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10 Best Cars to Customize in GTA 5 Online

One of my favorite things about Grand Theft Auto Online is the car customization. It may not be as great as what you would find in other games, but it’s still really good, especially for a game that came out in 2013. There are many different ways you can modify and customize the look of your vehicles so that you can get something entirely unique. But with hundreds of different cars to choose from, which ones should you buy if you want the best customization? We’ll be covering this in today’s article on the most customizable cars in GTA Online.

10 Most Customizable in GTA Online, Ranked in No Particular Order

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this article for the most customizable cars in GTA Online!


Benefactor Krieger

To kick off our list, we have one of the best supercars in the game — the Benefactor Krieger! This is without a doubt my favorite car that I own. Not only is it incredibly fast and great for supercar racing, but it looks absolutely stunning! It has a sleek and stylish design that just oozes luxury. It’s a really good car for driving around in free roam due to its great stats. And it makes a great car to show off at a car meet.

And, of course, it has really good customization options. Being one of the more recent cars to come to the game (being released in late 2019), it features a lot of options that older cars don’t have. There are several liveries to choose from, for example. The dual black racing stripes look the best, in my opinion, but you could get away with just about any other livery.

There are many different parts that you can modify. You can remove those ugly fins on the side (thank God). And there’s a lot of different stuff that you can do for both the hood and the roof of the car, giving players a lot of options in how they want to deck out their ride. The Krieger also comes with all the classic modifications available for other cars. It looks really great with high-end wheels.


Grotti Brioso Widebody

Next up on this list, we have the Grotti Brioso Widebody. This is a rather disappointing car stat-wise, as it only has very minor differences from its sister model, the Grotti Brioso. It was a car that many fans were disappointed with upon its release. Despite this, I really love the look of this car and I think that its customization options alone make it worth getting if you are a huge car person in GTA Online.

This is one of many cars that can be customized at Benny’s Original Motorworks. If you know anything about Benny’s, you’ll know that the cars you can customize there have some of the absolute best customization options available in the entire game! When you mod this car at Benny’s, there is a huge amount of stuff that you can change about it. You can deck out the interior with custom steering wheels, seats, etc.

Also, there are several modifications that you can only find at Benny’s Original Motorworks. For example, there are a few different wheel options available that you cannot get anywhere else. The liveries for the Grotti Brioso Widebody are also really sick. While the original Grotti Brioso has liveries more tailored to old-school racing, the ones here feel more modern and flashy. It’s definitely a great car to get if you love shows like Pimp My Ride.


Karin Sultan RS Classic

Taking the next spot on this list for the most customizable cars in GTA Online, we have the Karin Sultan RS Classic! The Karin Sultan RS Classic is a Tuner’s vehicle, one of several that was released alongside the Tuner’s update only a few short years ago. It is one of the best Tuner’s cars stat-wise. It is incredibly fast and agile, giving players a big advantage over other cars when doing street races.

While some of you may disagree with this, I actually think this is the best-looking car in the entire DLC! I love the retro design of it, and it looks so much like a car you’d find in The Fast & The Furious. Talking about the customization, there are so many different ways you can trick out this ride. I especially love how much you can change around the look of the engine on the inside of the car, being able to swap out different parts and change the color of it.

While you can’t see it with the hood down, it makes a great way to show off during car meets. Aside from the customizable engine, there are also many other parts of the car that you can change. And just like all the other Tuner’s cars, there is a lot of different options that you have available for each and every part of the car. This is also a car that looks really great with neon lights underneath it.


Vapid Dominator GTX

Onto the next pick on our list, we have the Vapid Dominator GTX! As I’ve mentioned previous articles I’ve written, I’m not really a huge fan of muscle cars. However, I muscle cars are some pretty great-looking vehicles, and the Vapid Dominator GTX is no different! It also helps that this particular model is one of the best-looking out of any of the other vehicles in its class! Its stats are good, but it’s not the best muscle car there is. But who cares about stats when you just want to show off?

The Vapid Dominator GTX gives players a whole host of different parts and unique customization options. I really love how you can change the hood of the car to have a little glass window. This allows you to see the engine even when the hood of the car is down! There are also plenty of other things you can change about the car. For example, you can change the color of the mirrors, which can lead to some pretty cool color layouts.

If you really love the muscle cars of GTA Online, then this car is a must-get. Its good stats combined with the huge amount of customization make it an excellent addition to anyone’s garage. The only thing that you should be aware of is the fact that there are no liveries available for this vehicle. This may disappoint some, but it still doesn’t take away from all the other options you have available when it comes to swapping out the stock parts.


Progen Itali GTB Custom

For spot number five on our list of the most customizable cars in GTA Online, we have a personal favorite vehicle of mind… The Progen Itali GTB Custom! This is a supercar that features a huge amount of customization for players to delve into. The stats on it are good, but not great, and it’s not really a car I recommend using in races. However, I really love the design of it, and it always looks really amazing whenever I see it in my garage.

The car needs to be upgraded at Benny’s Original Motorworks in order to take full advantage of everything it has in store. Once you bring it there, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of different and unique upgrades and modifications. The vehicle has several sick-looking liveries, mostly geared around a racing theme. I like this as there aren’t a whole lot of racing-themed liveries available for most of the supercars in the game.

And there are plenty of different options for swapping around the stock parts of the car. I really love all the interior customization options that are available for it. It really makes me wish that every car in the game had a fully customizable interior! And aside from that, there are also the Benny’s Original Motorworks exclusive wheel options that you have available.


Emperor Vectre

Up next, let’s take a moment to talk about the Emperor Vectre. This is another Tuner’s vehicle, and one of the prettier ones at that. The speed on this car is pretty good, but personally, I’m not a big fan of the way it handles. It feels a bit stiff when turning, and for that reason, I don’t really like to use it in races with lots of turns. Regardless, it’s still an excellent vehicle to own, and it features lots of great customization options.

There are many great liveries here, and this car has some of the best racing stripe liveries in the game, in my opinion. I especially love the one with a thick black stripe going down the middle with two smaller yellow stripes to the side. The options you have for modifying parts on this car are top-notch, with many different wings, hoods, and other parts of the car that you can swap out.

It’s really hard to pick a car from the list of Tuner’s vehicles to include on this list. This is because so many of the Tuner’s vehicles have such great customization options, it can be hard to narrow them down. Maybe I’m just biased, as this is one of my favorite cars, but I really do think you can’t go wrong when it comes to customizing this car. I recommend getting it only if you already own the Karin Sultan RS Classic, as that one has the better stats.


Elegy Retro Custom

For spot number seven on this list of the most customizable cars in GTA Online, we have the Elegy Retro Custom! This is a really beautiful and iconic car that you may recognize from The Fast & The Furious. This is because the car is based on the real-life model the Nissan Skyline, the same car that Connor O’Brian drives! Not only does this car have history, but it features so many customization options!

The liveries are some of the best here, in my opinion. If you are a real die-hard fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, then you can get a livery that makes the car look just like the one Connor drives. If you want something a bit more unique, however, there are still plenty of other options available for you to pick and choose from. This is great as I’m a big sucker for the liveries in this game.

As for the parts you can do, there are lots of different options for how you want the hood and grille on the car to look like. This car also looks especially good with a custom wing placed on the back of it. It doesn’t make the car go faster, sadly, but it does help with making you more popular at your local car meet.


Enus Jubilee

Next up on this list, we have a four-door SUV known as the Enus Jubilee! This luxurious modern-day car wasn’t built for racing like many of the other cars on this list were, but it does make a really fun car to purchase and customize to your heart’s content. I don’t really own a lot of SUVs personally, but I’ll take any excuse I can get to customize a car with as many options as this one here has.

The Enus Jubilee is one of the more recent cars to be added to GTA Online, having come to the game during the Contract DLC of 2021. This means that like many modern cars of GTA Online, there are many different options available for each of the car’s customizable parts. One thing in particular that I really love about this car is the fact that you can add on armor plating to the car! Not only does it make it look cooler, but it also adds some explosive resistance.

The cherry on top of this car is the fact that it is an Imani Tech vehicle. This means that you can take it to your Agency property and modify it with one of two special add-ons. Those add-ons can be either the lock-on missile jammer, which is great for defending yourself from griefers, or the remote control operator, which allows you to drive the car remotely like it was an RC car! These upgrades may not affect it visually, but they are still really nice to have, especially as it makes it more unique.


Karin Calico GTF

Up next, we have another Tuner’s car to discuss — the Karin Calico GTF! This is one of the better cars released with the Tuner’s DLC. It’s also one of the most popular Tuner’s vehicles, which I know because I see it very, very often in street and pursuit races. The car features pretty good stats making it worth a buy even if you don’t care about all the customization options that the car comes with.

Speaking of which, like all Tuner’s cars, players are given access to a huge number of options. You can change everything on the car from the spoiler to the hood and everything in between! There are also a bunch of different headlight options unique to this car that I think look really, really cool.

The liveries that are available for this car are just okay, in my opinion. Most of them are professional racing-themed liveries. They look fine, but I don’t think they fit the car that well. It would have been better if we got more “Tuner-esque” liveries, but all we really have are the two tribal halftone liveries. Still, you could make a pretty sick-looking rally car using the Karin Calico GTF.


Declasse Tornado Custom

Of course, this wouldn’t be a list of the most customizable cars in GTA Online without a lowrider! Let’s end off this list with the Declasse Tornado Custom, my personal favorite low rider in the game. This is a stylish and classy car that can be purchased and upgraded at Benny’s Original Motorworks. It’s one of the cheaper cars in the game, with the base car costing $30,000 and the conversation sitting at $375,000.

Being a Benny’s vehicle, of course, you are going to get all of the great and unique customization options available from his shop. Exclusive wheels, custom interiors, etc. Since it’s a lowrider, you can even hook it up with hydraulics, allowing you to change the suspension of the car at any time. It’s a really great thing to get for showing off your ride at the car meet!

My favorite part about this car is the previously mentioned custom interior options. There’s a lot of stuff you can change on the inside of this car. You can change the colors on the dash, swap out the dials, and give it a nice custom steering wheel to top things off. Sure most of the time you’ll only see the car from the outside, but when you care a lot about detail, this is a car you just have to get.

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Happy gaming!

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