GTA VI: Top 5 Things We Want From Single-Player

GTA VI is fast-approaching. What can Rockstar do to make their next GTA game a truly next-gen experience?

Grand Theft Auto VI has FINALLY been confirmed! After almost a decade of waiting, we recently got our first official glimpse at the game through the reveal trailer. Everyone is incredibly excited for the game–myself included–and 2025 can’t come soon enough.

While we wait for the game to come out, I figured now is the perfect time to share what I think Rockstar should bring to the next installment of the GTA series. Specifically, I’ll be sharing the top 5 things we want from the SINGLE-PLAYER mode in GTA VI.

#5 – Lots of Explorable Interiors

GTA games have always been very exterior-heavy, with most of the missions and activities taking place outside. This makes sense of course, and we should definitely be spending a good amount of time outdoors in the next GTA game. However, there can be too much of a good thing.

I want the next entry to let us explore more interiors. This would not only make the world feel more realistic and alive, but it would also make exploration much more fun. Imagine being able to actually go inside a mall–just like the one from GTA: Vice City–and purchasing items from the various stores. It would also give Rockstar more options for missions and side activities we could do.

#4 – Lots of in-Game Mysteries & Secrets

One of my absolute FAVORITE things about Rockstar games is the amount of secrets and easter eggs there are to check out. I remember when I was a kid I watched a video on an apartment building in GTA IV that was the site of a grizzly murder. After I watched the video, I set out to visit the apartment in-game and see it for myself. That was such a cool moment.

But that wasn’t the only time Rockstar gave us a mystery to solve. There are LOADS of examples from their other titles, such as The Haunted Paper Mill in Bully, the serial killer from Red Dead Redemption 2, and of course, the infamous Mt. Chilliad Mystery from GTA V.

I want them to add EVEN MORE stuff like that. UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, etc. I eat that stuff up, and clearly, everyone else does too, or videos like the one I mentioned earlier wouldn’t be as popular as they are. It’s things like this that make their games that much more fun to explore and talk about, and it makes the world feel so much more alive.

#3 – Open World Heists

Heists are one of the most memorable things in a GTA game. GTA V offered us a variety of cool heists to do, from robbing a jewelry store to stealing a top-secret super weapon from Merryweather. While I do think we should still get story-based heists like what we got in past games, we should also have open-world heists that we can do outside of missions.

I’m not talking about things like robbing stores or armored cars, but being able to storm banks, museums, and other high-value targets in the open world. Give us options for how we want to complete the heist, and make them replayable so we have a reason to keep doing them. This would be a good source of end-game content and a great way to make money.

#2 – Customizable Businesses

One of the biggest problems in Rockstar games–not just GTA–is the lack of end game content. Once you’ve finished all the missions and done all the side activities you want to do, there isn’t that much else to keep you occupied, besides maybe 100% completing the game or getting a high wanted level and causing some mayhem in the streets.

I think that businesses in single-player would be a great way to spice up the end game. They’d give us something to spend all the money we’ve made from the single-player on, and they’d give us something to work on post-game. These businesses should be an improvement over what we have in GTA: Vice City. They could have lots of customization options, and upgrade paths, and maybe each one could have its own mini-storyline to follow as we do missions, just like what we get in GTA Online.

#1 – Less Linear Missions

Another one of Rockstar game’s biggest problems besides lack of end-game content is how linear many of their missions are. The objectives you have to follow are almost always very strict and offer the player little freedom in terms of how they want to solve problems. It’s usually very hand-heldy, which is a big contradiction to the big open-world that Rockstar gives us to explore.

So one of the BEST things Rockstar can do to make GTA VI great is to change how they design their levels and give players a lot more freedom in how they want to complete objectives. Give us multiple different ways to solve problems and let us use the open world to help us complete missions. Red Dead Redemption 2 would straight up fail the mission if you went off the beaten path, which I think is silly.

Obviously, I don’t expect Rockstar to turn GTA into an immersive sim, but we shouldn’t be punished for trying to experiment, and we should always be given more options for how to complete tasks when it makes sense.

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