced to a maximum of 60 instead of 100 with the Mk I variant. Still, you can at least upgrade this gun with special ammo types!


Service Carbine

Every Assault Rifle in GTA Online Ranked | 4. Service Carbine
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

For our next pick, we have the latest rifle added to the game, the Service Carbine! This is a top-quality rifle with a beautiful sound to it. Unlike other weapons in the game, you cannot just purchase it from Ammu-Nation, and it needs to unlock by completing a series of random encounters. If you are interested in learning how to unlock it, we’ve written a full guide that you can check out by clicking here.

The Service Carbine sports a good rate of fire combined with a high damage per shot, making it good for PvPing. The gun does have a decent amount of recoil, but the accuracy does not suffer that much when you compare it to other guns in the game. Overall, this is a very solid weapon with few noticeable drawbacks. The fact that it does not cost any money to unlock makes it a good pick for newer players.


Military Rifle

Up next on our list for every assault rifle in GTA Online ranked, we have the Military Rifle! This is a relatively recent gun that was released alongside the Cayo Perico update in late 2020. This gun has been forgotten by many players of the game, which is a tragedy, as it’s a really great weapon to use. It will cost you exactly $397,500, making it one of the spendiest guns in the entire game.

The biggest and most notable advantage of the Military Rifle is the increased damage, allowing you to quickly gun down other players. The rifle feature’s a good fire rate too, although there are better options in the game. I do not recommend this rifle for PVE due to the fact it can only hold 45 bullets per clip once fully upgraded. This can make dealing with large groups of enemies troublesome.


Bullpup Rifle Mk II

For our next pick, we have the Bullpup Rifle Mk II. This is another weapon that was released in late 2017 as a part of the Doomsday Heist update. Ever since the release of this weapon, it has devastated other players with its great DPS and powerful stopping force. I’ve actually been sleeping on this gun for a long time, and only recently did I try it out for the first time. Man oh man, have I been missing out on it.

The Bullpup Rifle Mk II features one of the highest DPS rates out of any other firearm in the game, surpassing all of the other assault rifles. If having a higher DPS wasn’t enough, this gun also features very good range, which gives it yet another advantage over many of the other assault rifles in the game. This weapon can be equipped with special ammo types, which gives it some added versatility.


Special Carbine

For our number one pick, we have the Special Carbine! This one really wasn’t that difficult to see coming. The Special Carbine has been the meta pick for assault rifle users since the day of its release in 2014 alongside the Business Update. The gun is used by many players in the game, and it’s one of the most common tools of destruction you’ll see being carried around in the streets of Los Santos.

The Special Carbine’s best feature is its very large magazine, which can hold 100 bullets in each clip. This makes it very good for PVE and holding off multiple players at once. This clip size is combined with its very high DPS, which makes it devastating in close and medium-range encounters. The only downside about this gun is that the range could be better, but it’s an AR, so it’s usually not a problem.

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Actually the service carbine is now available in the weapon shop no need to find the parts anymore


AR does not mean assault rifle. It stands for Armalite Rifle

Hello Sam,

AR in the context of AR-15 does stand for ArmaLite rifle, so if that is what you are thinking of you’re absolutely correct. However, when I said AR in this article I was just using it as an abbreviation for assault rifle, which I did to avoid overusing the words assault rifle. The letters used are the same, yes, but the context is different.

– Gibson


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