GTA Online: How to Get the Railgun & Gun Van Location

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GTA Online: How to Get the Railgun & Gun Van Location

After many, many years, Rockstar has finally released the Railgun to GTA Online as a purchasable and customizable weapon. But unlike most weapons in the game, this one cannot be unlocked simply by walking into an Ammu-Nation and purchasing it.

This is where the Gun Van comes in. This brand-new traveling merchant spawns in different locations all across the map, offering weapons to anyone with enough cash. In this article, we’ll cover how to find the Gun Van’s location in GTA Online, as well as how to get the railgun once you’re there.

How to Get the Railgun in GTA Online

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right into this GTA Online railgun guide!

GTA Online: Gun Van Location

Let’s get the Gun Van out of the way, first. The Gun Van is essentially a traveling Ammu-Nation. It will spawn in different locations all across the map, which changes daily. One day it might spawn all the way in Paleto Bay, while another day it might spawn next to the Diamond Casino. You can see where it has spawned by looking at the Gun Van icon shown on the map (see image above).

I recommend stopping here whenever you need ammo and body armor, as it’s available cheaper than what you’ll find at Ammu-Nation and even your armory. Additionally, it’s a great place to get some of the more expensive weapons, such as the mini-gun. And of course, it’s the only place where you can purchase the Railgun!

How to Unlock the Railgun

Once you travel to the Gun Van, head to the back and talk to the NPC sitting inside it. He will sell you a variety of different weapons and tools of destruction. He offers everything from baseball bats to mini guns to body armor. While he doesn’t offer as much stock as what you’ll find at Ammu-Nation, he does sell at a discounted price.

So just what is the Railgun, exactly? It’s a high-tech weapon that is very effective at dealing with armored targets and taking out enemy aircraft. It’s a great explosives weapon that makes dealing with enemies in vehicles a breeze. The customization on it is limited, only offering different re-colors and no upgrades of any kind. It is also very expensive, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in GTA Online!

Do I recommend you pick it up? Only if you are a high-level player looking for a new toy to play with. It’s a pretty good gun, but I think that the Heavy Sniper Mk II with explosive rounds is better in most situations (just based on what I’ve seen of the Railgun so far). It is a very fun weapon to play around with, but I wouldn’t consider it a must-have gun. And due to the huge price tag attached to it, I wouldn’t recommend it for new players.

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Happy gaming!

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